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(1931 b 72')

En: 5 Ed: 4

A father sends his son off to California with his cousin to stay away from women, but they find them anyway.

At the baby party of Mabel Robinson (Margaret Livingston) no one is to look over six years old. Ossie Simpson (Joe E. Brown) arrives in a baby carriage. Mabel announces her engagement to Jack Hackett (William Collier Jr.). Two cops arrest the party, though Ossie escapes. Jack comes home late, and his father (Holmes Herbert) criticizes him and reads the news story. He sends Jack away with cousin Ossie, saying no carousing, no gambling, no staying out all night, and definitely no women.

Ossie and Jack drive from New York to California. At the Cactus Cafe Ossie writes to Mabel, who gets angry Jack no longer cares for her. Ossie takes the pen of Pancho (Bela Lugosi) and sprays ink on his dessert. Ossie drives their car into Pancho's, who drives off with their car attached. Under a car Jack finds Constance Palmer (Ona Munson). Jack fixes it, and with Penny Packer (Marjorie White) they drive to a hotel in Pasadena. Ossie tries to explain to Constance's aunt. Penny likes Ossie. Constance tells Jack that her aunt knows his parents, and she says Jack is no good. Ossie tells Penny wild stories. Gertie Gardener (Thelma Todd) gives Ossie her room number. At dinner Ossie brags about how he would hit the man from South America. Pancho appears, and Ossie runs away from him.

Jack and Constance agree to marry. Ossie discovers Mabel, and she tells him to send Jack to his room. Ossie tries to tell Jack without Constance knowing. Mabel threatens to show Constance Jack's love letters. Ossie suggests they get Gertie to use Constance's room and negligee to get the letters. Ossie shows Gertie how to cry when she gets them. Ossie hides with Jack. Mabel comes in and is told Gertie is Constance. Mabel says she knew Jack and gives her the letters. Gertie cries, and Mabel leaves. Gertie hands the letters to Jack. Constance and Penny arrive unexpectedly and see Jack and Ossie with Gertie. The aunt comes in, and then Pancho finds Gertie. Pancho and Penny threaten Ossie; but Constance asks to settle it her way and shows them the door. Jack tells Ossie that Constance won't talk to him, though his father approves the marriage. Gertie makes up with Pancho and asks him to act like a gentleman. Ossie is locked out of his room in his underwear and runs from Pancho. Jack says everything is all right, because Gertie explained to the girls. Jack kisses Constance, while Ossie kisses Penny.

In this light comedy the young men find attractive young women despite the advice of the elders.

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