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The planet Uranus was discovered March 13, 1781 by William Herschel with the aid of a telescope. Along with Neptune, Saturn, and Jupiter it is one of the Jovian planets that are large with low density. Uranus has an orbit of 84 years and thus spends seven years in each sign.

The rotational axis of Uranus is nearly level with its orbital plane so that compared to other planets it is turned sideways. Uranus thus represents not only eccentricity but the wheel principle, revolution, and cycles, including the science of astrology.

Uranus means heaven and was named after the father of Kronos (Saturn) who, like his son, was overthrown by his son. Uranus was discovered during the American War of Independence and at the beginning of the industrial revolution. This radical planet signifies change, independence, and inventions, particularly those using electricity and electronics. Thomas Edison, who invented so many such things, was born under the Uranus-ruled sign of Aquarius.

Traditional astrology had been based on the sun, moon, and the five planets visible to the eye, and the seven days of the week are named after them. The discovery of Uranus marked a new octave or higher vibration, and it is considered to be analogous to Mercury, but on a psychic or more spiritual level.

Uranus represents the spiritual intellect, psychism, and modern humanistic sciences such as psychology, sociology, and anthropology. As ruler of Aquarius it is very important in the dawning Aquarian Age which has been gradually coming in since its discovery. Aquarius has a human symbol and is considered the sign of the common man or person and therefore democracy. Certainly monarchy has been rapidly declining and been replaced by democratic processes since the late eighteenth century.

Uranus in the Signs

(Because of its annual retrograde movement when the Earth is passing it, Uranus goes back and forth from one sign to another every seven years. Thus the following periods include portions of time when Uranus was in an adjoining sign.)

Uranus was in Aries from April 1927 until March 1935 and gives self-will, independence, inventiveness, freedom, and daring. It increases mental vigor, originality, and can cause sudden breaks and new beginnings. One may be impulsive, abrupt, brusque, or radical in speech and action. The end of the Roaring Twenties, the stock market crash, and the beginning of the Depression brought many such changes.

Uranus was in Taurus from June 1934 until May 1942 and is fallen there awakening determination, resourcefulness, and constructive energies, sudden changes and extremes in finances, possessions, and values. This was the era of the New Deal and the beginning of the second world war, producing a fairly conservative and materialistic generation.

Uranus was in Gemini from August 1941 until June 1949 giving a quick and inventive intellect, revolutionary and psychic communications, study of new advances in psychology, sociology, and metaphysics with many sudden and unexpected changes. The generation born during the war and just after became the student radicals of the 1960s. (Special note: Uranus was in the same degree of Gemini when the Declaration of Independence was written and signed, Lincoln was elected and the Civil War began, and D-Day was planned and carried out as the sun is in when the United States used to celebrate Memorial Day.)

Uranus was in Cancer from September 1948 until June 1956 awakening imagination, feelings, domestic instincts, and stimulating changes in the environment through science, revolution, occultism, and new advances. This was the time when television invaded the home, producing the first TV generation.

Uranus was in Leo from August 1955 until August 1962 and is in detriment there leading to changes in leadership, entertainment, sports, and creativity, producing a generation of all chiefs and no Indians because no one wants to follow leaders. The motion picture industry was radically altered because of competition with television.

Uranus was in Virgo from November 1961 until September 1968 and a month in the late spring of 1969 giving scientific experimentation, practical inventions, changes in science, clothing, cooking, and stimulating progressive efforts at social change and personal improvement.

Uranus was in Libra from October 1968 until September 1975 stimulating changes in social justice, diplomacy, music, and the arts. Divorce rates skyrocketed, and alternative partnerships and lifestyles developed under the influence of electric guitars and those who preferred to make love rather than war.

Uranus was in Scorpio from September 1975 until November 1981 and is exalted there stimulating occultism and much New Age phenomena and changes in sexual awareness, spying by electronic means, computer development and sudden changes and extremes in investment situations.

Uranus was in Sagittarius from November 1981 through November 1988 stimulating changes in religion, philosophy, and world affairs, including a heightened arms race followed by the sudden demise of Soviet Communism.

Uranus was in Capricorn from February 1988 until January 1996 causing an odd combination of extreme attitudes about traditional values or reactionary trends from conservative instincts. This is a period of cold and calculated down-sizing and radical privatization of economies.

Uranus was in Aquarius from February 1912 until January 1920 and for two months in the spring of 1995 and from January 1996 for seven years, dignified in the sign it rules giving originality, invention, scientific advance, revolutionary changes, independent and radical social movements and organizations. Revolutions in Mexico, China, and Russia as well as the downfall of powerful monarchies in the Great War took place. Humanitarian and democratic ideals, progressive social change, and scientific advances are indicated.

Uranus was in Pisces from April 1919 through March 1927 awakening intuition, imagination, fantasy, mysticism, and radical changes in beliefs, religion, and morals. This was the period of the Great Experiment of prohibiting alcohol and the split between the moralistic and the wild Roaring Twenties.

Uranus in the Houses

Uranus in the first house stimulates the personality to become eccentric, radical, independent, and free, expressing extremes and the unusual.

Uranus in the second house is fallen stimulating extremes in finances, possessions, and values. One's attitude to resources is usually independent, and one may have exceptional feelings of one's own worth.

Uranus in the third house stimulates the mind and radicalizes communication, leading to original thinking and use of electronic inventions. One likes to study psychic and humanistic sciences, and schooling may be a radical experience.

Uranus in the fourth house stimulates an unusual home environment which may have disruptions or sudden changes. Psychology is deeply rooted, and inventions and electric devices are likely to be familiar in the home.

Uranus in the fifth house is in detriment stimulating creativity, play, children, and speculation. One may have flashes of genius and peculiar pleasures. One will tend to be drawn toward modern and electronic forms of entertainment.

Uranus in the sixth house is inventive and experimental in work and the health fields. One likes to use modern machines and new innovations and techniques. Extremes in diet and health may be remedied by innovative methods of healing.

Uranus in the seventh house tends toward unusual partnerships or marriage that is radical or may have disruptions and extremes. One tends to want to be free and independent or form spiritual and mental partnerships.

Uranus in the eighth house is exalted increasing psychic ability and usually removing the fear of death. One may have unconventional ideas about sex and unexpected changes in the finances of one's partner.

Uranus in the ninth house stimulates revolutionary ideas and teachings, travel by air, telepathy, and original philosophy. One tends to be independent and adventurous and inclined toward a modern education.

Uranus in the tenth house is inventive and original in work though somewhat rebellious or unconventional. Sudden changes may occur in career, one may be in a modern or New Age field of endeavor.

Uranus in the eleventh house is dignified stimulating progressive social relations, freedom, independence, and innovative ideas about society. One's friends tend to be unusual, eccentric, altruistic, or advanced in some way.

Uranus in the twelfth house stimulates the intuition, spiritual intellect, and humanitarian ideals. One is often interested in the occult and mystical and may spend time in retreats or social institutions of rehabilitation.

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