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by Sanderson Beck

The United States Government, which has not even fulfilled its treaty obligation to the United Nations by paying its large debt of one billion dollars or more to that organization (because the Republican Congress refuses to appropriate the money), has no right to use military force against Iraq unilaterally or even if supported by a few allies such the United Kingdom and France. Even the United Nations, whose executive authority is controlled by the five original nuclear nations who "won" the second world war, is not democratic enough to justify appointing the military of the United States the policeman of the world.

The economic sanctions, which are punishing the poor and the children of Iraq for the crimes of their leaders, should also be ended, as should those against Cuba also.

I am in favor of eliminating weapons of mass destruction but in all countries by a legitimate world authority that is democratically elected by the the people of the world. Such a world democracy could send nonviolent and neutral officers to inspect and make sure all weapons of mass destruction are removed. Those individuals who refuse to cooperate with such inspections should be arrested and brought to trial by a world court of law. If they resist with violence, then whatever force is necessary to bring those individuals to justice may be used by those designated by a democratic world authority. In this way all of the weapons of mass destruction could be removed from every nation and be replaced by democratic world law administered by a federal system that recognizes and protects democracy and human rights in every country.

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