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Why Worry?

(silent 1923 b 63')

En: 6 Ed: 5

A hypochondriac travels with his Nurse to a South American island where he makes friends with a huge man who helps him fight off the revolutionaries.

         At a country club a doctor says that Harold Van Pelham went to Paradiso in the tropics for his health and implies that he is a hypochondriac.

         At the dock an ambulance unloads Harold Van Pelham (Harold Lloyd), who is smoking. He is accompanied by his loyal Nurse (Jobyna Ralston), who gives him another pill. His Valet (Wallace Howe) has brought a basket of lemons, which Harold believes will cure seasickness. Another man is wheeled up on a stretcher and parked next to Harold, who happily tells him his doctor told him he has everything but smallpox. The man says he has that, and Harold jumps up in a panic and runs to the ship.

         On the ship for fourteen days they approach an island west of South America. On deck the Nurse takes his pulse and sees another couple holding hands. She embraces Harold. He gets excited and takes a pill. She talks to an officer, and Harold asks her to see if he has a fever. She puts her hand on his forehead, making him happy.

         In the drowsy town of Paradiso people are taking naps, and even a mule lays down. The American renegade, Jim Blake (Jim Mason), is there to make money by getting men to overthrow the government, and he wears a sombrero. Soldiers in white uniforms are marching in the street when a gun is fired. Men jump into the street, and a battle ensues. The soldiers run away. Four soldiers in darker uniforms clear a table and sit down. Blake arrives, and they stand and salute. One of them throws the old innkeeper into a tub of water. Blake reads a letter of warning, and Blake says they will make it hot for him when he comes.

         The Nurse pushes Harold’s wheelchair but lets it go down a ramp. He comes in the gate and joins them at the table. Harold stands up and brushes himself off. He opens an umbrella and walks outside, notices it is not raining, and gives it to a soldier. The revolutionaries are told to spare no one. In the street Harold tells the Nurse and his Valet they may go to the hotel because he wants to stroll around.  The revolutionaries jump the Valet, who runs off. Revolutionaries knock out three men, and Harold thinks they are napping. He smells flowers, and a pot falls on his head. He asks where the hotel is, and a revolutionary points in different directions. Harold runs after him as he arouses the town. The man rides off on a horse, and Harold gives up following him.

         Harold jumps on Blake’s back and asks him where the hotel is. Blake offers him a military escort and calls over seven men. He orders them to put Harold in jail, and he walks amid the soldiers. Harold takes a sword and uses it to hold up a sombrero. Then he runs away, and they chase him. He comes out of a building walking with a suitcase, and they escort him again. He fires one of their rifles, and they run away. He urges them to gather again, and they continue.

         A revolutionary officer says they have captured Colosso, the wild hermit who almost destroyed their army. Several men put Colosso (John Aasen) in jail. They see Harold is another prisoner and cheer. He signs his name on a list of prisoners to be shot at sunrise. He is thrown in the jail cell with gigantic Colosso, who steps on his foot. Colosso has a toothache and breaks the bed. He pulls the bars from the window. Harold stands on a chair and tries to climb out, but the chair breaks. Colosso pushes him out the window. Harold falls on the ground and takes some medicine.

         Blake stops two of his men from molesting the Nurse. She runs away from him into a building. She asks a woman to give her clothes for a disguise.

         Colosso broke out through the wall. Harold says it is nice he is suffering from the toothache. He looks in a book and suggests the tooth could be pulled. He gets a shoelace and ties it to the tooth and pulls, but the lace breaks. Harold gets a wire on the end of a rope and puts it around the tooth. A man rides off on the horse but without the rope. Harold tries to pull the rope and climbs up on Colosso’s body. Harold ties the rope around his waist and starts running, but Colosso runs after him. He tells Colosso to stay and runs but falls. He throws the rope over a tree branch and climbs up on a balcony. He jumps off and swings. Harold goes up again and gets a pot. The tooth comes out, and then he jumps off to the ground. Colosso is relieved and worships him.

