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Saturn is the farthest planet from the sun that can be seen with the naked eye and the second largest planet in the solar system. Its orbit of just under 29 and a half years means that it spends almost two and a half years in each sign on average.

Saturn is the Roman equivalent of the Greek god Kronos who was the father of Zeus or Jupiter and overthrown by him. Thus Saturn represents the father, the past, tradition, and old age. Saturn is complementary to Jupiter as the limits on Jupiter's expansion, the past instead of the future, yet the responsibility or karma that results from Jupiter's enterprising.

While Jupiter is based on faith and hope, Saturn is coldly calculating, ponderously planning, cautious, careful, and even fearful. Saturn represents hard structure such as the skeletal system compared to the circulatory system of Jupiter. Saturn's emphasis is more on the order part of law, authority, hierarchy, and ambition.

Saturn rules the two coldest signs of winter - Capricorn and Aquarius. Saturn as old age is also a polarity to the youth of Mercury, and Capricorn, the sign of the father, is opposite Cancer, the sign of the mother.

Saturn's vibration is heavy and slow but patient. Saturn's focus on time is on the past and chronology, while Jupiter looks at opportunity and the future. As the major malefic, Saturn often signifies old debts or karmic patterns that must be worked out or lessons that need to be learned. The glyph of Saturn looks like a scythe, and he is known as the reaper. Be careful what you sow, for Saturn will make sure that you reap it.

Saturn in the signs

Saturn in Aries is fallen making one resolute, ambitious, industrious, and indomitable. One often has a strong sense of duty, is self-reliant, strong-willed, contentious, and headstrong. One usually is ambitious to lead, or choose one's own path, calculating and impulsive, planning and then actively doing.

Saturn in Taurus is determined, patient, stable, persevering, and hard-working. One is usually conservative, cautious, frugal, concerned with security, and materialistic. One tends to be deliberate, methodical, usually reliable, but often stubborn. One likes to build a structure from a solid foundation.

Saturn in Gemini makes the intellect more serious, orderly, observant, calculating, accurate, reasoning, deliberate, and versatile. One's way of thinking and learning tends to be cautious, slow, patient, and organized if not meticulously planned. One likes to discuss serious issues and consider responsibilities and consequences.

Saturn in Cancer is in detriment making one tenacious, timid, pessimistic, protective, and emotionally concerned with a tendency to worry and fret. One can be hard on one's feelings and has difficulty forgetting past problems, though one may be a deep and intuitive contemplator. One feels the need for security and is careful about feelings.

Saturn in Leo is in detriment giving responsibility for power, leadership, and creativity that must be carefully controlled and limited. The ego structure tends to be large if not grandiose, and humility can be a hard lesson. Strong will and organizing ability can become authoritative and ambitious, but compassion needs to be developed.

Saturn in Virgo is methodical, careful with details, precise, industrious, conscientious, prudent, skeptical, analytic, and critical. One tends to be humble and cautious. Technical and scientific skills can be developed by discipline and training. One is usually practical and willing to serve and work to improve conditions.

Saturn in Libra is exalted with an intellect that is just, balanced, comparing, rational, logical, ordered, serious, concerned, and cooperative. One is usually kind, harmonious, pleasant, and diplomatic, always seeking to find harmony and balance. One is usually interested in partnership or marriage that is long-lasting and stable.

Saturn in Scorpio makes the intellect penetrating, shrewd, motivating, manipulative, and forceful. Emotions can be hard and aggressive with calculated desires and a tendency to manipulate. One likes to investigate, diagnose, detect errors and can be incisive, exacting, dynamic, and determined.

Saturn in Sagittarius is frank, fearless, independent, philosophically cautious, and tolerant. The mind likes to explore higher consciousness or traditional religion. One may be ambitious for success and travel in one's later years. One is often interested in issues of world concern and may be a good teacher.

