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The Moon

The moon, symbolized by a crescent, is seen clearly from the Earth by its reflection of the light from the sun. For us here on Earth it is very significant as the opposite polarity of the sun. The earth orbits the sun like the planets, and the moon orbits the Earth.

The moon as the Earth's satellite, symbolizes the reflection of the soul in and around the body. In a general sense this is the psychic material worlds, more specifically the moon represents the personality, imagination, emotions, and the subconscious.

The moon sign in a person's horoscope often describes the nature of the basic self as to instincts, feelings, moods, habits, memory, impressionability, character of the imagination, intuition or negatively worry, and the subconscious personality. The basic self tends to reflect back as a response all of the experiences that it has recorded or that the individuality of the conscious self has programmed into it.

The moon reflects illumination from the sun during the night, and the basic self reflects Light to us from the unconscious giving us an image but not the full conscious awareness; for that we must turn to the light of the soul.

What we see of the moon continually fluctuates as it waxes from new moon to full moon and wanes down to a new moon again. Thus the inconstancy and changeableness of the emotions and psychic worlds is contrasted to the eternal Light of soul. This lunar cycle which occurs every month tends to increase and decrease the psychic energy, and many people especially those born under Cancer, experience elation and depression or high and low periods according to the moon.

The full moon tends to bring out the extremes of the basic self in eating, drinking, emotions, desires, etc. Thus the word lunacy came from Luna, or moon. In ancient Babylon and in witchcraft they worshipped the moon more than the sun.

A remarkable coincidence on this planet is that the sun and moon appear to be exactly the same size in the sky. The sun is actually about 400 times as large as the moon, but it is about 400 times farther away. So when there is a total eclipse of the sun, the moon fits exactly over it. A total solar eclipse shows us the corona of the sun which is the energy which most influences the ionosphere of the earth.

The moon is a prevalent symbol for woman and especially the mother, the responsiveness of the maternal instincts and protective emotions. The moon is the negative, yin, or receptive polarity of woman compared to the positive, yang, or creative polarity of man which is like the sun.

In the greatest sense, the moon is the concept of Nature on all levels as what nurtures, sustains, protects, and yet is always changing; we say Mother Nature. The lunar cycle correlates with the menstrual cycle of women, influences the tides of the oceans, and can be very important in agriculture as to when to plant and when to reap.

The first part of life in the womb and as a baby relate to the moon, because the mother is the dominant influence during this period. This is also significant for the development of the basic self which will remember everything the conscious self forgets. The impressionable quality of the basic self makes the roots, the home, and the environment more influential.

The response of the general public is also characterized by the moon as a receptive psychic field. It is interesting to note that the astrology columns which usually appear in daily papers for the sun signs are often based primarily on the position of the moon. The sun, Mercury, Venus, and Mars usually change signs only about once a month, and the outer planets in periods of years. But the moon traverses the zodiac in 27.3 days. So the day-to-day interpretations are usually based primarily on changes of the moon sign.

In the ancient times writers have referred to the soul as feminine and symbolized by the moon, and in this symbolic scheme the sun would represent God which illumines the receptive soul. Of course the soul is transcendent of the distinction between male and female, and the symbolism of the sun or moon. However, these concepts have been used to point to the higher truth that is beyond conception, but just is.

Moon in the signs

Moon in Aries means the personality is active, forceful, courageous, independent, impetuous, and enthusiastic. The imagination is powerful, keen, and active. Feelings are assertive or even aggressive, energetic, impulsive, and easily aroused, especially anger. Subconscious impulses are to start anew, begin new enterprises, and pioneer. Instinct is to lead, be the head, hew out one's own path, and be self-reliant.

