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Dancing Sweeties

(1930 b 62')

En: 4 Ed: 5

A young couple meets at a dance contest and gets wed right away but has to adjust to being married.

At a dance contest Needles Thompson (Eddie Phillips) says he will win; but Bill Cleaver (Grant Withers) has manager Terry Browne (Sid Silvers) tell Needles to call his boss so that Bill can approach Molly O'Neil (Sue Carol). Bill dances a waltz with Molly while angry Needles dances with Bill's date Jazzbo' Gans (Edna Murphy). Bill sings "Kiss Me" while dancing. Only these two couples are left, and Bill and Molly win the cup. Bill and Molly talk and hear their song. Molly sings "Kiss Me" to Bill. When the bride refuses to wed an undertaker, Hopkins tells Terry to find a bride and groom. Terry tells Bill and Molly to get married, and they agree. Bill goes with Molly to her mother and sisters. Molly tells them and packs to leave. Then Bill goes to tell his Pa and Ma, bringing in Molly. Bill's Pa laughs. Ma shows Molly photos of Bill while he packs. Bill and Molly happily enter their apartment.

The next day Molly's mother and two sisters come in and ask for tea and sandwiches. On radio Bill hears that Needles won the dance contest. The next month Bill and Molly go to the dance contest. They watch the new dance; but Molly has trouble learning it. She tells Bill to dance with Jazzbo' and leaves; but Bill follows her home, and they quarrel. Their neighbor Tom asks to call a doctor, and Bill says that having children is foolish, making Molly walk out of the room. Bill works at a soda fountain, and Needles leaves. Jazzbo' comes in and tells Bill they should win the gold cup. She suggests someone will call Bill at eight that his Pa is ill. Molly tells Bill he can go out. She gets a call his Pa is sick, and Bill leaves. Neighbors come in and turn on the radio. Molly hears that Bill and Jazzbo' won the cup. Bill comes in and tells Molly that his Pa is better; but she is upset he lied, and he gets angry and walks out.

At the waltz contest Bill sees Molly with Needles. The cup is won by Needles and Molly. Bill leaves alone, and Molly follows him. Tom shows Bill his baby. Bill and Molly meet in the empty apartment and embrace. In the final scene Bill and Molly with their baby carriage meet Needles and Jazzbo' with one too.

This drama explores the transition to marriage with the extreme case of a couple that weds the very night they met. Socially the excitement of contemporary dance contests competes with domestic bliss.

Copyright © 2001 by Sanderson Beck

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