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(1929 b 111')

En: 5 Ed: 4

Three American doughboys try to woo a French woman after the war is over in France.

On August 3, 1914 military orders are announced, and André (George Baxter) says goodbye to Marianne (Marion Davies).

Years later after the armistice, some American soldiers arrive in her town. She looks for her pig in their barracks, and Soapy (Cliff Edwards) sings "When I See My Sugar." Marianne gives the men soup, and Stagg (Lawrence Gray) sings "Blondy." Marianne makes the men leave, but Stagg, Soapy, and Sammy (Benny Rubin) linger. Marianne is taking care of four war orphans and is not married. Stagg steals a kiss, and she kicks him out.

In the morning Stagg helps Marianne carry water and at her door sings "Just You, Just Me." Lt. Frane (Scott Kolk) gives her 200 francs to cook her pig for the General. Stagg, Soapy, and Sammy take the cooked pig. When Stagg learns that she was paid for it, he goes to get it back. Marianne tells the General (Robert Edeson) that the pig is gone. He leaves, and Stagg brings back the bones. Lt. Frane has Stagg arrested. Marianne gives the money back to Lt. Frane. Soapy sings to Marianne "We Gotta Get Together," and Sammy dances.

Marianne is worried about Stagg. Soapy tells her that an officer could appeal to the General. Marianne dresses as an officer and goes to see the General. The Major flirts with her. The General calls her a young man, and she shows him her hair and pleads for Stagg. The General orders Stagg released and taken back to his unit in his car. Marianne puts on a moustache and joins Stagg in the car. Stagg calls her lieutenant and gives her a cigar. He says he made Marianne cry and that he loves her. As he gets out, he kisses her.

Soapy and Sammy get a musical machine. Marianne is washing clothes in a river, and Stagg tells her they are getting ready to leave. He wants her to go with him. Marianne says she is waiting for André, who was taken prisoner. Stagg sings, "My Marianne." She tells Stagg not to see her again.

The men sing to Marianne, and Sammy sings "The Girl from Neuchateau." Marianne stands on a table and sings several songs. As the men sing and dance, Stagg comes in and pleads with Marianne. She sees André at the door. He is blind and embraces her.

The Americans are going home. Marianne is helping André, and Stagg comes in to say goodbye. André asks him to persuade Marianne not to waste her life on him. Marianne looks at Stagg and says, "I love you with all my heart," but André believes she means him. The Americans leave, and she waves goodbye.

Stagg, Soapy, and Sammy have a business. Stagg gets a delayed letter from Marianne. André has become a priest, and she is arriving that day. Stagg meets her at the boat.

This musical comedy celebrates the love affair between the American soldiers and the French civilians they fought for in the World War.

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