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The Matrimonial Bed

(1930 b 69')

En: 5 Ed: 4

Based on a play by Yves Mirande and André Mouézy-Eon, a husband believed dead returns and is hypnotized out of his amnesia.

In Paris maids Corinne (Beryl Mercer) and Marianne (Marion Byron) discuss the late husband Adolphe of Juliette Corton (Florence Eldridge). Gustave Corton (James Gleason) is irritated everyone calls Adolphe such a man and discharges Corinne. Hairdresser Leopold Trebel (Frank Fay) arrives and looks just like Adolphe. He does Juliette's hair, and she faints. Leopold kisses Marianne, and Corinne kisses Leopold. Dr. Friedland (Arthur Edmund Carewe) questions Leopold, who knows nothing but the last five years since a train wreck. Dr. Friedland hypnotizes Leopold, who awakes as Adolphe Noblet and notices the changes. Juliette recognizes his song. Adolphe asks Juliette for dinner and learns that Gustave has a child. Juliette tells Sylvaine (Lilyan Tashman) to be Madame Corton. Gustave recognizes Adolphe, who dislikes Gustave. Adolphe does not know Marianne, and she slaps him. Gustave is jealous and wants Dr. Friedland to tell Adolphe. Adolphe denies he knows Leopold. Dr. Friedland told Adolphe he was asleep for five days, and Adolphe asks for a bath. Juliette asks Gustave to leave her with Adolphe, who asks her to make Gustave leave.

Sylvaine tells Adolphe she loves him and wants him to take her away. Sylvaine tells Juliette she has known Leopold for two years, but he doesn't remember her. Adolphe takes Juliette into the bathroom. Gustave hears them and asks Adolphe what he is doing with his wife. Adolphe tells Gustave that his wife (meaning Sylvaine) doesn't care for him. Gustave tells Adolphe he was thought dead for five years, and Juliette married him three years ago. Gustave tells Adolphe to leave, but Adolphe tells Gustave to get out. They both undress and get in bed. Leopold's wife Suzanne Trebel (Vivien Oakland) comes in and finds him in bed with Gustave. Suzanne says they have four sons. Juliette says she is married to Adolphe, who says he is not a father. Dr. Friedland tells Suzanne he will explain. Juliette tells Adolphe she loves Gustave and asks him to go back to his beauty shop. Adolphe sings a love song. Adolphe tells Dr. Friedland he lost everything. Dr. Friedland says he cannot put Adolphe back. Adolphe asks Suzanne about their life, and she asks him to marry her again. Adolphe says he will if Dr. Friedland can put him back. Adolphe asks Dr. Friedland to pretend to put him back. Juliette commends Adolphe. He says he loves her and says good-bye to her and Gustave. Dr. Friedland hypnotizes Adolphe, who acts as Leopold and leaves with Suzanne and their four sons.

This comedy plays upon the discoveries of hypnotism and amnesia to make a confusing and bizarre situation. Adolphe demonstrates his real love for Juliette by giving her up for the new life both have made.

Copyright © 2001 by Sanderson Beck

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