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Let US Make Peace in 2021 with Freedom, LOVE & Justice for All

Beck Campaign News Articles
26 November 2018 to 7 February 2019

Welcome to the campaign to transform American politics
by the love and wisdom that works to benefit all.
After four years of the Trump-Pence Administration
the government of the United States needs ethical reconstruction
by an intelligent person of integrity who has not been corrupted
by the deleterious influence of money in American politics.
Sanderson Beck is a philosopher who has dedicated his life
to working for the good of humanity by learning and teaching ethics
which guides people to do what is honest, just, and good for everyone.
He has studied the history of civilization and written many books
about its ethics, politics, and culture as well as on world peace.
He is a peace activist and has protested nonviolently to make people
aware of immoral and illegal American foreign policy
that has killed many and made Americans hated and feared.
He is conscientious and has written about the problems of sexism,
racism, imperialism, militarism, materialism, dogmatism, and egotism.
His four top priorities are:

Sanderson has written and published 39 books,
and all his writing can be read on his website
He listens to people’s concerns and likes to communicate,
and he is available for interviews and to speak to groups.

About Sanderson Beck

Sanderson Beck was born March 5, 1947 in Los Angeles. He earned a B.A. in Dramatic Art from the University of California at Berkeley in 1967, an M.A. in Religious Studies from U.C. Santa Barbara in 1971, Ph.D. candidacy in the Philosophy of Education from U.C.L.A. in 1977, and a Ph.D. in Philosophy from the World University of America in 1980. He was a Conscientious Objector during the Vietnam War. In 1982 he formulated World Peace Movement Principles, Purposes, and Methods. In 1986 he published The Way to Peace and then Life as a Whole: Principles of Education based on a Spiritual Philosophy of Love in 1987. That year he traveled to 47 states and met with about 600 peace groups to promote peace and disarmament (Peace Tour Journal 1987). He has been arrested more than fifty times for nonviolently protesting nuclear weapons and military intervention and in 1989 was imprisoned for six months. Sanderson has taught more than forty different college courses in Philosophy and other subjects. In 2001 he founded World Peace Communications, a nonprofit organization. Sanderson’s translations of wisdom classics were published as the WISDOM BIBLE in 2002. He published the Nonviolent Action Handbook and Guides to Peace and Justice in 2003. He became an official candidate for President of the United States in December 2002, and in May 2003 he endorsed Dennis Kucinich. He has written and published 19 volumes of the ETHICS OF CIVILIZATION by 2019. Guides to Peace and Justice was expanded and came out as the two-volume HISTORY OF PEACEin July 2005, followed by The Art of Gentle Living in September, BEST FOR ALL: How We Can Save the World in November, and Confucius and Socrates in 2006. In July 2008 Beck published The Good Message of Jesus the Christ, Peace or Bust: My Nonviolent Action Campaigns, 4 Screenplays, Socrates Plays, and the dramatic series George Washington. Abraham Lincoln was published in December 2008. In December 2010 Beck put up Progressive Democracy as his recommended policies for the 2012 Presidential campaign. His UNITING HUMANITY by Spiritual Evolution & Democratic Revolution: Solutions to the Megacrisis of Climate, Poverty & War was published in November 2014 with a second edition in 2017. The Soul was published in 2016.

Political Principles and Vision

Stabilizing the Climate
Providing for Essential Necessities
Complete Health Care for All
Security and Peace
Peace and Charity for Those in Need


    First, I believe in honesty and openness in democratic government. I will not lie nor deceive, and I will communicate as much as I can. I am always learning, and I will encourage the expression of all relevant views on each issue. I would like to participate in conferences with experts on various issues. These conferences and other meetings with department heads, advisors, and Congressional leaders to discuss what policies would be best could be video-recorded and streamed on-line.

      Most of all, I believe in love applied to all. Thus I am opposed to violence and killing. This would mean a radical change in what is called “foreign policy.” I believe that if the United States adopted peaceful policies and accepted effective international law with collective security through the United Nations, we could lead the world in the disarmament process that would involve every country on Earth. Because of their great danger to humanity, the total disarmament of all nuclear weapons is the highest priority. Since the end of the Cold War nearly four decades ago, the United States no longer has a rival enemy. However, the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan have created more enemies with the Islamic State (ISIS) the latest Frankenstein’s monster.

Stabilizing the Climate

      The problem of global warming caused by the increase in greenhouse gases has arisen as the second greatest crisis humanity has ever faced. This also requires an emergency response, and I support a Green New Deal to implement solutions. We need to reduce carbon emissions by taxing them and using the revenues to subsidize renewable energy, conservation, and organic farming that sequesters carbon in the soil. I encourage everyone to read my recent book UNITING HUMANITY (link) which offers solutions to the megacrisis of climate change, poverty, and war.


