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(1931 b 80')

En: 5 Ed: 5

Based on a play by Edith Fitzgerald and Robert Riskin, a woman, fearing marriage will ruin love, marries and finds it difficult.

In robes Anne Vincent (Barbara Stanwyck) fixes breakfast for Dick Ives (James Rennie), who says they should marry. Anne tells Dick of her past loves and says she doesn't want children yet. George (Charles Butterworth) arrives and asks for liquor. George tells Dick that his honor has toppled for "overnighting." Dick tells Anne no more weekends. Dick's father, Mr. Ives (Claude Gillingwater), comes in and asks about the weekends, and Anne admits it's true. Anne tells Mr. Ives that marriage ruins love, but he disagrees. Anne reluctantly agrees to marry. At her wedding shower George brings a baby carriage. Dick doesn't want Anne to see Price Baines (Ricardo Cortez) but finds them together. Price tried to persuade Anne not to marry.

Married Dick and Anne are visited by George, Duckie (Joan Blondell), and Margie (Natalie Moorhead). Margie loves Dick and tells him she is discouraged. Anne wants to dance, but Dick says he is numb. When George calls, Dick wants to go out. Anne wants to go away alone or with Dick. Margie, George, and Duckie arrive, and Duckie tells Anne that Price is back. Anne doesn't go out, and so Dick doesn't either. While Dick works, Anne goes out with George and Duckie. Dick comes home at 4:30 a.m., and Anne says she saw him with Margie, exposing his lies. Anne says marriage has not worked, and she is going back to her old place; she wants to be playmates again.

After a month Dick calls on Anne and kisses her. Duckie calls; they kid her and then leave the phone off the hook as they drink champagne. Anne calls Dick for a date. Price visits Anne and tells her he loves her. George arrives with Duckie and Dick. Price gives George a drink and leaves. Duckie and George leave. Dick complains to Anne and asks her to come home. She declines, and Dick says he will live in freedom now too. Anne meets Mr. Ives for lunch, and he advises her to change course. Margie calls on Anne to find out about her and Dick. Anne says she loves Dick, but Margie says that Anne can't hold Dick. Margie says that she and Dick are going away. Anne calls Dick, but he is gone. Price calls Anne and invites her to dinner. Anne says she came to her senses, but she is crying. Dick walks in. Anne says she is free and then sees Dick. Dick says he is sick, and Anne says she is going home with him, asking "What have theories to do with love?"

This mature drama explores whether those not yet committed to family should marry for social respectability when they would rather be free to play as free individuals.

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