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Caught Plastered

(1931 b 69')

En: 6 Ed: 5

Two comics help an old lady keep from losing her drugstore but turn it into a speakeasy without knowing it.

Egbert Higginbothom (Robert Woolsey) and Tommy Tanner (Bert Wheeler) get off a boxcar and run from the railroad officer. Egbert finds a street-car transfer and shows the conductor his inspector badge. A crying woman, Mother Talley (Lucy Beaumont), tells them she is losing her drugstore, and they offer to help. Tommy says they analyze. Harry Walter (Jason Robards) comes in and offers Talley $300; but she has 30 days and relies on Egbert and Tommy. The police chief Morton (DeWitt Jennings) is concerned about bootlegging in the dry town. Walter tells him about the two strangers at Talley's drugstore. Egbert and Tommy get $7 offering the railroad officer things for 50% off. Morton's daughter Peggy (Dorothy Lee) comes in and decides not to call her father. Talley shows Egbert and Tommy their room and prepares dinner. A woman tells Talley she needs $200 to enter the retirement home. She cries again, but Egbert and Tommy make her laugh with their comedy routine. Mother Talley offers $200, and they go on the radio for the Sunshine Drugstore.

Walters and Clark (Bill Scott) discuss their alcohol business; Walters wants the drugstore. Egbert and Tommy serve customers. Egbert shows Miss Norton books, one on what every bride should know - a cookbook. She asks for something racy, but Egbert gets too fresh. Egbert has to go out in order to fill a prescription. Tommy gives Peggy his Peggy Special drink, made of what is sweet while mixing a concoction with castor oil. Egbert returns and drinks the concoction. Walters and Clark agree on lemon syrup with alcohol. Egbert orders ten gallons of the syrup from Clark. Tommy holds Peggy's hand. Morton sends her home and warns Tommy. The lemon soda sells like crazy. Tommy gives Peggy one, and she gets drunk. Egbert goes on the radio. Tommy sings, and Peggy joins in on "I'm That Way About You." Tommy kisses Peggy. The drunks start singing, and Egbert signs off. Walters calls chief Morton, and the police arrive. Morton smells alcohol and arrests Talley. Egbert and Tommy take the blame to save Mother Talley. Tommy says Walters knows the man who sold the syrup, and Peggy leads her father, Egbert, and Tommy to him. Walters gets Talley to sign over the store for $200. Morton finds Clark with the alcohol and catches Walters too when he comes in. Egbert gives Talley back the contract, as Tommy and Peggy sing again.

Punny humor and wise cracks keep this Depression comedy entertaining, as crooks once again use people's desire to drink to make money during Prohibition.

Copyright © 2000 by Sanderson Beck

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