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c. 1450 Mohawk Hiawatha began Iroquois federation.
1541 François authorized colonization of America. Canada
1602 French formed the Canada Company.
1608 Champlain founded Quebec.
1611 France sent Jesuits to Canada.
1613 Argall destroyed French colonies in Canada.
1616.2 Champlain mediated Huron-Algonquin peace.
1627 Richelieu founded Company of 100 Associates. Canada
1632 Récollet Sagard published a Huron dictionary. Canada
1634 Champlain founded Three Rivers.
1642 Maisonneuve founded Montreal. Canada
1653 Most Iroquois made peace with the French.
1656.5 Mohawks massacred Hurons at Isle of Orleans. Iroquois
1658 Mohawks drove missionaries out of Onondaga. Iroquois
1659 French founded St. Domingue on Haiti.
1663.2 Louis XIV took over the Company in Canada. French
1667 Breda Treaty gave Acadia back to French. Canada
1667 Iroquois League and French made peace. Canada
1672-82 Frontenac governed Canada.
1673 Marquette explored the Mississippi River. Canada
1674-88 Laval was first bishop of Quebec. Canada
1682.4 La Salle claimed Louisiana for Louis XIV.
1684 Senecas besieged Fort St. Louis. Canada
1685 Louis XIV's Code Noir regulated slavery. West Indies, Canada
1687.3.19 La Salle was murdered in Louisiana.
1687 Denonville went to war against the Iroquois. Canada
1689-97 King William's War fought French. Canada, Massachusetts, Pennsylvania
1689-98 Frontenac governed Canada during war.
1690.2 French and Indians destroyed Schenectady. Canada
1690.5 Phips of Massachusetts captured Port Royal. Canada, New England
1690.10 British attack on Quebec led by Phips failed. Canada, New England
1696 Louis XIV cancelled beaver permits. Canada
1699 Iberville founded Biloxi in Louisiana. Canada
1701.7 Cadillac started a trading post at Detroit. Canada
1701.8.6 38 chiefs made treaty with French Canadians. Canada
1702-13 Queen Anne's War. Canada, Massachusetts, New York, Pennsylvania, South Carolina
1703 La Hontan wrote New Voyages to North-America. Canada
1703-25 Rigaud de Vaudreuil governed Canada.
1704.2.29 French and Abenakis attacked Deerfield. Canada, Massachusetts
1709 Louis XIV banned selling beaver to English. Canada
1710.9 Nicholson's forces captured Port Royal. Canada, Massachusetts
1711.8 British naval attack on Quebec failed. Canada, Massachusetts
1713 French ceded Acadia to England. Canada, Massachusetts
1719 Louisiana began importing African slaves.
1720-21 John Law created a French financial bubble. Canada
1724 Louisiana excluded Jews and Protestants.
1726-46 Beauharnois governed Canada.
