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Bachelor Apartment

(1931 b 77')

En: 5 Ed: 4

A wealthy bachelor juggles women while hiring the one he wants as a secretary.

The butler Rollins (Charles Coleman) cleans up drinks, answers the phone, and receives caged birds from Mrs. Agatha Caraway (Mae Murray). Wayne Carter (Lowell Sherman) has lost jewelry put in a drawer. Agatha wants to continue with Wayne as before her marriage; but he asks her to leave. Wayne goes out "hunting" and offers a woman a ride after a car accident. Janet (Noel Francis) missed her train but enjoys talking, and Wayne takes her to his apartment for lunch. Wayne spills tea on her dress and gives her something to wear.

Helen Andrews (Irene Dunne) prepares lunch for her sister Lita Andrews (Claudia Dell), who has a date with Wayne on Park Avenue. Helene supported her during dance lessons. Helene gets a telegram for Lita to report for a show, calls on Wayne, and insists on seeing Lita. Helene sees Janet undressed and finds Lita with Rollins. Helene and Lita leave for the rehearsal. Wayne learns that Helene is a stenographer and hires her for $50 a week as an executive secretary. Lita comes in to ask her sister for lunch money, and Wayne's friend Lee Graham (Norman Kerry) puts Lita back in his show after she was fired for being late. Helene overhears employees wishing Wayne was as interested in them. Rollins calls Helene to go to Wayne's apartment to take dictation. Wayne praises Helene. Jane calls Wayne, and a woman comes for her necklace. Wayne asks Helene about love; but Agatha barges in, asks for tea, and goes into the next room to change. Wayne asks Agatha to leave. Her husband Herbert Caraway (Purnell Pratt) arrives and asks Wayne who Agatha's man is; he ruled out Wayne, who suggests a detective. Herbert leaves. When Agatha appears in a negligee, Helene leaves.

At the office Helene works while Wayne is away. Lita comes in with Lee and her director Peter de Moneau (Ivan Lebedeff), saying she got a better part. Wayne returns after a week and tells Helene he wants her, will protect her, loves her, and invites her to dine at his apartment. Wayne finds Agatha on his bed and calls Herbert. Janet calls him. Wayne asks Agatha to leave. Helene comes in and sees Agatha. Herbert arrives, says Agatha is there, and threatens Wayne with a gun; but Helene in a robe asks why Wayne kept her waiting. Herbert apologizes and leaves. Agatha gets dressed and leaves, and so does Helene. At home Helene finds Lita in a Paris gown Lee gave her. Lee wants nice things and says she's not coming back. In the morning Helene goes to Wayne about Lita and Lee. Wayne calls on Lee to take Lita away; but she isn't there. Wayne tells Helene that Lita went away with Peter. At Wayne's apartment Helene and he learn that Lita and Peter got married. Finally Wayne reads Helene a note to him from Agatha. He asks Helene if she has a hope chest and kisses her.

This bachelor bedroom comedy established a pattern that would often be imitated, showing an eligible man making a transition from playing the field to marriage.

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