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The Office Wife

(1930 b 59')

En: 4 Ed: 5

Adapted from Faith Baldwin's novel, a businessman discovers that his secretary is closer to him than his wife.

Lawrence Fellowes (Lewis Stone) tells cigar-smoking writer Kate Halsey (Blanche Frederici) that men choose a secretary more intelligently than a wife. He asks her to write on the office wife and says he is getting married. Secretary Andrews (Dale Fuller) tells Lawrence his schedule. When he says he is going to Europe on his honeymoon, she faints. McGowan (Hobart Bosworth) tells typist Anne Murdock (Dorothy Mackaill) she is getting a raise to be Lawrence's secretary. Anne gets a vacation first and tells sister Katherine Murdock (Joan Blondell) as Katherine is getting dressed. McGowan shows Anne that Lawrence's wife is pretty. Lawrence dictates to Anne, who raises her skirt a little. Kate writes how the office wife gains control over the businessman. Anne tells Lawrence what to eat, and he shares his lunch with her. Lawrence and Anne work on his back lawn. Ted (Walter Merrill) picks up Anne in his car. Lawrence summons Anne to Florida. Lawrence's wife Linda Fellowes (Natalie Moorhead) dances with Jameson (Brooks Benedict) and kisses him while Lawrence works with Anne and kisses her. Linda comes in and has Lawrence help take her dress off. Anne is sad and returns by train.

Anne tells Katherine she is resigning and loves Lawrence. Ted calls Anne that he got a promotion. Anne gives Lawrence thirty days notice. He says he needs her, but Anne says that she is getting married. Lawrence asks Linda to forgive him for neglecting her. Linda says that she is leaving because she loves Jameson. At the beach under a full moon Ted tells Anne that he anticipates their wedding in two weeks and makes her take a drink; but she resists kissing. On her last day Anne tells Lawrence that she will stay late. Ted calls and tells Katherine that Lawrence's wife is divorcing him. Lawrence tells Anne that he is going to the Orient because his wife is going to Paris to divorce him. Anne collapses. Katherine calls Lawrence and says that Anne broke off her engagement because she is in love with someone else. In the final scene at the beach Lawrence asks Anne to find him a secretary and kisses her.

This drama shows how a businessman spends so much time with his secretary that he may neglect his wife, proving the theme of the book on how the office wife controls the businessman.

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