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Psychic Perception
Spiritual Insight and Inspiration

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      Above the rational mind and below the soul realm is an intermediary plane of consciousness that I call the intuitional. It is very difficult to characterize this realm because it transcends mental concepts but is still not a realm of being like the soul. The intuitional plane is the highest or most subtle and universal part of the created worlds. Although God and souls are the truly creative agents of the universe, we could say that the process of creating begins with the intuition and then formulates concepts, feeling responses, images and shapes, and finally physical manifestation. Thus intuition is a key to initiating creativity.
      Because the intuitional realm transcends the mind, it is often thought of as unconscious. Yet we might use an analogy to attempt to extrapolate some understanding of this lofty realm. As mental concepts abstract, unify, and generalize the objects and patterns of physical, astral, and emotional experience, the intuitional perceives and organizes the patterns of the mind. Jung used the term “archetypes of the collective unconscious” to refer to some of the deep and universal mental patterns he observed in various cultures. The patterns of the intuitional realm are cosmic archetypes that can only be understood through holistic synthesis and spiritual perception. An example of these archetypes would be the cosmic female and male principles of yin and yang, which have so many analogous meanings and applications. Other examples might be the perception of the divine principles discussed in the first chapter of this book.
      As a faculty of consciousness intuition is an inward perception that comes as a whole in a similar way to sensory perception, except that instead of integrating various physical objects intuition integrates sense perception, astral projections, feelings, and thoughts into a single perception of a situation. Intuition does not consciously reason with logic in the mind but rather directly perceives the vibrations of consciousness outside one’s own mind. Intuition does not just perceive on the intuitional level but can discover things about the physical world, the astral plane, people’s feelings and ideas by using psychic perception. Intuition can be flooded with creative inspiration directly from Spirit.

Psychic Perception

      Indian philosophy formalized and many people have observed a sixth sense, a third eye. Perhaps the best explanation of non-physical perception is that consciousness tunes in on the vibrations of the physical, astral, emotional, mental, or intuitional consciousness just as our ears perceive sound vibrations and our eyes light waves. Psychics describe how they pick up vibrations or different frequencies of consciousness. Because these skills are difficult to perfect, there are often errors; but there have also been so many successful perceptions that I believe the preponderance of evidence demonstrates the validity of these abilities.
      Of course for most people psychic awareness is a potential only occasionally used. Yet quite often people say, “I had a feeling about that.” This shows that intuition works closely with our emotions. We talk about intuitive feelings. However, strong emotions and active thoughts tend to interfere with psychic awareness. Intuition seems to be most available when our thoughts and feelings are calm, quiet, relaxed, clear, and neutral. Some psychics, as Edgar Cayce did, even go into a trance in order to bring forth clairvoyance, clairaudience, spiritual attunement or contact with other spirits consciously, or unconsciously by becoming a medium. Under the influence of hypnosis people have been able to remember much more than in their conscious state of mind, occasionally even perceiving experiences from previous incarnations. Such perceptions could not be stored in the brain and therefore may come from the soul record. In the last century there has been an explosion of these types of new knowledge and experience, and much research and experimentation needs to be done in these new fields. Unfortunately most traditional scientists have been reluctant if not hostile to exploring and investigating psychic phenomena with scientific detachment and open minds.
      I believe the philosophy presented here opens up these fields for study because of the basic premise that the soul as Spirit can know anything. However, we must be careful with psychism because of the ethical implications. Because of its difficulty psychic perception may have many errors that are difficult to check, and fraud may be used more easily than in other endeavors.  Psychic knowledge can be used or misused. Thus psychic perception is the lower side of the intuition that needs spiritual understanding of values and wisdom in applying them in order to use the gift well.

Spiritual Insight and Inspiration

      Spiritual intuition is a vital component of wisdom because it includes both psychic perception of what is and also insight or good judgment as to what is best. I believe that spiritual awareness intuitively understands the divine principles, and in any situation, no matter how complex it is, can grasp the solution that is best for all by means of spiritual guidance from within. I also believe that the key to receiving these insights is loving everyone unconditionally. With love flowing our hearts open, and answers may come to us spontaneously. Love for everyone enables us to transcend the biases of our egos and self-interests so that we can perceive the whole situation as it really is. If we truly care about the people in the situation, our consciousness will naturally move toward understanding and loving action. Because our love is beneficial to everyone and everything, the entire universe will be inclined to help us. However, karmic patterns, both individual and collective, will have to be faced, confronted, and overcome. These conflicts with the divine and loving will, caused by fear, insecurity, hatred, selfishness, etc., often cause people to compromise or even betray the spiritual values intuitively perceived. Other reasons are thought of to justify our actions. Being true to spiritual loving requires integrity and courage as well as intuition.
      Inspiration is a blessing from God that floods our consciousness with joy, love, peace, and intuitive wisdom. When we place ourselves in a position to serve and minister to people, divine energies and guidance become more available to us to channel them for the benefit of others as well as ourselves. We may thus be an instrument for the blessings others receive. Any effort or communication we make that is intended to do good and lift awareness toward truth, justice, beauty, joy, etc. can be an inspiration to people. When we see someone acting on their spiritual intuition unselfishly, it can inspire us to do so also. Ultimately inspiration fills us with Spirit and makes us an instrument of divine will.

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LIFE AS A WHOLE has been published as a book .
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