1727 Colden wrote History of the Five Indian Nations. Iroquois
1729-31 French and Choctaws fought Natchez. Louisiana
1731 Louisiana became a royal colony.
1736, 1739 Bienville attacked the Chickasaws. Louisiana
1753 French built forts in Ohio valley. Canada
1754.11 British authorized £1,000,000 for war on French.
1759 Canada’s war expenses reached 30 million livres. French
1759 English colonies raised 17,000 to invade Canada.
1760.9.8 French surrendered Montreal to the English
1762.11.3 France secretly ceded Louisiana to Spain. British Canada
1763.2.10 France ceded New France to England.   New England Sugar Tax Canada
1764.8.10 Gov. Murray established two courts for Canada.
1766.6.28 Grand Vicar Briand arrived in Quebec. Canada
1766-70 Guy Carleton governed Canada
1773 Quebec annexed Indian territory. Canada
1774 Hearne established Fort Cumberland. Canada
1775.5.1 Quebec Act went into effect. Canada
1775.5.10 Allen’s volunteers took Fort Ticonderoga. British War Canada
1775 New Englanders were excluded from fisheries. Canada
1775.9.25 Allen was defeated & captured at Montreal. Congress Canada
1775.11.13 Americans took over Montreal. Congress Canada
1775.12.31 Americans were defeated at Quebec. Congress Canada
1776.5 10,000 British soldiers arrived in Canada. Canada
1776.6.15 Arnold’s army abandoned Montreal. Canada
1777.1 Legislative Council met in Quebec. Canada
1778.7.4 Virginians led by Clark captured Kaskaskia. Canada
1778.10.2 Governor Haldimand granted land to Iroquois. Canada
1779.6.21 Spain declared war on England. Frontier Canada
1783.9.3 British ceded Ohio valley to Americans. Canada
1785 Bilingual Montreal Gazette began. Canada
1790 King’s College began in Windsor, Nova Scotia. Canada
1791 New Foundland got a permanent court of justice. Canada
1791 Upper Canada had 14,000 people. Canada
1791.12.26 Constitutional Act divided Canada in two. Canada
1792 Lower Canada had 155,000 people.
1792.9.17 Upper Canada Assembly began at Newark.
1792.12.17 Lower Canada Legislative Assembly began.
1792-93 Canadian Mackenzie crossed British North America. Canada Jefferson
1792-1808 John Wentworth governed Nova Scotia. Canada
1793.4 Upper Canada Gazette began. Canada
1793 Lower Canada banned importing slaves.
1793 Mountain was first Anglican bishop of Quebec. Canada
1794.5.31 Lower Canada passed Alien and Sedition Act.
1794 York became the capital of Upper Canada.
1794.11.19 Jay & Grenville agreed on US-British treaty. America Canada
1797.7.21 MacLane hanged for trying to seize Quebec. Canada
1799-1805 Robert Shore Milnes governed Lower Canada.
1801 McGill University began. Canada
1803 Canadian courts gained jurisdiction over Indians. Canada
1805 Quebec Mercury began in English. Canada
1806 Le Canadien began in French. Canada
1807-11 James Henry Craig governed Lower Canada.
1810.5.17 Governor Craig seized Le Canadien press. Canada
1811.10 General Brock began governing Upper Canada.
1812.6.17 US Congress declared war against England. War in 1812 Canada
1812.7.1 American citizens were ordered to leave Quebec. Canada
1812.8.16 British defeated US Army at Detroit. War in 1812 Canada
1812.10.13 General Brock was killed in Queenstown battle. Canada
1812-15 George Prevost governed Canada
1813.4 US Army burned capital buildings at York. War in 1813 Canada
1813.10.5 Tecumseh was killed in Thames battle. Canada
1814.8-9 British besieged Fort Erie for 48 days. War in 1814 Canada
1814.12.24 British & Americans signed treaty at Ghent. 1815 Canada
1816.6.9 Indians protested not returning to hunting lands. Canada
1817.11.3 Bank of Montreal began with $350,000. Canada
1818.4.16 US-Canada treaty banned warships on Lakes.
1818.5.2 Bishop Plessis sent missionaries to Red River. Canada
1818 Free Port Act aided Nova Scotia shipping. Canada
1818.8.25 Bank of Canada began with £200,000.
1818.12.21 Gourlay & Niagara Spectator editor arrested. Canada
1818-19 Duke of Richmond governed Lower Canada.
1818-21 Smallpox epidemic devastated Canada natives.
1818-28 Maitland governed Upper Canada.
1819.8.21 Upper Canada expelled Robert Gourlay.
1820 Robert Baldwin led reform in Upper Canada.
1820-28 9th Earl of Dalhousie governed Canada.
1821.3.26 NW Co. merged with Hudson’s Bay Co. Canada
1821 Royal Charter established McGill University. Canada
1822 Gourlay wrote on Upper Canada statistics.
1822 Lower Canada had 427,465 people.
1822.8.5 Canada Trade Act let US import goods.
1823 Upper Canada’s arrears were £100,000.
1823.10 Charlton Fisher began editing Quebec GazetteCanada
1824  Canada Co. bought land in Upper Canada
1824 Upper Canada counted 150,066 people.
1826.6.8 Tories destroyed Mackenzie’s printshop.
1826-34 Rideau Canal to Ottawa River cost £800,000. Canada
1827 Strachan founded King’s College in Toronto. Canada
1828-35 John Colborne governed Upper Canada.
1829 Welland Canal connected lakes Ontario & Erie. Canada
1829-62 Robinson was Upper Canada’s Chief Justice.
1831-34 Canada Assembly expelled Mackenzie 5 times.
1832.6-9 Cholera epidemic in Canada killed 3,292.
1832 66,000 immigrated to British America. Canada
1832 Montreal gained a mayor & city council. Canada
1833 John Galt published his Autobiography. Canada
1834.3.6 City of York became Toronto. Canada
1834 Canadian reformers won elections. Canada
1834-35 Mayor Mackenzie governed Toronto.
1834-43 William Carson led Newfoundland reforms.
1836.5.28 Lt. Gov. Head challenged democracy. Canada
1836.6.20 Upper Canada government won elections.
1836.7.4 Mackenzie began the Constitution newspaper.
1836-38 Francis Bond Head governed Upper Canada. Canadian Rebellion
1837.3 British debated 10 resolutions on Canada. Canadian Rebellion
1837.5.7 1,200 Canadians passed resolutions.