Saturn in Capricorn is dignified making the mind serious, deep, contemplative, logical, orderly, practical, and ambitious. One is often authoritative, usually responsible, conservative, and self-controlled. One likes to plan, utilize, implement, and usually makes slow but steady progress toward high goals. One tends to be efficient, organized, rational, and cool.

Saturn in Aquarius is dignified making one humanitarian, altruistic, socially conscientious, and concerned with group goals and responsibilities. The mind tends to be skeptical, argumentative, scientific, inventive, original, independent, and psychological. One's friendships are usually detached, serious, based on obligations, and often with older people.

Saturn in Pisces enhances the intuition, imagination, and sympathetic, concerns. One may tend to be pessimistic, doubtful, moody, lazy, and even self-defeating. One may be sensitive and responsive but also dependent and indecisive. Yet the mind may be very deep and contemplative, and flexible with a capacity for self-sacrifice.

Saturn in the houses

Saturn in the first house is fallen making the personality cautious, prudent, disciplined, reliable, industrious, calm, serious, reserved, patient, and persevering. One may take on personal responsibilities or duties and be rather fatherly. Personal insecurity may limit self expression, and one may have to overcome many inhibitions.

Saturn in the second house is conservative and cautious with values and money. One is usually hard working and ambitious to gain possessions and very careful with them. Debts though have to be paid, and one usually has great respect for wealth and traditional values.

Saturn in the third house gives a careful, exacting, conscientious mind based on long study and learning. One is usually reflective, logical, and careful in communicating with a tendency toward procrastination or late development. One may have responsibilities related to school or siblings.

Saturn in the fourth house is in detriment making the home environment more traditional or focused around the father. One tends to be conservative and controlled by discipline, responsibilities, tradition, or the past. Patriarchal feelings of authority may shape one's inner or outer environment.

Saturn in the fifth house is in detriment giving ambition for authority or leadership. One tends to find happiness or entertainment in planned or calculated ways. Creativity is careful and painstaking. One tends to be cautious of risky ventures or gambling which could bring losses.

Saturn in the sixth house may give responsibility in work or employment. One tends to be conscientious and cautious in one's work, critical, and self-examining. Limitations may occur because of health if one is not careful in regard to hygiene and diet. One can be methodical in carrying out experiments and scientific pursuits.

Saturn in the seventh house is exalted focusing ambition on partnerships or marriage which may bring heavy responsibilities, delays, limits, and obstacles. Yet relationship may be secure and long-lasting though there may be age differences or a late marriage. One tends to be trustworthy and reliable in relationship, or there is hell to pay.

Saturn in the eighth house gives responsibility in the affairs of others. Patience and perseverance may be required in partnerships due to delays, limits, and obstacles. One tends to be serious about sexual matters which may be blocked or inhibited. One is often concerned about death and the after-life and may study carefully psychic, occult, and mystical things.

Saturn in the ninth house is intellectual and logical about ideals, principles, religion, philosophy, and world affairs. One's religion may tend to be traditional, skeptical, pessimistic, rigid, or orthodox though the mind can be profound and authoritative. Travel tends to be carefully planned and often in later years. Higher education and teaching may be important goals.

Saturn in the tenth house is dignified giving responsibility in the world, career, authority, and honor. One likes to apply wisdom in practice, using people and resources to realize one's goals and ambitions. Attainments tend to come after a long life of persevering effort. One usually has business and political acuity with the ability to plan things and carry them out.

Saturn in the eleventh house is dignified giving responsibility and concern for social and group goals and efforts. One may be involved in collective organizations and networks. One tends to make friends cautiously, but they are usually trustworthy and long-lasting with many older friends or age differences. One likes to set objectives and work for social improvements.

Saturn in the twelfth house is reserved, solitary, and usually involved in deep contemplation, working secretly or unobserved, and living peacefully or alone. One may have sorrows and many disappointments from secret or hidden enemies. Delays, limits, troubles, or responsibilities may come from social institutions of confinement such as jails, prisons, hospitals, or places of retreat.

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