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Our Dancing Daughters

(silent 1928 b 84')

En: 5 Ed: 5

Three attractive women go to parties and decide how to play the marriage game with interesting results.

Diana Medford (Joan Crawford) goes out with friends. She proposes a toast to herself because she has to be with herself all her life. Norman (Nils Asther) again asks Beatrice (Dorothy Sebastian) to marry him, but she says no. Ann (Anita Page) tells her mother (Kathlyn Williams) that she won't marry Freddie (Edward Nugent) because he does not have enough money. At a party Diana dances on a table. She meets Ben Blaine (John Mack Brown) and dances with him. Ann learns that Ben is rich and meets him. In a car Bea tells Norman that she has a past before she knew his love; she kisses him. At the party Diana kisses Ben.

At a picnic Ann bumps into Ben. Diana stays behind with Ben, and they ride horses by the shore. They stop and kiss. Diana tells Bea that she is in love with Ben.

Ben goes walking with Ann, who says she is less daring and wants a husband and kids. Diana goes to Ben's house, but no one is there. She sees Ben with Ann, and Ann's mother asks if she and Ben are engaged. Bea consoles Diana.

Bea shows Diana her ring; she married Norman. Diana feels wretched and asks her parents what is wrong with her. She believes that Ann tricked Ben by lying to him.

Bea invites Diana to visit, and they see Freddie and two other men. Norman gives Diana her mail, and Bea denies that they saw any friends. Diana gets a letter from Ann and Ben. Freddie and the other two drop in. Freddie shares a letter from Ann that Ben is dull. Freddie proposes a toast to the husbands of the women they love, making Norman jealous. The three men leave. Norman tells Bea that he loves her and hates her. Diana consoles Bea.

Ann's mother admires her daughter's nice clothes and jewelry. Freddie arrives, and Ann's mother warns her. Ann tells Freddie that Ben does not want to go to Diana's farewell party. Ann tells Ben that her mother is ill so that she can go. Ben learns that she lied, and Ann runs out.

Ben goes to the party and sees Diana, but she dances with someone else. Freddie and Ann are drunk when they arrive. Diana and Ben meet upstairs, and he says he will miss her. He admits he did wrong, and Diana says she still loves the truth. Ann sees them and accuses Ben. Ann invites people to come upstairs to see. Diana tells Ann that she has a nasty mind. Diana admits that she loves Ben and leaves. Ben goes after Diana and says he loves her. They kiss and part. Norman finds Bea upstairs with drunk Ann, who asks the women scrubbing why they did not marry their pretty daughters to someone rich. Ann falls down the stairs and dies.

Two years later Diana comes back from Europe to Ben.

This exploration of courtship and marriage contrasts a deceitful woman who pretends to be pure with an honest one who appears wild with the result that a man is fooled into marrying the wrong one. The third woman has to live with her past and the effect it has on her husband while still having friends.

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