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Sunrise: A Song of Two Humans

(silent 1927 b 95')

En: 5 Ed: 5

Based on a novel by Hermann Sudermann, a city woman persuades a farmer to drown his wife, but he changes his mind and has a second honeymoon instead.

A city woman (Margaret Livingston) is on vacation in the country. The maid (Bodil Rosing) says that Anses (George O'Brien) is ruining himself over the city woman, and Indre (Janet Gaynor) sits alone and cries. Anses kisses the city woman, who asks him to leave his farm and go with her to the city. She suggests that he drown his wife Indre by capsizing a boat. She gives him bull-rushes to save himself, and he hides the bundle in the barn.

Anses wakes and sees the rushes in his room. Indre is excited about going on a trip by water. Anses hides the bundle in the boat. The dog breaks the chain and gets into the boat, and Anses takes the dog back. Anses rows for a while. Then he stands up and moves menacingly toward cowering Indre. Then he rows furiously to the shore. She runs away from him and gets on a rail car. Anses joins her and asks her not to be afraid of him. He buys her food, and she cries. He buys her flowers.

They go into a church to watch a wedding and hear the minister's advice. Anses cries and asks Indre to forgive him. She kisses him. They walk and while kissing, stop traffic. In a barbershop he gets a shave, but she refuses to have her hair done. A man takes one of her flowers for his buttonhole. Anses steps on his foot and cuts off the flower with his pocket knife.

Anses and Indre pose for a photographer (J. Farrell MacDonald). While they are playing with grapes, Anses breaks a statue. The city woman marks an ad to help farmers sell their land.

Anses and Indre have fun at an amusement park. A little pig runs loose, and Anses catches it. Indre wants to dance, and he is persuaded to dance with her. He runs out of money, and she helps pay the bill.

They sail home in moonlight and are happy. A storm hits while she is asleep. Anses takes down the sail and rows. He gets the bundle of rushes and ties it to Indre. The boat capsizes. Anses makes it to shore and calls. The city woman notices the storm and gets dressed.

Anses gets people to help him look for Indre, who is floating with the bundle of rushes. Anses sees some rushes in the water. The city woman watches. Anses goes home, and the maid holding his child cries. The city woman whistles to Anses. He runs after her and tries to strangle her. The maid calls that Indre was found. Anses goes back to Indre. After a while she opens her eyes and kisses him.

This melodrama with a musical soundtrack shows a man, who was about to commit murder, suddenly change back into a loving husband, showing how foolish it would be to kill one's wife.

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