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Hot Water

(silent 1924 b 60')

En: 6 Ed: 5

A man gets married and finds that his honeymoon is disturbed by his mother-in-law and his wife’s two brothers.

The bridegroom is late for his wedding and runs next to his best man. He knocks down a young woman and stops to help her up. Her ankle is hurt, and he picks her up. He looks in her eyes and smiles.

         During the honeymoon Wifey (Jobyna Ralston) calls and asks her husband to bring home a list of items.

         Hubby (Harold Lloyd) tries to carry all the packages and falls in a basket. He learns he won the turkey raffle, and a man puts a live turkey in his arms. He trips on a dog leash and falls. He tries to cross the street and is almost hit. He walks through a cab and gets on a streetcar. He tries to get money out and drops celery. He hands things to the conductor and gets his change. A woman asks him to leave his pets at home. Two boys are playing with a crab, which crawls on the Hubby. He puts it in his pocket and gives up his seat for a woman. He feels it crawling on his leg and sees it on his shoe. He lets it crawl up another man’s leg. The turkey is hiding under a woman’s skirt, and he borrows a cane. The woman is offended, and the turkey bites her. She asks the conductor to throw him off the car, and he puts him off in the street. Hubby tries to pick up his stuff and sits down to tie his tie.

         At home Wifey is visited by her mother (Josephine Crowell), and her big brother (Charles Stevenson) comes in. Her little brother (Mickey McBan) climbs in the window. Wifey asks her mother to stay and surprise Harold. Outside a neighbor asks Hubby if the new car has come yet. He walks in and puts the stuff down. His Wifey welcomes him with a big hug, and he sees little Bobby and smoke from Charley and her mother’s pipe. He sees Bobby pulling a cloth, and a vase is about to fall. He rushes over but trips on Charley’s leg, and the vase breaks on his head. The mother says he should know that Charley has corns. Hubby asks her to leave the kid at home and stay home with him. The mother cries, and Wifey suggests he apologize. He gets on his knees and picks up the dog. He hears a car horn and rushes out to see his new car. Wifey looks out the window and goes out. She asks if it is theirs and hugs him. He says it will be theirs after 59 more payments. He invites her to go for a spin and sees Mother and her brothers get in the back seat. Wifey and Hubby get in the car, and the neighbors watch.

         Hubby drives the car, and his Wifey ties an umbrella cover around his neck for a tie. He is looking at her, and other cars have to avoid them. A policeman stops them and tells him to go around a traffic button. He backs up and does so. Driving on, he sees a veteran’s helmet and thinks it is a traffic button. He backs up but has to go on the curb to get around it. The veteran picks it up. He drives on and goes faster. Wifey warns him about speed cops. A motorcycle comes up, and he slows down. It is not a cop; so he speeds up. A motorcycle cop sees him and follows him. They are going 50, and he waves the cop around and sees who it is. The cop tries to get him to stop, but he keeps following the cop into a park. The cop falls in the water, and he backs up and leaves. They stop, and Wifey gets in the back so that her mother can sit in front. Mother is reading a booklet on how to drive, and her scarf blows in his face. She changes his gear, and he speeds up, crashing into another car at an intersection. The policeman waves him to back up. Hubby gets out and looks at the damage to his car. The policeman tries to get him to move, and Mother lectures him. The policeman gives him a ticket. Hubby backs up and knocks the policeman down, and he gives him another ticket. Hubby gets out to crank his car. Then he pushes it to an incline. He runs and holds on to the back of the car but lets go. He runs and climbs in, and they are followed by horses pulling a fire truck. He parks on the sidewalk, and a lift comes up under the car. Two boys laugh, and one lowers the lift. Hubby backs up into the street, and a streetcar damages a wheel. Mother and her family cry. A car tows their car home.

         They slowly walk in the house, and a neighbor gives him a photo of his new car. Hubby points to the damaged car and says his mother-in-law has a gift for destruction. The neighbor talks to him. Inside Wifey suggests her mother take a nap. Wifey shows the tickets to big brother, who says he has a friend in the police department he will call.

         Outside the neighbor tells Hubby that a home is not big enough for two families. He should tell his mother-in-law to mind her own business. Hubby says he would rather play tag with a lion. The neighbor offers him a drink to give him courage. Hubby drinks, and the neighbor urges him to drink more. He drinks the rest of the flask and walks away.

         Big brother shows Wifey an article about their mother’s speech against drinkng. Hubby sees the little boy has a bottle of chloroform and intends to operate on the dog. Mother gets up from the bed, and Wifey tells Hubby she is sleep walking. Hubby comes down the stairs and is drunk. He hears Mother tell Wifey that she is sorry she missed her lecture on drinking. She says if her husband touches liquor, she would have her divorce him. Wifey summons Hubby, but he walks off and then sits down at the table. Wifey puts a stack of hot plates in front of him. He serves food on a plate but breaks it. He tries again and uses the table cloth to protect his hand from the hot plate, making a mess. Mother threatens to lecture him on drink. Hubby pulls out his handkerchief and puts choloroform on it. He blows pepper at her, and she starts sneezing. Then she falls asleep. Wifey says she cannot wake her up and fears she is dying. Hubby looks at the bottle and sees a warning it could be fatal. He and big brother carry her to a bed. Hubby finds something for her to smell. She looks up and pretends to be asleep. Wifey sees he is using bath salts and takes them away. Her mother gets up, and Wifey pushes her down and says she can stay in the spare bedroom. The little brother falls, hurts his head, and cries. Big brother hands Wifey a bottle, and she says it is ammonia.

         Little brother suggests going to the movies, but big brother says it is too late. Hubby overhears the last part and fears the worst. Wifey sees a mouse and screams. She calls to her mother to come back. Hubby is distraught and sees a newspaper headline about a murder being hanged. Big brother calls the police about the tickets, and Hubby hears him. He says his brother-in-law did not mean to do it and asks him to fix it up. Big brother learns it can’t be done and says he will have to take the consequences.

         Outside a policeman tells the neighbor it is a violation to park the car going the wrong direction. The policeman knocks on the door. Hubby opens the door, sees the officer, and closes the door quickly. He climbs out a window and falls into the cellar. A thief is stealing a tire and sees the policeman. He runs to the cellar. Hubby comes out of the cellar, sees the officer and goes back in. The thief runs off. The turkey lands on Hubby, and the officer grabs the thief, telling him he got him and not to run away. Hubby removes his coat and runs upstairs. He gets his foot caught in the dog’s leash and tries to escape. He goes upstairs and puts his hands in curtain rings. Big brother taps him on the shoulder, and Hubby starts fighting him and then runs out of the room. He goes in the bedroom and hides under the bed the mother is sleeping in. She gets up while asleep as Hubby slowly walks out. She follows him down the stairs. He hears a swinging pot knocking on the door. He turns and sees the mother sleep walking. He is frightened and hides under a couch. A mouse crawls into a glove, and Hubby sees the glove moving. He nearly walks into the mother, goes into a room and tries to lock the door. The mother goes in there, and he sees her. He runs up the stairs and is caught in the curtain. The mother steps in the dog collar and falls. Hubby slides down the stairs and gets his foot caught in the dog leash, connecting him to the mother. They get loose. He runs and hides in a hamper, and she sees the glove moving. Mother tells big brother that the house has ghosts. Hubby hears them and comes out of the hamper in a sheet to frighten them away. They run out of the house. Wifey hits him over the head with a sign that reads “Home Sweet Home.”

         This farce makes fun of a new home life with a new car that is ruined by problems complicated by the wife’s family.

Copyright © 2010 by Sanderson Beck

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