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Lincoln Chronology

1827 Lincoln lives in Pigeon Creek, Indiana.
1828.4 Lincoln makes a trip to New Orleans.
1829 Lincoln wrote “The Chronicles of Reuben.”
1830.3 Lincoln’s family moves to Illinois.
1831.4.19 Lincoln takes a flatboat by New Salem.
1831.5 Lincoln visits New Orleans and sees slaves.
1831.9 Lincoln gets clerk job in New Salem.
1832.4.7 Lincoln is elected captain in the Black Hawk War.
1832.8 Lincoln runs for Illinois legislature but loses.
1834.8 Lincoln is elected to Illinois legislature.
1835.8 Ann Rutledge dies of illness.
1836.1.7 Lincoln votes for Michigan canal bill.
1836.8 Lincoln is re-elected with “Long 9 Whigs.”
1837.4 Lincoln moves to Springfield, stays with Speed.
1838.1.27 Lincoln speaks on “mobocratic spirit.”
1839.12 Lincoln meets Mary Todd at a dance.
1840.3.16 Lincoln defends free speech.
1840.12.2 Lincoln proposes teacher examinations.
1841.1.1 Lincoln breaks off engagement with Mary Todd.
1841.8 Lincoln visits Joshua Speed in Louisville.
1842.2.22 Lincoln speaks to the Temperance Society.
1842.9.22 Lincoln nearly fights a duel with Shields.
1842.11.4 Lincoln weds Mary Todd.
1843.2 Lincoln and Mary rent a room in Springfield.
1844.6.12 Lincoln speaks to Whigs in Springfield.
1845.6 Lincoln asks Herndon to be his law partner.
1846.5.1 Lincoln plots election strategy in Petersburg.
1847.8 Lincoln plans to go to Congress.
1847.10.17 Lincoln defends Matson in a Charleston court.
1847.12.22 Lincoln raises Mexican War issue in Congress.
1848.1.12 Lincoln speaks on the Mexican War in Congress.
1848.7.27 Lincoln backs Taylor in Congress.
1848.9.12 Lincoln speaks in Worcester, Massachusetts.
1848.9.15 Lincoln meets Seward in Boston.
1849.1.10 Lincoln proposes ending slavery in DC.
1849.7 Lincoln is at home in Springfield.
1850.1.29 Clay proposes compromise in Congress.
1850.2.12 Jefferson Davis speaks in Congress.
1850.3.4 Calhoun has speech read in Congress.
1850.3.7 Webster speaks on compromise in Congress.
1850.3.11 Seward speaks in Congress.
1852.7 Lincoln talks with Herndon about Clay.
1854.9 Lincoln plans bid for US Senate.
1854.10.16 Lincoln speaks in Peoria on slavery issue.
1855.2.8 Lincoln loses election for US Senate.
1856.5.29 Lincoln speaks in Bloomington to anti-Nebraska.
1857.6.26 Lincoln speaks in Springfield on Dred Scott.
1857.8 Lincoln shares railroad fee with Herndon.
1857.9 Lincoln defends Central Illinois Railroad.
1858.5.7 Lincoln defends Armstrong on murder.
1858.6.16 Lincoln speaks at Republican convention.
1858.7.9 Stephen Douglas speaks in Chicago.
1858.7.10 Lincoln speaks in Chicago.
1858.17 Douglas and Lincoln speak in Springfield.
1858.8.17 Lincolns speaks at Lewistown on equality.
1858.8.21 Douglas debates Lincoln at Ottawa.
1858.8.27 Douglas debates Lincoln at Freeport.
1858.9.2 Lincoln speaks at Clinton.
1858.9.18 Douglas debates Lincoln at Charleston.
1858.10.13 Douglas debates Lincoln at Quincy.
1858.10.15 Douglas debates Lincoln at Alton.
1858.11.2 Democrats defeat Republicans in Illinois.
1858.12 Fell encourages Lincoln to run for President.
1859.9.17 Lincoln speaks in Cincinnati.
1859.12.3 Lincoln speaks at Leavenworth, Kansas.
1860.2.27 Lincoln speaks at Cooper Union, New York City.
1860.3.5 Lincoln speaks in Hartford, Connecticut.
1860.5.8 Illinois Republicans back Lincoln.
1860.5.16 Republicans nominate Lincoln in Chicago.
1860.8.8 Lincoln speaks at Springfield fair.
1860.10.1 Lincoln meets with Seward in Springfield.
1860.11.6 Lincoln is elected US President.
1860.12.8 Lincoln sends Nicolay to William Seward.
1860.12.15 Edward Bates visits Lincoln in Springfield.
1860.12.20 Thurlow Weed visits Lincoln in Springfield.
1860.12.21 Lincoln sends message to General Scott.
1860.12.30 Simon Cameron visits Lincoln in Springfield.
1861.1.5 Salmon Chase visits Lincoln in Springfield.
1861.2.11 Lincoln says farewell to Springfield.
1861.2.12 Lincoln speaks in Indianapolis.
1861.2.15 Lincoln speaks in Pittsburgh.
1861.2.22 Lincoln speaks in Philadelphia.
1861.2.23 Lincoln sneaks into Washington.
1861.3.2 Lincoln meets with Seward.
1861.3.4 Lincoln gives first inaugural address.
1861.3.5 Lincoln meets with General Winfield Scott.
1861.3.6 Lincoln convenes his cabinet of rivals.