         At the inn the Nurse is dressed as a man. Outside Harold sees his Valet disheveled and tells him to be tidy. The Valet says they are having a revolution there. Harold instructs him to tell them to stop because he has to rest. Harold and Colosso walk off, and a revolutionary jumps the Valet. Harold sees men shooting a cannon. He goes over and tells them to stop because of his heart. They keep firing, and a revolutionary pushes him down. Harold gets Colosso, who picks up the cannon and throws it over the wall. The men run away. Harold sees men lining up and hands Colosso a cannon ball. He bowls it, knocking them down. Harold keeps score with chalk on the wall. Colosso breaks through a ceiling and chases men off a roof. Harold wants to take a pill and tries to get water from a pump, but his feet get wet. He examines a medical book about wet feet and takes off his shoes. Men are fighting, and Colosso knocks them down. Harold has trouble walking without shoes. He takes boots from a man, but they do not fit. Colosso fights several men while Harold keeps trying on shoes. More men arrive, and Colosso pulls a tree out of the ground to club them. They run away. Harold is walking on stilts and falls.

         Many soldiers are marching and take two cannons on a raft. Colosso has a cannon barrel on his back, and Harold shoots it at the soldiers. Harold shoots the cannon at the raft and also destroys a bridge. They blow up a chicken coop, and the Valet escapes. Harold says they have time to dress for dinner.

         The Nurse serves two men at the inn. Harold asks the old woman where his nurse is and draws a picture. He asks Colosso to help her understand. Colosso grabs a woman and then two women. Harold leans on the door and falls into the inn. He sees the Nurse and scolds her for wearing boy’s clothes. He wants medicine, and she argues. He smiles and says she has beautiful eyes. Blake is watching and sends the two men out. He throws the old woman down and whips her out the door. He grabs the Nurse, who struggles. Harold takes off his coat and leaps on Blake’s shoulders, pummeling his head. He beats up Blake while the Nurse watches and cheers. After Blake is knocked out, Harold worries about his own health. He and the Nurse sit on the steps. They see women coming with Colosso, and Harold tells him he found her himself. The Nurse tells Harold she is grateful, and he says he enjoyed protecting her. She puts her head on his shoulder. Harold goes in and takes medicine.

         Blake sends a man to grab the Nurse and take her to him. Harold fights the man and then goes after Blake who is struggling with her. Colosso removes the balcony Harold is standing on and carries it to the one with Blake. Harold knocks out Blake again, and the Nurse gives him his medicine. Colosso drags Blake away. Harold and the Nurse see more soldiers and escape in a cart. Colosso rides a horse.

         Harold sees an officer mistreating the old woman and fights him as the soldiers run back and forth. Harold jumps over a fence and rides a pig. The soldiers are beating him up until Colosso intervenes. Harold tells the Nurse he had to teach them a lesson. He sees the officer and runs after him. The Nurse puts a watch on Colosso’s thumb and tells him to give Harold a pill every two minutes. They see more soldiers coming and prepare behind a wall. Harold and the Nurse make it look like they have many men with bayonets. The soldiers shoot at them and charge. Harold hands Colosso coconuts, and he blows them out the cannon barrel as the Nurse beats a drum. Soldiers are hit and run away. Colosso makes Harold take a pill. Harold is angry and runs out but sees they are gone. He asks what is the matter with himself. The Nurse smiles at him. He angrily asks her why she did not tell him that she loves him. He kisses her. Colosso makes him take another pill, and Harold angrily says he never wants to see another pill.

         One year later the Nurse is in bed with her baby. Harold gets a phone call that it is a boy, and he celebrates in his office. He runs down the street to the police officer, Colosso.

         This farce contrasts the behavior of a gentleman overly concerned about his health to the rough and ready revolutionaries and the gigantic wild man. When the young man fights to protect his nurse, he realizes that he loves her.

Copyright © 2010 by Sanderson Beck

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