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My Past

(1931 b 72')

En: 4 Ed: 5

An older boss and a young married employee both love the same actress, and the young man's wife asks for a divorce.

Steel company boss John Thornley (Lewis Stone) calls actress Doree Macy (Bebe Daniels) and takes her on his boat. Bob Byrne (Ben Lyon) works and rejects a drink from Doree but joins her when she goes swimming and throws her suit back on the boat. Doree gets in Bob's car, while her friend Marion Moore (Joan Blondell) gets in John's limousine. At her hotel Doree asks about Bob's wife, and he says they are separated. Bob kisses her. In the morning Marion sees Doree had breakfast with someone, and Doree says she loves Bob. John learns that Bob is late, and Bob makes up an excuse. Bob tells John that Doree is good for play. Marion tells Doree that she opposes Bob, because married men only play. She offers to be a chaperone to see if Bob is sincere, and she stays overnight.

John calls Doree and asks her to let Bob come to a meeting. In Bob's book Doree finds a radiogram that his wife Consuelo Byrne (Natalie Moorhead) is coming home. Bob apologizes for misleading Doree and says they have to call if off. After a dinner with John, Bob asks Consuelo if she loves him; she says she doesn't love him anymore and wants to go back to Paris, showing Bob a photo. Bob sends a radiogram to John's boat; but Doree writes John's response for Bob to stay home. Doree kisses John. Marion consoles Doree and urges her to marry John, who then asks her. Doree says she's trying to forget Bob.

John sends Doree roses. Consuelo calls John to say she is getting divorced. Bob tells John about Doree and says he wants to marry her. Bob calls on Doree and tells her that Consuelo has gone to Paris for a divorce; but Doree says she is leaving Saturday after her play closes. Bob asks Doree to marry; but she shows the roses to Bob and asks what they would say to John. Bob leaves, and John gets a telegram that Bob is going to Europe. John calls Doree and hears the phone fall. Marion and John find Doree unconscious. Marion sends recovering Doree on a long cruise with John. Doree asks John to announce their engagement. John sends Doree ashore to Bob. Doree tells Bob she is marrying John; but they see the boat sailing away as John waves.

This drama explores the difficulty of changing partners after being married, and the older man realizes his love is unrequited friendship. The emotional changes are difficult; but everyone seems to mature some in the process.

Copyright © 2000 by Sanderson Beck

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