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by Sanderson Beck

1. Incarnation of the Divine Word.

The divine Word is the Sound Current which comes out of the heart of God. This pure life vibration coming directly from the center of the divine energy is the source of all life and may be attuned to and listened to in the soul as the Audible Lifestream. This Word is the pure divine essence. The Sound Current takes the form of divine Light, the Light of the Holy Spirit.

The soul of every individual is a being of the divine Light, perfect and eternal, but in an individualized form. The soul is of God, and it is by means of its attunement to the Sound Current or Word that the consciousness of the soul may return to its true home in the heart of God. The soul is the Light and life of human consciousness.

The Light of God created the manifest worlds through a process of magnetic Light which contains the positive Light of the Creator and the negative or reflective worlds of creation. The Light of the soul has its own beingness, while the created worlds of the unconscious, the mind, the emotions, the imagination, and the physical are experienced as reflections of the Light of who we are.

Whenever a soul incarnates, the Light comes into the world, but the world of becoming does not know the reality of the soul's being as Light. The soul may recognize its own divinity, but the reflective worlds do not comprehend it. The human consciousness involved in the world often forgets its original source as Light and, having taken on the veil of flesh, falls from its divine heritage; dying in ignorance with attachments to the lower worlds the eternal soul re-embodies or reincarnates in cyclic patterns.

There came a soul into the world who was awake in his divinity. His consciousness was united with the divine Light and attuned to the Word. He came into the world to liberate all souls who would accept this consciousness of Light called the Christ. To those who do accept the Light of the Christ he gives the keys of authority for them also to become awake as children of God. Those who believe or trust in the Christ are reborn not into the desires of flesh and blood nor the wishes of the human will, but into God, our original source.

The Christ with the keys to the Word of the Sound Current incarnated in a physical body with the spiritual connection intact; living as a human being manifesting the glory of the Christ Light and an awakened son of God, his consciousness was one with the truth of spiritual reality and the grace of divine freedom.

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