1861.3.15 Seward meets with Justice Campbell.
1861.3.28 Lincoln disagrees with General Scott.
1861.4.1 Lincoln decides to provision Fort Sumter.
1861.4.4 Lincoln meets with Baldwin of Virginia.
1861.4.12 Lincoln learns Fort Sumter was attacked.
1861.4.14 Lincoln calls for 75,000 militia.
1861.4.19 Lincoln decides on a blockade.
1861.4.20 Lincoln learns of violence in Baltimore.
1861.4.21 Lincoln assumes broad war powers.
1861.4.22 Lincoln meets with Baltimore YMCA.
1861.5.3 Newspapers publish Lincoln’s proclamation.
1861.5.23 Lincoln orders troops into Virginia.
1861.6.29 Lincoln orders an attack on Manassas.
1861.7.3 Lincoln appoints Fremont a major general.
1861.7.21 Lincoln learns of defeat at Bull Run.
1861.9.10 Lincoln meets with Jessie Fremont.
1861.10.22 Lincoln learns Col. Baker was killed.
1861.10.24 Lincoln sends Swett to Missouri.
1861.11.3 Lincoln appoints McClellan general-in-chief.
1861.11.11 Lincoln urges McClellan to act.
1861.11.13 McClellan snubs Lincoln at his home.
1861.12.1 Lincoln learns Cameron is arming slaves.
1861.12.25 Cabinet discusses holding Mason and Slidell.
1862.1.10 Lincoln meets with generals.
1862.1.27 Lincoln orders a general movement of forces.
1862.2.20 Willie Lincoln dies of illness.
1862.3.6 Lincoln tells Sumner about his abolition plan.
1862.3.17 Stanton tells Lincoln that Washington is exposed.
1862.6.6 Lincoln directs a naval battle.
1862.7.12 Lincoln advises border states to emancipate.
1862.7.13 Lincoln confides they must free the slaves.
1862.7.21 Lincoln signs the Confiscation Act.
1862.7.22 Lincoln proposes emancipation proclamation.
1862.8.4 Lincoln offers to resign.
1862.8.14 Lincoln meets with free Negroes.
1862.8.31 Lincoln learns General Pope was defeated.
1862.9.22 Lincoln issues Emancipation Proclamation.
1862.11.5 Lincoln decides to remove General McClellan.
1862.12.18 Lincoln learns that senators oppose Seward.
1862.12.31 Lincoln finalizes Emancipation Proclamation.
1863.1.1 Lincoln signs Emancipation Proclamation.
1863.1.25 Lincoln appoints “Fighting Joe Hooker.”
1863.3.27 Lincoln meets with 14 Indian chiefs.
1863.6.4 Lincoln restrains military control of the press.
1863.7.2 Mary Lincoln is injured in a road accident.
1863.7.7 Lincoln speaks about July 4th.
1863.9.14 Lincoln suspends writ of habeas corpus.
1863.9.21 Lincoln learns General Rosecrans was defeated.
1863.9.30 Lincoln meets with radicals from Missouri.
1863.11.19 Lincoln speaks at Gettysburg.
1863.12 Lincoln recovers from mild smallpox.
1864.2.1 Lincoln rescues Negroes from Spanish.
1864.2.10 Lincoln tries to rescue horses from a fire.
1864.2.20 Lincoln learns Chase wants to be President.
1864.3.8 Lincoln honors Grant as lieutenant general.
1864.3.21 Lincoln meets with Workingmen’s Association.
1864.4.18 Lincoln speaks at Baltimore Sanitary Fair.
1864.5.7 Lincoln sends Charles Dana to find Grant.
1864.6.8 Lincoln declines to sway Republicans.
1864.6.9 Republicans re-nominate Lincoln.
1864.6.16 Lincoln speaks at Philadelphia Sanitary Fair.
1864.6.30 Lincoln accepts Chase’s resignation.
1864.7.12 Lincoln exposes himself to danger in a battle.
1864.7.14 Lincoln calls for 500,000 more men.
1864.8.19 Lincoln meets with Frederick Douglass.
1864.9.23 Lincoln accepts Blair’s resignation.
1864.10.19 Lincoln praises Maryland’s new constitution.
1864.11.8 Lincoln is re-elected President.
1864.11.10 Lincoln speaks to serenaders.
1864.12 Lincoln’s considers Chase for the Supreme Court.
1864.12.6 Lincoln appoints Chase Chief Justice.
1865.1.18 Lincoln sends Francis Blair to Richmond.
1865.1.31 Lincoln sends Seward to meet rebels.
1865.2.1 Lincoln celebrates 13th amendment.
1865.2.3 Lincoln meets with Alexander Stephens.
1865.2.23 Lincoln chastises Chicago editor Medill.
1865.3.3 Lincoln sends telegram to Grant.
1865.3.4 Lincoln gives second inaugural address.
1865.3.17 Lincoln speaks on Negroes fighting for South.
1865.4.4 Lincoln visits defeated Richmond.
1865.4.9 Lee surrenders to Grant at Appomattox.
1865.4.10 Lincoln asks band to play “Dixie.”
1865.4.11 Lincoln speaks about reconstruction.
1865.4.14 Lincoln's Last Day
1865.4.14 Booth assassinates Lincoln at Ford’s Theater.
1865.4.15 Lincoln dies near dawn.
1876.4.14 Frederick Douglass gives oration on Lincoln.

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