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American Graffiti

(1973 c 112')

En: 8 Ed: 7

Directed by George Lucas, during a long night youths hang out with their cars and friends while two guys are thinking about going away to college the next day.
      At Mels drive-in youths gather with their cars. Curt Henderson (Richard Dreyfuss) arrives and asks Steve (Ron Howard) and Terry (Charles Martin Smith) if they are going to have a bash tonight. Terry tells Curt that someone from the Moose Lodge has been trying to find him all day and thought he was trying to avoid him. He hands Curt an envelope, and Terry sees that there is a check for $2,000. Steve says that Richard Jennings gave it to him to give to Curt; it is the first scholarship the Mooses have given. Curt tells Steve that he is not going tomorrow. He thinks he could wait and go next year, going to city for a while. Steve calls him chicken and says they did a lot to get accepted, but now he wants to crawl back into his cell. Steve tells Curt that he cannot stay 17 forever, but Curt says he needs some time. Steve says he has to talk to Laurie, and he tells him to take the check. He says they are leaving in the morning, and Curt smiles sheepishly. Steve walks over to Laurie Henderson (Cindy Williams) who is in her car. He opens her door, and she gives him a hug.
      It has become dark, and Curt spars with John Milner (Paul Le Mat) in fun. They see a car filled with girls cruise by, and Curt asks why all the girls around there are ugly or have a boyfriend. He asks where is the dazzling beauty he has been searching for all his life. John says the pickings are getting slim, and the whole strip is shrinking. He says five years ago it would take a tank full of gas and two hours to make the circuit. They hear a car, and Curt asks John if there is a new car in town and whether he will take him on. John says unless he finds him, he is not worth racing. Curt calls him a big shot.
      Steve and Laurie are sitting in the car and eating French fries and drinking a coke as they talk about how he started going with her because he thought she was cute and funny. Then he suddenly realized he was in love with her. She says he was leading up to something big, and he says she makes it sound like he was giving dictation. He says they consider themselves as adults now, and he suggests that while he is away, seeing other people cannot hurt. She asks if he means dating, and he says it could strengthen their relationship. Then they would know for sure they are in love, though he says there is no doubt. She agrees they are not kids anymore. When they are 3,000 miles apart, there is no reason they should not see other people. She takes off a necklace, and he says he did not ask for it back. She knows that and says she will keep it at home. She understands and is not upset. She does not expect him to be a monk while he is away.
      Terry is not getting very far talking to a waitress on roller-skates, and he says hello to Steve. Curt walks over and asks Laurie what is wrong. She says nothing.
      Steve tells Terry that he is going to let him take care of his car while he is gone at least until Christmas when he is coming back. He gives him some instructions about oil and the tires and gives him the keys. He asks if he is listening. Terry is excited and promises that he will take care of his car “until death do us part.” He says it is a fine machine. He invites the waitress Budda (Jana Bellan) to go to the drive-in movies with him. She says he is kidding, and John comes up behind Terry and pulls his pants down. Those watching laugh, and Terry pulls them back up. Terry asks Curt if he wants to “bomb around,” but he says he is going with Steve and Laurie to the hop. John is surprised he is going to the Freshman Hop and says it is for kids; he should not go back there. Curt says they are going to remember all the good times, and John tells him to go. Curt asks him to come with them, but John says no. He is not going off to a fancy college; he is staying there having fun as usual. Terry complains to John about his mood tonight. John is sitting in his yellow car, and Curt asks him what is the matter. Curt says he is sorry. They will see him later, and they will do something together before Steve leaves. John asks Curt if he is not going. Curt says he does not know, and John drives off.
      John cruises on the boulevard with other youths and says hello to Zudo in a black car. Zudo tells him a wicked ’55 Chevy is looking for him. He also warns him about the cop in Jerry’s cherry. Terry is driving Steve’s car. A guy puts him down for driving a fine machine, and a girl shows him her bare ass from a car window. Steve is driving Laurie’s car and puts his right arm around her while Curt laughs in the back seat. While stopped at a signal Curt sees a pretty blonde driving a white ’57 Thunderbird. She looks at him, and her lips move. He rolls down the window and asks what she said; but she has turned right. He tells Steve to hang a right quickly. Curt says he saw a vision, a goddess, and he has to catch up to her. Laurie says they can’t spend half the night chasing down girls for him. He says she was the most perfect creature he ever saw, and she spoke to him. He thinks she said, “I love you,” and he asks if they have no romance or no soul. He says someone wants him and asks them to turn the corner.
      John sees girls in a white car and starts his car and catches up to them. He asks the girl passenger if they are new around there. She says they are from Turlock, and he asks if they know Frank Bartlett. She asks if he goes to Turlock High, and he says he did; but now he is at JC. She asks if he knows Guy Phillips, and he says he is in a class with him. He asks her to ride around with him, but she says she is going steady. He asks if anyone else in that car wants to go for a ride, and he says he is as harmless as a kitten. She says Judy’s sister will go with him, and he says sure. He tells them to stop at the red light. He says if she gets tired of going steady with someone who is not around, he is up for grabs. At the signal another girl gets out and gets in his front seat. He looks at Carol (Mackenzie Phillips), says “Shit,” and asks how old she is. She says old enough and asks how old he is. He says he is too old for her, and she should go back to her sister. He asks where they are and says he is not driving her around. She says he asked her, and she asks if she is too ugly. She says Judy and he don’t want her, and her parents hate her. She says everybody hates her. He says he does not hate her. She says if he throws her out, she will scream. He tells her to stay cool, and they will find her sister. He sees a car with girls and tells her to get down. She asks if this is what is called “coping a feel.” He says no and tells her to get up. She asks his name, and he says it is mud if anyone sees her.
