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Show People

(silent 1928 b 79')

En: 5 Ed: 4

A woman comes to Hollywood to be in movies and graduates from slapstick comedy to dramatic roles.

Col. Marmaduke Pepper (Dell Henderson) drives his daughter Peggy Pepper (Marion Davies) from Georgia to Hollywood to be in movies. In the casting office she portrays various emotions and is given a card. In the canteen they meet Billy Boone (William Haines).

Peggy enters the studio lot and disrupts two scenes being filmed. She wants to be a dramatic actress, but the comedy director (Harry Gibbon) has her do slapstick. Peggy cries, and Billy tries to encourage her. The director has her sprayed with water again for close-ups.

At the preview the audience laughs, and she tells Billy she wants to stay for the drama. Charlie Chaplin asks her for her autograph.

Billy and Peggy go to a casting director, but they only want to see her. She gets a contract with High Art Studio and says goodbye to her friends at the Comet Studio. Billy says their paths are going in different ways and kisses her.

Peggy sees Marion Davies and meets Andre Telefair (Paul Ralli). In a test the dramatic director (Sidney Bracey) has her play love, hate, and sorrow. He wants tears, and she asks for music. She tries to feel pain so she can cry. Cutting an onion helps. The director is pleased but can't get her to stop. Andre tells her that she needs superior friends now. He tells a reporter about her, and they take a photo of her with Andre.

Billy is cooking and suggests to Marmaduke Pepper that they invite Peggy over. Billy calls, but Peggy says she is going out. Andre arrives to take her out.

Peggy plays a scene in which she is robbed and then saved. A comedy troupe comes running by, but they can't stop them. Billy is glad to see Peggy again, but his familiarity bothers her. Billy remembers Andre. Peggy calls Billy a cheap clown.

Peggy dines with the stars, and a boy tells her that the boss wants to see her right away. The producer (Albert Conti) shows her telegrams saying she is no good anymore. Andre comforts her, and their wedding is announced.

Billy insists on seeing Peggy. He tells her that she is ruining her career and marrying a man for his title. He sprays her with water, and she throws a pie. Billy ducks, and it hits Andre. Peggy cries, and Billy says she was right. Andre is angry, and she starts laughing. Peggy cancels the wedding.

Peggy tells King Vidor about her new leading man. Vidor gives Billy a chance. He plays a soldier and sees Peggy while the camera is rolling. They kiss and continue after the camera is put away.

This comedy portrays Hollywood studios during the silent era when comedy was very popular and satirizes the dramatic actors who pretend to be superior.

Copyright © 2006 by Sanderson Beck

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