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River's End

(1930 b 74')

En: 5 Ed: 4

Adapted from James Oliver Curwood's novel, a look-alike fugitive takes the place of a Mounty who died and falls in love with his girl.

John Keith is wanted for murder. Mounty Conniston (Charles Bickford) and Pat O'Toole (J. Farrell MacDonald) go after him. Pat is wounded by Keith (Charles Bickford). Conniston captures Keith, and they look alike. In a snowstorm Keith gets the gun and leaves them behind; but he goes back for them. Pat gets the gun but gives it back to square accounts. Conniston is ill. Pat gets the gun and gives it to Conniston, who shoots at Keith; but Pat removed the lead, and Conniston dies. Pat says he won't turn in Keith, who puts on Conniston's uniform. Pat tells Keith what he needs to know as Conniston. Mounties welcome Keith as Conniston. Keith says good-bye to Pat and rides for the border; but Mounties see him, and they go to headquarters.

Keith greets Pat's son Mickey (Frank Coghlan Jr.) and goes with him to find the Inspector (David Torrence). Keith says that Keith is dead, but the Inspector says that Keith was cleared. The Inspector urges Keith to call Miriam (Evalyn Knapp). Miriam tells Martin (Walter McGrail) she will still go to the dance with him. Miriam asks Louise (Zasu Pitts) to stay while "Conniston" is there. Keith walks in and embraces Louise. Miriam finds that Keith has more sensitivity and humor. Miriam tells Louise that "Conniston" is staying for dinner. Miriam tells "Conniston" that he has changed, and she never loved him as she does now. Tipsy Martin sees Keith on the street and is sending a letter to his lawyer in London. Keith finds Mickey in his place. Conniston's dog barks at Keith. Mickey sees lashes on Keith's back and says he is not Conniston. Keith tells Mickey the truth. Mickey offers to help Keith until his dad Pat comes to back up his story.

Two months pass. Keith tells Miriam he loves her and kisses her. The stage arrives, and Mickey is told his father died. Keith plans to leave with Mickey, who persuades him to stay. Keith asks the Inspector permission to marry his daughter Miriam. Martin got a letter, and the Inspector accuses "Conniston" of having a wife in London. Keith finds Miriam crying and says he is not married. Keith tells Miriam who he is, and she loves him. Miriam tells Keith to escape. Keith runs the gauntlet of Mounties. Keith and Mickey board the boat, and Miriam joins Keith as Mickey leaves.

Ironies abound as Keith boldly impersonates the less humane Mounty and makes friendships despite his precarious situation.

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