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by Sanderson Beck

I have organized the best movies, which I have rated on entertainment value (En) and on educational value (Ed), into 27 genres so that people can find good movies in the categories that they like. The three major genres of movies are dramas, comedies and musicals. In each of these genres I have designated a genre of movies that are based on plays for those who like plays and movies with good dialog, and I have included the name of the playwright. The other three comedy genres are those that are funny, romantic, and satirical. Musicals are also divided into dramas and comedies and with a few animated musicals.

There are many dramas, and I have divided these into 19 genres. A large genre is dramas based on a novel which includes the name of the author. The other large genre, which is my favorite, is biographical and historical dramas that are based on true stories. What I call “independent dramas” are those written and directed by the same person whose name is also listed. My genre “family dramas” does not mean they are G-rated movies suitable for children but rather that they are dramas about family relationships.

Comedies Based on a Play
Funny Comedies
Romantic Comedies
Satirical Comedies

Musicals Based on a Play
Musical Comedies

Musical Dramas
Animated Musicals

Adventure Dramas
Biographical Dramas
Crime Dramas
Dramas based on a Novel (by)
Dramas based on a Play (by)
Education Dramas
Family Dramas
Fantasy & Science Fiction Dramas
Health Dramas
Independent Dramas (written and directed by)
Journalistic Dramas
Legal Dramas
Military & War Dramas
Political Dramas
Romantic Dramas
Spiritual Dramas
Sports Dramas
Thriller & Horror Dramas
Western Dramas

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