      I believe in maximizing freedom as much as possible. I oppose the use of force because it is the opposite of freedom. Why is it that so many conservatives who say they believe in freedom and limited government favor a huge military establishment? Is it because they believe in freedom for themselves but not for others? Yet to make sure that one’s freedom does not take away the freedom of another (whether individuals or groups), we must apply the principle of justice. History shows that this is usually best accomplished by using laws that are equal for all and democratic processes in order to prevent tyranny and oligarchies. I personally do not like bureaucratic hassles, and I would like to see laws and governmental regulations simplified. The public does need to be protected by laws. I favor trusting people to do the right thing without having to answer to government for every little thing; but those violating the laws and harming others must be held strictly to account. I believe the criminal justice system needs to be reformed by using restorative justice and rehabilitation rather than punishment.
      In most areas of life I think the government should let people be as free as possible and not interfere. I think the government should stay out of religion and should avoid getting involved in censorship. I believe very strongly in the free expression of ideas so that people can be aware of many options in life and make their own choices. I believe in free markets for commercial goods so that consumers have choices and can find efficient products at competitive prices.

Providing for Essential Necessities

      Nonetheless in some areas of providing services to the public I believe that government can most fairly and efficiently organize the process, and in those areas I do not support privatization. The most obvious examples are the judicial process of laws and courts, highways and roads, bridges, and public utilities. Which public utilities such as water lines, electricity, gas, telephone, cable, and so on could be publicly operated; which might be privatized are debatable issues, and I have no fixed views. Generally when the service is a single universal system, I think it often is in the public interest to have this accomplished by a government agency; but when a diversity will serve the public better or when it is not a universal necessity but an elective option, then private competition may give us more choices.
      In education a combination of public and private institutions can provide a variety that serves the public well. Because I believe that universal education is a necessity and should be provided for all, I do not favor the complete privatization of schools. I think the entire society benefits by having a free and public educational system so that everyone in the society can get a good education, while some can still pay for private education to suit their special interests.

Complete Health Care for All

      Another analogous social need is health care, and I believe it is a human right. With millions of Americans still lacking health insurance and many others struggling with inadequate care, I believe this is a dismal failure in the richest nation on Earth. I believe that any decent society will make sure that all its people have good health care. The Canadian and European systems of national health care for many years have proven that this can be accomplished efficiently and reduce costs by eliminating the private insurance bureaucracy and sales agents by simply providing free health care for everyone. Individuals can still hire private doctors if they want, and such things as cosmetic surgery would not be covered by the public health system.
      Thus I think it is clear at this point that I am not for either extreme of unfettered private capitalism or totalitarian governmental socialism; but rather I support a mixed economy that socializes public needs such as education and health care but allows a free market in areas of discretionary spending. The United States is the only major nation that allows profit-making from health care, and that has resulted in Americans paying about twice as much for health care that does not even cover everyone and has shortened the average life-span of Americans.

Security and Peace

     I believe the most important duty of the President is to keep Americans safe and secure, and I will make sure that the United States is defended. My vision is to end all wars and to disarm all national armies, navies, and air forces in the world, allowing local law-enforcement officers to remain. All disputes not settled locally or by national governments internally would be resolved by the International Court. The United Nations needs to be reformed in order to make it more democratic and effective at keeping the peace, or a world constitutional convention needs to plan a democratic federal world government that would be ratified and joined by all nations on Earth for the good of all. This world government would have limited powers and checks and balances to make sure that everyone’s rights are protected. Nations would continue to have sovereignty within their borders as long as they do not violate human rights or interfere with other nations. The peacekeeping forces of the world government would be drawn from many nations and would only use the force necessary to bring suspected criminals to the International Court. People would be educated and trained to use nonviolent methods for resolving all conflicts. Global disarmament would allow the United States to dismantle the largest military establishment in the world by far and greatly reduce the size of the national government and federal taxes.

Peace and Charity for Those in Need

      I see the United States changing from an oppressive military superpower and selfish exploiter to a generous leader that sets an example of how good life can be when we all cooperate for the benefit of all. I admit that the wealthy in our society will be contributing more to the general good than they are now; but I believe that they will be better off for this also as they realize greater inner happiness from the good they do. The opportunity to earn and possess wealth in this society is a blessing, and I believe that those people have an obligation to give back to the society in which they prosper so richly. Someone may ask, “What if the rich leave the United States?” Of course they would be free to go; I would hope that other countries taking them in would also expect them to contribute. I suppose they might try to change some other country into a refuge for greedy and selfish people; but others in the world may not want to buy the products controlled by such people, and at least they would be isolated and not fomenting wars in order to increase their wealth.
      Essentially I believe in a balance of freedom with justice that promotes the general welfare of all by making sure everyone has what they need while allowing every individual free expression and opportunity to achieve their dreams.