Moon in Taurus is exalted being kind, sociable, quiet, persistent, determined, content, deep-rooted, and steady. One is usually conservative, practical, resourceful, hopeful, and may be ambitious. Feelings are deep, sensuous, intuitive, with a generally good disposition. Anger is slow to develop, but could build up and explode. One is able to endure, persevere, and is inclined toward enjoyment, pleasure, music, singing, art, and the good life. One usually prospers materially with many possessions but can also appreciate beauty in nature and the arts as well as spiritual development.

Moon in Gemini is quick, alert, adaptable, changing, and restless. One is communicative, conversational, and interested in learning, literature, and travel. One is usually observant and likes a variety of people. Emotions tend to be dualistic, changeable, mental, and competitive. Personality is expressive, artistic, intellectual, and sensitive, but may even be somewhat schizophrenic.

Moon in Cancer is dignified giving strong emotions, feelings, and tender sensitivity at the same time. Mother is important, and one is usually maternal, protective, instinctive, and loyal to one's roots or home. Memory may be powerful and sentimental. Imagination is responsive, and one may be psychic and intuitive. Feelings are tenacious and tend to cling to attachments. One needs to flow with the situation.

Moon in Leo means the personality is vital, confident, dignified, generous, warm-hearted, magnanimous, candid, and self-reliant. One may be ambitious, a leader, admired, and radiant. One usually has organizing ability and is persevering. One may inspire trust, respect, and responsibility. Emotions tend to be warm, sunny, creative, powerful, and passionate Personality is often dramatic, showy, proud, and regal.

Moon in Virgo is modest, introverted, analytical of feelings, reserved, and careful. One is usually industrious and studious, learning from the environment and experience. Feelings may be precise, perceptive, critical, fastidious, and if negative worry too much. Personality is practical, humble, helpful, and supportive. One likes to serve, is concerned with health, personal improvement, and can attend to details. Feelings are often hidden within or sublimated through work; they may also be mentalized away through self-analysis.

Moon in Libra is friendly, good-natured, affectionate, kind, agreeable, charming, and courteous. Personality is peace-loving and willing to compromise in order to please, a natural diplomat. The sense of justice and fairness runs deep. Feelings are refined, sensitive, but usually harmonious and balanced with the mind. One is able to compare and cooperate. One is inclined toward partnership and marriage, appreciates the arts, music, literature, and scenery. The esthetic sense of beauty is heightened, and one is especially concerned that relationships be harmonious.

Moon is Scorpio is fallen. The personality is firm, intense, courageous, aggressive, but sensitive to feelings. Emotions are passionate, forceful, energetic, zealous or jealous, and lasting. The imagination is deep and powerful. One may be psychic and good at diagnosing feelings and motivations, shrewd at investigation and research. Feelings are full of strong desires but also may be mystical and regenerative as well as destructive. The subconscious is strong with powerful sexual urges and may be preoccupied with death.

Moon in Sagittarius is kind, sociable, good-humored, hopeful, frank, free, outspoken, honorable, roving, independent, cheerful, and changing. Emotions are warm, spontaneous, jovial, enthusiastic, and buoyant. One may be generous, humanitarian, and visionary. One likes to explore, inquire, disseminate knowledge, teach, and may be interested in philosophy, religion, and foreign affairs as well as nature, sports, and outdoor activities. One likes to travel and expand one's horizons. The imagination is rich, broad, fantastic, futuristic, and intuitive. One may be a free thinker and possibly even a prophet.

Moon in Capricorn is detriment. The personality is steadfast, reliable, cautious, serious, ambitious, prudent, austere, fatherly, and authoritarian. Emotions are cool, reserved, careful, conservative, responsible, and disciplined. Imagination tends toward the practical and earthly concerns. One is often focused on career, public life, planning and carrying out responsibilities. One may often feel burdened and weary. Issues of respect, tradition, authority, and responsibility are often felt. Feelings may be paternalistic, protective, and manipulative based on cold calculations.

