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11. John Testifies About the Christ.

John's mission was to get people ready to receive the greater Light of the Christ by reforming their lives. Moses had taught the law of karma (an eye for an eye), but Jesus as the Christ was to reveal the great spiritual truth of our kinship with God and bring the consciousness of grace which frees us from past karma (sins) through forgiveness. The Christ whose consciousness is born in the heart of God reveals the spiritual consciousness to people.

Many were expecting the Messiah (Christ) and wondered if it was John. When asked directly, "Who are you?", most spiritual teachers will give a subtle answer. When Gautama was asked whether he was a god or an angel or a devil or a man, he replied, "I am awake." (Buddha means awake or enlightened.) John chose to answer with his message and to clarify that the Christ was about to come. John baptized with a water ritual so that people would change their lives. The Christ baptizes with the pure reality of the Holy Spirit and the purifying fire which burns away the person's negative karma; the good deeds are stored away by the soul in the sovereignty of heaven.

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