Policies & Issues

I am for peace, human rights, and international law.
I oppose immoral and illegal war policies:
I am for reforming corrupt government:
I oppose favoring the rich and corporations:
I am for providing equal opportunity for all:
I oppose short-sighted and mean policies:
I am for improving government services:

I am for peace, human rights, and international law:

+ democratic self-determination for all nations
+ the principles of the Earth Charter
+ the UN Universal Declaration of Human Rights
+ international law and the United Nations
+ the International Criminal Court
+ the treaty that bans landmines
+ abolishing all weapons of mass destruction
+ 2017 Treaty on the Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons
+ thorough weapons inspection in all countries
+ ending all military “aid” and arms sales
+ closing US military bases in other countries
+ converting bases to universities and hospitals
+ large reductions in military spending
+ reforming the Homeland Security Department
+ reforming the Defense Department & the CIA
+ increasing economic aid to poor countries
+ expanding the Peace Corps and AmeriCorps
+ free trade that is fair and responsible
+ forgiving all interest on third-world debt

I oppose immoral and illegal war policies:

- US wars in Iraq, Afghanistan, and Yemen
- all weapons of mass destruction
- huge expenditures wasted on the military
- an endless war on “terrorists”
- killing or detaining people without charges
- military “aid” and arms sales
- American neo-imperialism and NATO expansion
- weapons in space and US world domination
- government secrecy, spying, and covert violence
- paranoid curtailing of civil liberties
- unfair trade treaties that hurt other people

I am for reforming corrupt government:

+ increasing taxes on corporations
+ making income tax more progressive
+ increasing deductions for dependents
+ paying off the national debt by taxing excess assets
+ green taxes to alleviate environmental damage
+ substantial tax on carbon emissions
+ ending tax loopholes and subsidies for fossil fuels
+ promoting organic farming to reduce pollution
+ removing the income cap on Social Security tax
+ increasing tax on tobacco, alcohol, and drugs
+ public funding for political campaigns
+ allowing voters to register on election day
+ making election day a public holiday
+ using instant run-off ranked voting
+ providing time on TV for candidates’ debates
+ enfranchising Washington DC voters
+ making the US Senate more representative
+ replacing the electoral college with the total vote
+ phasing out nuclear power
+ making corporations accountable
+ registering guns and banning assault weapons

I oppose favoring the rich and corporations:

- recent tax cuts for the wealthy and corporations
- corrupt contributions that bribe politicians
- allowing corporate fraud and other crimes
- government “welfare” for corporations
- pork-barrel spending for special interests
- polluting air, water, and natural resources
- weakening environmental protections
- exploiting sweatshop labor
- eliminating the inheritance tax
- subsidizing the meat industry
- privatizing Social Security

I am for providing equal opportunity for all:

+ health care for all paid by the government
+ including prescription drugs
+ publicly funded medical research
+ increasing the minimum wage to $20 an hour
+ decreasing the work week to 35 hours
+ increasing funding for public education
+ interest-free loans for college students
+ merit scholarships to encourage excellence
+ tuition-free public universities and colleges
+ affirmative action to overcome discrimination
+ the Dream Act and equal rights for immigrants
+ restorative justice instead of harsh sentences
+ making the Internet more available to all
+ public assistance for the destitute
+ protecting the rights of labor unions
+ better rehabilitation and classes for prisoners
+ equal rights regardless of sexual orientation
+ protecting the rights of native Americans
+ ratifying the equal rights amendment
+ ending gerrymandering of election districts
+ protecting whistle-blowers and valid critics

I oppose short-sighted and mean policies:

- the war on drugs and harsh sentences
- capital punishment
- long prison sentences for nonviolent crimes
- restricting a woman’s right to choose abortion
- excessive bureaucracy and red-tape
- government censorship
- gerrymandering election districts
- electronic surveillance without a court order
- punishing whistle-blowers and valid critics
- forcing mothers of young children to take jobs
- discriminatory racial and ethnic profiling

I am for improving government services:

+ consumer protection laws and advocacy
+ public access to government information
+ increasing funding of public broadcasting
+ subsidizing low-cost housing
+ subsidizing renewable energy technology
+ subsidizing recycling
+ taxing pollution that causes global warming
+ improving public transportation
+ improving national parks and protecting wildlife
+ replacing the war on drugs with treatment
+ legalizing, regulating, and taxing drugs
+ encouraging organic farming
+ labeling genetically modified foods
+ promoting cultural diversity and exchanges
+ encouraging the arts and humanities
+ promoting beneficial non-profit organizations
+ encouraging social and political responsibility
+ allowing freedom by limiting government
+ communicating openly and honestly

= a peaceful and just world community

Beck’s Benchmarks for Evaluating Progressive 2020 Candidates

Let US Make Peace in 2021 with Freedom, LOVE & Justice for All

Principles of Love and Respect for All

An Open Letter to the top 21 Democratic candidates

Beck Campaign News Articles
26 November 2018 to 7 February 2019

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