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The planet Neptune was discovered in 1846 as a result of mathematical calculations based on its gravitational pull on the orbit of Uranus. It is greenish in color and was named after the god of the sea, the Roman name of the Greek god Poseidon. Having been known before it was actually seen, Neptune relates to hidden things.

Neptune is thirty times farther away from the sun than the Earth with an orbit of 165 years, spending nearly 14 years in each sign. The discovery of Neptune in 1846 correlates with developments in fields that have become associated with it such as chemistry, drugs, spiritualism, and mystical religion. This was the year that Max Müller went to India to begin the study of comparative religion and mythology, later publishing the Sacred Books of the East.

Neptune has an octave relationship to Venus and thus represents spiritual love. Its mysticism and imagination have led to its designation as the ruler of Pisces. Neptune can be illusions, dreams, and deception as well as idealistic and non-physical realities. Neptune can also be loss or sacrifice for a higher ideal.

Neptune in the Signs

Neptune was in Aries from 1862 until 1875 leading to pioneering efforts in chemistry, drugs, spiritualism, and comparative religion or tendencies toward self-deception and illusions.

Neptune was in Taurus from 1875 until 1889 applying chemistry and drugs to food and leading to illusions in finances and hidden ways of making money.

Neptune was in Gemini from 1889 until 1902 during which time drama was communicated through motion pictures, and communication by mediums increased.

Neptune was in Cancer from 1902 until 1915 giving sensitive and impressionable emotions, dreamy imagination, intuitive and psychic abilities with idealistic sentiments, sympathy, and empathy.

Neptune was in Leo from 1915 until 1929 where it is considered exalted inspiring creative inspiration, refined warmth, spiritual love and generosity, and hidden leadership. Radio and silent films left much to the imagination, and Prohibition was not able to stop the use of alcohol and drugs.

Neptune was in Virgo from 1928 until 1943 where it is in detriment stimulating analysis of spiritual and psychic investigations, use of drugs in healing, faith healing, and a mystical quest for purity. Many people lost their jobs and had to find other forms of work.

Neptune was in Libra from 1942 until 1956 giving a spiritual love of beauty, relationship, and justice. This generation is poetic, artistic, and musical, idealistic about justice and harmony, refining the emotions and esthetic intuition, producing "love children" who found harmony with drugs and music.

Neptune was in Scorpio from 1956 until 1970 stimulating mystical and occult investigation, research, sexual fantasies, dramatic violence, deeper feelings and undercurrents, and desire for spiritual awareness. Drugs and sex were combined, and wars had hidden agendas.

Neptune was in Sagittarius from 1970 until 1984 inspiring visionary imagination, mysticism in religion and philosophy, illusions and deception in world affairs, and politicians concerned about drugs.

Neptune is in Capricorn from 1984 until 1998 giving fantasies about wealth and fame, practical idealism, manipulation by powerful financial forces, mystical traditions, and the attempt to control the use of illegal drugs while pharmaceutical drugs are used increasingly.

Neptune goes into Aquarius in 1998 for about 14 years where it is fallen and will stimulate science, spiritual awakening and imagination, greater use of drugs in psychology, and further advances involving chemistry and genetic engineering. Mysticism and psychism will become more scientific and widespread.

Neptune will be in Pisces from 2012 for about 14 years where it is dignified and will inspire greater feelings of oneness, the love of God and spiritual awareness of all kinds. Imagination will be rich, and a greater sense of charity and care for the unfortunate can manifest.

Neptune in the Houses

Neptune in the first house makes the personality impressionable, sensitive, subtle, refined, dreamy, indolent, receptive, changeable, whimsical, elusive, and possibly lazy.

Neptune in the second house can give dramatic, poetic, and musical talent. One may be a practical idealist or have fantasies about wealth or may sacrifice one's resources in philanthropy.

Neptune in the third house inspires communication in speech and writing with high imagination, sensitivity, and refinement. Expression is usually poetic, artistic, dramatic, and subtle.

Neptune in the fourth house is intuitive, psychic, and sensitive to the environment. The home life may be dreamy with illusions or deception, mysticism, hidden factors, or sacrifices.

Neptune in the fifth house is exalted giving a creative imagination, dramatic ability, and mystical love or sacrifices for children and in romance. Leadership tends to be more spiritual.

Neptune in the sixth house is in detriment and can mean spiritual service or work or deception and illusions or loss of job. One may work with drugs or chemicals or be influenced by the work environment. One is inclined to use drugs or spiritual techniques in healing.

Neptune in the seventh house inclines one toward spiritual relationships, but one must be careful of romantic deception. One tends to be idealistic, poetic and dreamy about partnership and may make sacrifices.

Neptune in the eighth house inspires the intuition, imagination, dreams, and psychic abilities. One's attitude toward death may be mystical, and one may be able to contact spirits from the other side.

Neptune in the ninth house makes one more mystical in religion and philosophy, imaginative and visionary, with spiritual journeys or travel to find deeper wisdom. One may be clairvoyant or interested in mystical teachings.

Neptune in the tenth house makes one more idealistic about society and career. One may find inspirational work or be willing to make career sacrifices for an ideal.

Neptune in the eleventh house is fallen and leads to utopian dreams, social idealism, spiritual or deceptive friendships, and susceptibility to friends. One tends to be idealistic about people.

Neptune in the twelfth house is dignified inspiring sympathy, charity, contemplation, mysticism, and intuitive understanding. One may be inclined to spend much time in devotion to prayer or meditation in quiet and seclusion or be involved in social work of rehabilitation.

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