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Gold Dust Gertie

(1931 b 66')

En: 5 Ed: 4

Two bathing-suit salesmen are hounded by the same ex-wife and their current wives while their ex-wife seduces their boss.

In 1925 Dr. Tate (Arthur Hoyt) weds Elmer Guthrie (Ole Olsen) to Gertie (Winnie Lightner), and in 1927 he weds George Harlan (Chic Johnson) to Gertie. In 1931 Elmer and George enjoy their honeymoons together with twins. Gertie gets the address of Elmer and George; but their wives read her letters demanding alimony payments and bruise their husbands.

Elmer and George show Arnold (Claude Gillingwater) how women's bathing suits get smaller over time. Conservative Arnold sees a modern suit modeled and fires the designer. Gertie calls on Elmer and George at work. They say they had to marry to keep their jobs. They try to hide her, and their wives come in for their pay-checks, or they will tell Arnold. Gertie hears and is found in Arnold's office. Gertie tells Arnold that she designed a modest bathing suit but was fired. She tells Arnold's fortune, and he rehires her. They tell Elmer and George that they are going to Florida with them and their wives.

On the boat Arnold welcomes Gertie, but Elmer and George say their wives couldn't come. Elmer and George can't sleep and intercept a note to Gertie from Captain Osgood (George Byron) telling her not to tell Arnold she was married to him. Elmer and George drink with Gertie. Elmer says he gave Gertie her first torso, and Gertie gets the note. Arnold knocks, and Gertie makes Elmer and George hide by hanging outside the porthole. Arnold tells Gertie that he is in love with her. She asks for an ermine coat and agrees to take his name.

In Florida Elmer and George are looking at the underwear in Gertie's suitcase when their wives come in. Arnold asks Gertie to show him her bathing suit. He calls it indecent and sees her changing through a screen; but she persuades him with a kiss. Elmer and George with their wives learn that Arnold is marrying Gertie, whom he praises. The wives complain. Women parade in bathing suits, and Gertie's suit wins for Arnold. On the boat Dr. Tate comes aboard and recalls wedding Gertie to Elmer and George, and he tells Arnold, who changes his view on divorce. Gertie takes off with Elmer and George in a speedboat followed by Arnold in another and the wives in a rowboat. Arnold gets a fish in his pants but catches her on the beach. Arnold forgives Gertie, Elmer, and George. In the final scene the wives throw Elmer and George into the ocean.

This farce satirizes a woman who marries her way to fortune and the two salesmen who suffer from wife troubles.

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