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Half Shot at Sunrise

(1930 b 78')

En: 5 Ed: 4

Two soldiers go AWOL in Paris and woo the Colonel's daughter and his mistress in this madcap comedy.

In 1918 Paris U. S. Army Col. Marshall (George MacFarlane) orders two men AWOL caught. Tommy Turner (Bert Wheeler) and Gilbert Simpson (Robert Woolsey) steal MP arm bands and order soldiers away from three women. Gilbert makes Tommy a major to impress two women. They banter with them and then flee the two MPs. Col. Marshall tells Olga (Leni Stengel) not to send him letters in official army envelopes, and he informs her his wife is waiting. Tommy meets the Colonel's daughter Annette Marshall (Dorothy Lee). They sing "Whistling the Blues Away" and dance. Gilbert takes Col. Marshall's car with Tommy and Annette in the trunk, but they get a flat tire. The MP Sergeant (Jack Rutherford) warns Annette about Tommy and Gilbert. Col. Marshall sends Lt. Jim Reed (Hugh Trevor) away from his older daughter Eileen (Roberta Robinson). Olga advises Annette to use perfume.

Annette tells the MP Sergeant that she will bring in Tommy and Gilbert. She tells them she is doing it for the $500 and pulls out a gun. She orders Gilbert to drive, but Tommy kisses her and takes the gun. At Pierre's nightclub Col. Marshall argues with his wife (Edna May Oliver). Tommy and Gilbert run from the MPs and act as waiters for the Marshalls. Tommy skates with a tray and falls. Gilbert gives the Colonel a note from Olga. Gilbert says he is not in the army because he has cold feet.

Col. Marshall sends plans with Lt. Reed to General Hale at the front. Annette kisses Reed to get the papers. She gives them to Tommy to take to the front so that he can become a hero. Tommy says that he'll do it, and Olga persuades Gilbert with champagne. Olga sings as she removes Gilbert's clothes, and they dance under a sprinkler. Tommy and Gilbert leave on a motorcycle. Col. Marshall learns that Annette stole the papers and gave them to Tommy and Gilbert; he orders details sent to get them. At the front Gilbert volunteers Tommy to brave the battle to get to Hale. Gilbert goes after Tommy and finds him buried up to his neck; but they come back. Gilbert shows Col. Marshall that the message is from Olga. Gilbert finds the plans on Col. Marshall's desk. Gilbert says that Col. Marshall wants Reed and Eileen to marry; Tommy tells Annette that Col. Marshall wants them to marry; and Gilbert plans to marry Olga.

This satire of U. S. soldiers on the loose in Paris during the world war draws on the Vaudeville experience of its stars with sexual innuendo and clever quips.

Copyright © 2000 by Sanderson Beck

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