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The Love of Sunya

(silent 1927 b 78')

En: 5 Ed: 6

Based on a play by Max Marcin and Charles Guernon, a man from her past helps a young woman decide which destiny to choose for her life.

In ancient Egypt a woman asks for sanctuary; but when the priest molests her, she jumps into the flames. Both are reincarnated.

Paul Judson (John Boles) tells Sunya Ashling (Gloria Swanson) he is going to South America to be a branch manager, and he wants to marry her. She has an offer to sing in Paris. Her father Asa Ashling (John Miltern) learns he was denied a loan. Paolo de Salvo (Andrés de Segurola) plays piano as Sunya sings. Paolo tells Asa that she will make a fortune in Paris, but Asa wants her to marry wealthy Robert Goring (Anders Randolph).

Sunya feels that she has met a gypsy before. Paul telephones, and Sunya says she must stand by her father. The gypsy advises her to look into a crystal to see her future. She asks what will happen if she goes to Paris.

Sunya goes to Paris with Paolo and is successful, but she has money problems with Paolo. She gets a message that Paul wants to see her. Louis Anthony (Ian Keith) tells Sunya's sister Rita (Florence Fair) that Sunya is Paolo's. Sunya drinks but does not eat before her performance. Louis comes in and argues with her about Paolo. The opera fires her. That is what she saw.

Sunya tells her father that she loves Paul. Robert tells Asa that the gypsy will change her mind, and he wants her to consider wealth.

Sunya weds Robert. Five years later he cares more for Anna Hagan (Pauline Garon). Paul has returned from South America. When Anna falls while dancing, Robert kisses her. Sunya is upset, and Paul consoles her. Her sister Rita tells Sunya that she left Louis. Anna asks Robert to choose his wife or her. Louis comes to get Rita and blames Sunya. Robert whispers to Louis. Sunya is told that Robert was injured. When she goes to the doctor, she finds Paul. Thus Louis gets his revenge when Robert divorces her. She loses her friends and finds Paul's wallet, but he ignores her. Sunya saw that in the crystal.

Asa tells Paul that Sunya is going to marry Robert, but Sunya tells her father that she will not do what is wrong for her to help someone else. Sunya says that her brother Kenneth Ashling (Raymond Hackett) will help Asa. Kenneth tells their father that he found him a business partner. The gypsy tells Sunya that people can look into their own souls for guidance. Sunya runs to Paul and says she will go with him.

This spiritual drama shows how a person can make wiser decisions by thinking in advance what the likely consequences of each decision will be. Sunya learns that her life will be better if she listens to the love in her heart.

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