1837.6.30 Mackenzie & farmers decided to defend rights.Canadian Rebellion
1837 Mackenzie issued a Call to Revolution. Canadian Rebellion
1837.7.28 Toronto 300 supported Lower Canada patriots. Canadian Rebellion
1837.8.26 Lower Canada legislature was dissolved. Canadian Rebellion
1837.10.1 40 signed a manifesto for a Canadian republic.
1837.10.23 5,000 Canadians opposed using arms.
1837.10.23 7,000 in Montreal backed British Empire. Canadian Rebellion
1837.11.4 1,000 supported Lower Canada independence. Canadian Rebellion
1837.11.6 Montreal mob destroyed Vindicator printshop. Canadian Rebellion
1837.11.8 800 Patriotes fought loyalists at Baker’s Farm. Canadian Rebellion
1837.11.10 British defeated 500 Patriotes at Beauharnois. Canadian Rebellion
1837.11.15 Mackenzie published a draft constitution. Canadian Rebellion
1837.12.7 Canadian militia captured Americans.Van Buren
1837.12.7 Canadian rebels fled from Toronto to US.
1837.12.14 1,500 British troops beat French Canadians.
1837.12.29 Canadians destroyed US ship Caroline. Van Buren
1838.1 Canadians fought Americans at Niagara River. 1838-39
1838.1.26 British suspended Lower Canada’s constitution. Canadian Rebellion
1838 Smallpox killed Assiniboine, Blackfoot & Cree. Canadian Rebellion
1838 Iroquois Confederation had 187,000 acres. Canadian Rebellion
1838 Upper Canada counted 397,489 people. Canadian Rebellion
1838 British tried 1,900 rebels in Upper Canada. Canadian Rebellion
1839.1.31 Durham gave his long report to Parliament. Canadian Rebellion
1839 Governor Head described Family Compact. Canadian Rebellion
1841.2.10 Union of East and West Canada began. Canadian Union
1845.2 Canada’s Parliament granted general amnesty.
1845.5-6 Fires burned two-thirds of Quebec City. Canada
1845.7 Franklin’s Arctic expedition disappeared. Canada
1845.47 Earl Charles Cathcart governed Canada.
1846 Canadian Parliament got control of revenues. Canada
1846 Canada West established Board of Education.
1846 Canada exported 3,312,000 bushels of wheat.
1846-52 John Harvey governed Nova Scotia. Canadian Union
1847 Canada’s grain market collapsed.
1847 Canada changed duties on US & Britain.
1847 90,000 poor Irish immigrated into Canada.
1847-54 Earl of Elgin governed Canada.
1848 New Brunswick accepted Harvey’s reforms. Canada
1848.7 Papineau began publishing L’AvenirCanada
1848.8.9 Ojibway chief Peau spoke to Canadians. Canada
1849.1 Parliament in Montreal allowed use of French. Canada
1849.4.25 Elgin accepted the Rebellion Losses Bill. Canada
1849.6.26 Canada stopped excluding foreign ships.
1849 Baldwin reformed Canada’s Chancery Court. Canada
1849 Canada guaranteed railway bonds. Canada
1849.7.25 Kingston conference debated US annexation. Canada
1850 Canada ended primogeniture.
1851 Canadian leaders Baldwin & Lafontaine quit. Canada
1854.6.5 Canada & US agreed on a Reciprocity Treaty.
1854.6-8 US-Canada Treaty agreed on fishing. 1854
1854.9.5 New Canadian Parliament opened in Quebec. Canada
1854.9 Liberal-Conservative Party reformed Canada.
1854-57 Liberal William Young governed Nova Scotia. British Provinces
1854-61 Edmund Walker Head governed Canada.
1855.10 Canadian government returned to Toronto. Canada
1856 Canada made its Legislative Council elective.
1856 Canada exported 9,391,531 bushels of wheat.
1856.10 Railway connected Montreal to Toronto. Canada
1857 Bank of Upper Canada failed.
1857.12.29 James Douglas claimed BC gold for Britain. British Provinces
1858 Brown’s Grits joined Rouges in Canada East.
1858 Canada adopted $US decimal system.
1858.8.2 J. Douglas became British Columbia governor. British Provinces
1859 4 major banks in Canada failed.
1859 Canada’s debt reached $54,142,044.
1859.11Canada West demanded more Assembly seats.
1859.12 Victoria Bridge over St. Lawrence was done. Canada
1861 Canada West had 11,223 Negroes.
1861.12 British sent 11,000 troops to CanadaNovember-December 1861
1864.6 Canada’s Conservative government resigned.
1864.6-12 Canadians considered confederation. Canada
1864.12.17 US imposed passport controls on Canada.
1865.3 US denounced Reciprocity Treaty with Canada

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