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Jupiter is the largest planet in our solar system and has twelve moons, one of which is larger than Mercury. Its orbit of just under twelve years means that it spends about a year in each sign.

Jupiter or Zeus to the Greeks was the king of the gods, the most powerful divinity who also represented law and justice. With Jupiter we move beyond personal concerns to groups of people and larger social issues. The last four signs, which are the universal signs, are ruled by Jupiter and Saturn. Sagittarius and Pisces are governed by Jupiter. Jupiter is associated with the imperial color purple.

Whereas Mercury represents the learning and analytic part of the mind, Jupiter stands for the higher mind of principles and teaching. Jupiter looks toward the future and tends to be optimistic, hopeful, and visionary. Jupiter is concerned with philosophy, religion, law, government, travel outside one's country, and world issues. Jupiter expands, and Saturn limits.

Jupiter is positive and is joy, enthusiasm, good humor, success, and faith. In life Jupiter represents the prime of life or middle age when one is still expanding before the limits of old age set in. When the natural exercise and hard work of Mars diminishes, the easy-going success of the Jupiter phase often means an expanding waistline.

Jupiter in the Signs

Jupiter in Aries is progressive, ambitious, aspiring, generous, candid, high-minded, ardent, philosophical, enthusiastic, warm, and confident. One usually likes to pioneer and start new ventures, innovate, expand, and promote new ideas or enterprises. One may be inclined to lead in religion, philosophy, government or big business.

Jupiter in Taurus is constructive, enterprising, practical, reserved, firm, placid, easy going, and kind. One likes pleasure, to accumulate what is valuable, expand resources, be prosperous and materially successful and secure. One is usually self-sufficient and stable.

Jupiter in Gemini is in detriment giving enthusiasm for learning, communication, thought, and versatile intellectual interests. The mind is always moving and restless, but may tend to scatter itself or be split by conflicts. One is usually interested in many things but may have difficulty becoming deeply involved in any of them.

Jupiter in Cancer is exalted giving a mind that is kind, sympathetic, benevolent, intuitive, intellectual, imaginative, and sincere. Emotions tend to expand and be positive, enthusiastic, loyal, religious, supportive, and caring. Family and the home or environment usually is successful and prosperous.

Jupiter in Leo is generous, compassionate, warm, kind, dignified with even a sense of grandeur. One is usually enthusiastic about creativity, romance, children, entertainment, sports, and games. A noble will may incline one toward leadership and culture, and hopefulness may lead to great speculative ventures.

Jupiter in Virgo is in detriment resulting in a mind that is prudent, discerning, scientific, analytical, practical, experimental, skeptical, and materialistic. One is often critical of higher ideals and may be a perfectionist. Areas of health, service, and industry may be beneficial as one is usually efficient and likes to improve conditions through mental work and techniques.

Jupiter in Libra gives a mind that is just, fair, artistic, balanced, musical, logical, and impartial. One is usually kind, sociable, diplomatic, cultured, tolerant, and inclined toward partnership and marriage. One usually tries to see the best in the other person, and relationships can expand the consciousness.

Jupiter in Scorpio deepens the emotions and makes the mind resolute, self-confident, fruitful, stable, shrewd, lofty, aggressive, and constructive or destructive. One is often magnetic, devoted, passionate, and deep with a philosophy that is interested in the psychic, occult, and the mystical. One is good at investigation and research and often has an optimistic attitude toward death.

Jupiter in Sagittarius is dignified giving a mind that is broad, liberal, merciful, tolerant, compassionate, philosophical, and even prophetic. One is often drawn to religion, philosophy, world cultures or issues, and foreign travel. One tends to be humorous, heroic, enterprising, successful, and generous with much joy and faith.

Jupiter in Capricorn is fallen giving a mind that is utilitarian, responsible, careful, serious, practical, and authoritative. It expands ambition, control, caution, organizing ability, and duty. One usually wants to accomplish practical goals and attain high position or renown.

Jupiter in Aquarius gives a mind that is humane, just, tolerant, open to innovation, theoretical, aware, intuitive, independent, and unconventional. It expands originality, insight, social activities, friendship, and altruism. One is usually enthusiastic for reform, humanitarian causes, psychology, sociology, metaphysics, and scientific advances.

Jupiter in Pisces is dignified giving a mind that is kind, charitable, idealistic, philosophical, mystical, inspirational, imaginative, intuitive, receptive, and tolerant. One usually has strong faith, sincerity, devotion, is helpful and even willing to sacrifice for a great cause.

Jupiter in the Houses

Jupiter in the first house makes the personality enthusiastic, cheerful, optimistic, buoyant, self-confident, noble, just, tolerant, and expansive. One is usually enterprising or future-oriented with a high sense of self esteem.

Jupiter in the second house gives success in finances, possessions, and talents. One may be wealthy or capable of earning money easily whether through business, government, law, insurance, banking, religion, science, education, or travel.

Jupiter in the third house is in detriment bringing benefits and opportunities in the areas of school, learning, communications, and in regard to brother and sisters. The mind is enthusiastic in conversation and writing, jovial, tolerant, just, and reasonable.

Jupiter in the fourth house is exalted bringing joy and success into the family and home environment and a strong sense of roots and loyalty. One's mood is usually joyful, expansive, and hopeful with inner assurance, confidence, poise, and faith in one's inner guidance.

Jupiter in the fifth house expands creativity, entertainment and play, and romance. One is usually kind, tolerant, and wise in leadership. Children may be beneficial and a joy. One is often drawn to sports, games, or risky ventures.

Jupiter in the sixth house is in detriment giving a capacity for loyal service and ability to handle practical concerns and work. Health is usually good, and one may be successful in cooking and the feminine arts.

Jupiter in the seventh house expands partnership and marriage. One is usually sociable, good-natured, popular, enthusiastic, and good at cooperating with others. One is often drawn to a partner who is philosophical, a teacher, or successful.

Jupiter in the eight house is trusting and confident in working with a partner through which success may come. One is often able to discover value through research or by diagnosing the problem and coming up with a solution. One may understand death and be willing to work with spiritual forces.

Jupiter in the ninth house is dignified giving a mind with an expansive intellect, enthusiasm for ideas, and aspiration for higher consciousness whether through religion, philosophy, teaching, or travel. Faith is usually strong, and teaching, publishing, higher education, and foreign travel can be successful.

Jupiter in the tenth house is fallen bringing benefits though to one's career and worldly ambitions. Accomplishment may come from favorable opportunities, and one is enthusiastic about rising in life. Honor, esteem, and influence over others may be important goals.

Jupiter in the eleventh house gives ideals of universal cooperation and social reform. Friendships are usually good, happy, prosperous, and many. One is usually kind, faithful, and optimistic about hopes and wishes for human advancement.

Jupiter in the twelfth house is dignified giving a mind that is philanthropic, religious, mystical, and peaceful. One can often win over enemies and achieve success in hidden or quiet ways. One likes to benefit others, especially those in need or in institutions of confinement.

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