Moon in Aquarius is humane, sincere, logical, independent, unconventional, progressive, ingenious, and friendly. Feelings tend to be cool and detached but are honest and steady even if odd. One is usually interested in psychology, social reform, and has a wide variety of friends and associates. Personality tends to be mental with a quirky sense of humor. Imagination inclines toward science fiction and utopian plans for the future. One is often altruistic and humanitarian, although others may not suspect it, because the feelings may not be particularly warm.

Moon in Pisces is intuitive, imaginative, impressionable, receptive, susceptible, passive, gentle, kind, and sympathetic. Personality is retiring and shy, yet cheerful when not depressed. One may be indolent and lazy or free-flowing and adaptable. Feelings are sensitive, deep, often hidden and are easily changeable with extremes of melancholy and joyful elation. One is often poetic with a dreamy imagination that loves to fantasize and make believe. One may be moody and expressionistic or simply off in another world somewhere.

Moon in the Houses

Moon in the first house makes the personality sensitive, intuitive, and receptive with strong feelings and imagination. The self can express emotions powerfully, is social and concerned with public life although timid and shy. One's personality may change in response to others.

Moon in the second house is exalted giving reserve emotional energies, a sense of rhythm and moods. One is usually protective of one's values and tenacious in holding on to what one has. Finances tend to be prosperous but may fluctuate. One tends to be sentimental about some possessions.

Moon in the third house makes the mind more impressionable, adaptable, imaginative, and curious. Feelings tend to be more changeable. One may be protective of siblings, and the influence of the mother may somehow be connected with one's brother or sisters. Early education is important, and the memory may be quite good for learning. Personality is often expressed through conversation, writing, or the arts.

Moon in the fourth house is dignified giving deep roots and loyalties to family and home as well as strong instincts to protect and nurture. One is usually conscious of security, sensitive to the environment, emotional, intuitive, and sentimental. Memories are an important part of one's personality. One is often maternal, and the focus is often on domestic concerns.

Moon in the fifth house means that feelings are often expressed through children, entertainment, or creativity. One likes to play games or sports. Personality may have leadership qualities and like dealing with the general public. Feelings like to be happy and optimistic and may be rather childlike. Imagination can stimulate creativity.

Moon in the sixth house is practical and often focused on work whether it be employment or housework. One is usually capable and willing to serve others. One is curious about nature and likes technical and scientific things. Time may be spent in cooking, cleaning, sewing, and taking care of small animals. Health may be a concern, because of its inconstancy.

Moon in the seventh house is responsive to one's partner and often focused on close relationships with women. One's attitude toward the partner tends to be maternal, protective, caring, nurturing, and may have emotional ups and downs. One either wants to mother or be mothered or both. Personality primarily reflects one's partner like a mirror.

Moon in the eighth house is fallen. Emotions may be creative or destructive. One is usually responsive sexually, though this may be influenced by one's relationship with one's mother. One may work with women or the general public and can be good at research or detective work in probing the unconscious mind. One may be quite receptive to psychic impulses and be concerned with death and the after-life.

Moon in the ninth house is concerned with intellectual interests, travel and other cultures, exploration, politics, philosophy or religion. The imagination is broad and visionary. Feelings like to be free, open, and expansive. One likes to understand public attitudes, ideas, and beliefs and may be a good teacher.

Moon in the tenth house is detriment. Career may involve the general public or work with women. Changes may occur in one's job and how one is known in the world over one's lifetime. One tends to be responsive to the outer world, and one's feelings may be greatly influenced by current events.

Moon in the eleventh house indicates association with the general public, social change, and collective endeavors. One's friends are likely to include many women, and one may feel protective of one's friends. One is interested in popular movements, likes social activities, and often imagines a better world.

Moon in the twelfth house is intuitive, imaginative, dreamy, mysterious with hidden or subconscious feelings. One is usually withdrawn or may find peace in seclusion, meditation, and spiritual retreats. One may want to help humanity, because of strong empathy with the unfortunate. One's own feelings may also be challenged by many troubles so much that one might even feel persecuted.

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