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Tillie's Punctured Romance

(silent 1914 b 73')

En: 5 Ed: 4

A crook takes money from Tillie and goes back to his girlfriend. Learning that Tillie has inherited millions, he marries her.

Tillie Banks (Marie Dressler) befriends the wandering city guy (Charles Chaplin), and her father John Banks (Mack Swain) gives him a drink. The city guy sees that John has money and courts Tillie. She throws a block that hits her father, who kicks the city guy. He asks Tillie to elope with the money.

They go to the city. The other girl (Mabel Normand) sees her crime partner with large Tillie and tries to get him back. The city guy and Tillie have a drink, but the other girl pulls him away. Tillie is tipsy, and the city guy tells the other girl that he wants her bankroll. Tillie gives the city guy her pocketbook, and he leaves with the other girl. Tillie dances with a cop to the station. She is put in jail, and the matron learns that her uncle is a millionaire. So they let her go.

The city guy and the other girl go to a movie about a thief and another woman, who is arrested. The other girl and the city guy leave the cinema. Tillie's uncle Douglas Banks (Charles Bennett) goes mountain climbing. Tillie gets a job in the restaurant. The city guy and the other girl go there to dine; she sees them; and they leave.

Tillie's uncle is missing and presumed dead, and Tillie is his heir. The city guy reads about it and sneaks away from the other girl. He finds Tillie and asks her to marry him. They are quickly wedded by a minister. Tillie learns that she has $3,000,000. The other girl reads the newspaper.

Douglas Banks is found alive. Tillie and the city guy go to his mansion that has many servants. The other girl enters as a maid and finds the city guy at a party. The city guy gets in a fight with Mr. Whoozis (Chester Conklin) and chases him out. The city guy dances with Tillie, but the other girl pulls him aside. Tillie sees them kissing and shoots at them repeatedly but always misses. Her uncle returns and makes them leave. The city guy goes with the other girl. Tillie shoots some more, and cops chase them, knocking Tillie into the sea. The city guy and the other girl call the water police. After several tries, Tillie is rescued. Tillie gives her ring back to the city guy. The other girl has pity on Tillie, and both say they can do without the city guy.

This first comedy feature marks the beginning of a new era in entertainment by mass producing what could make people laugh and forget their troubles for a while. This slapstick comedy satirizes gold-diggers who marry for money.

Copyright © 2006 by Sanderson Beck

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