      At a stop light Terry asks the guy in the car on his right what he has, and he says more than he can handle. Terry revs up his motor. The left arrow turns green, and the car on his left starts turning. Terry hits the gas, the brakes, and then puts it in reverse to go back to where he was. When the signal turns green, he backs into the car behind him. A man in a suit gets out, looks at the damage, and tells Terry they had an accident. Terry says he won’t report him this time but to watch it next time. Terry drives off and parks in front of a used car lot. He gets out and looks at the back of his car. The salesman comes over and says his car is beautiful, and he would like to give him $1,000 for it. He says he can’t give him that; but he would like to tell him what he could give him, and he starts trying to sell him a car. He follows Terry as he tries to get away. Terry gets into his car and tells him to leave him alone.
      At the teen dance the band Flash Cadillac is performing “At the hop” as the kids dance.
      In a bathroom Laurie tells Peggy that she does not want to go out with other guys, and she puts her necklace back on. Peggy tells her about a girl who was going with a guy who went into the Marines, and she had a nervous breakdown and was run over by a bus. Laurie wishes she could go with him.
      In the men’s room Steve is talking with a friend Eddie and tries some of his “zit make-up.” He is asked if he is engaged to Laurie, and he says they have it all worked out. Eddie says he will be able to screw around with those college girls who really put out. Someone shouts, “Cherry bomb!” and the boys run out quickly as water sprays.
      Steve finds Laurie and asks her to dance. She says no thanks. He says he wants to dance with her, but she refuses. She turns to his friend Eddie and says she will dance with him. Peggy tells Steve that Joe College struck out.
      Curt is walking in an empty hallway and tries to open his old locker but fails. He goes back to the dance, and Mr. Bill Wolfe (Terence McGovern) in a suit calls to him and tells the girls he would get in trouble if he danced with them. Wolfe and Curt walk outside, and Curt gives him a cigarette. Wolfe says he got stuck with dance supervision. He asks if Curt is going east, and he remembers the night before he left when he got really drunk and barfed on the train the next day. Curt asks where he went. Wolfe says he went to Middlebury, Vermont but only stayed one semester. Curt asks why he came back, and Wolfe says he decided he was not a competitor. He says maybe he was scared. Curt says he may not be the competitive type either. He is not sure he is going. Wolfe tells him not to be stupid but to experience life and have some fun. Jane asks to speak to Bill and says hi to Curt. Bill shakes hands with Curt and wishes him good luck. Curt thanks him and watches the two walk aside. He goes to the parking lot and sees a white Thunderbird. He goes to the window and sees a guy and a different girl kissing.
      John is driving with Carol and asks if she has homework to do, but she says her mother does it. She is telling a story about how she put shaving cream on a window, and the guy drove into a canal. She says she still has some and sprays a little on his nose. He tells her to watch it, thanks her sarcastically, and says that driving is serious business. He doesn’t want to have an accident because of her. He warns her not to give him any grief, and she says to spare her. She manages to turn the volume up on the Beach Boys, but he turns it off and says he doesn’t like surfin’ music. He says rock and roll has been going downhill since Buddy Holly died. She likes the Beach Boys, and he calls her a “twerp.” She calls him a “big weenie” and says if she had a boyfriend, he would “pound” him. He sees that a cop is stopping him, and she says she is going to say he tried to rape her. Her parents don’t know she is out, and he is up a creek. He tells her not to say anything. She makes him apologize and say “Carol is bitchin’. She says she will think about it. The officer asks Milner where he is going. He says he is going home. The cop asks where he was, and he says they were at the movies. The cop asks if he was at 12th and G about 8:30, and he repeats they were at the movies. He says the light on his license plate is out, and he is going to cite him for that. He says the front end of his car is low, but John says it is the regulation twelve and half inches and has been checked several times. He says he knew it was him; but he is not going to run him in tonight because he wants to catch him in the act so that he can nail him good. The cop drops the citation on him and goes back to his car. Carol says John is a JD, and he tells her to file the CS. She asks what that is, and he says “chicken shit.”
      Terry stops at a light, sees a couple in the black car next to him that revs up the engine. Bob Falfa (Harrison Ford) in a cowboy hat asks if he knows a guy in a yellow car that is supposed to be hot stuff. He says he must mean John Milner and says nobody could beat him. Bob says he isn’t nobody, and he intends to run him off the road and to tell him he is looking for him. The black car pulls away fast. Terry cruises and sees a blonde walking on the sidewalk. She walks past guys who whistle at her, and Terry turns the corner. He offers her a lift, and she shakes her head. He asks if she knows John Milner and says he is his friend. He asks if people say she looks like Connie Stevens. She turns to him and asks if he really thinks so. He says he met her once and stops the car, and she comes to the window. He learns her name is Debbie (Candy Clark), and she always thought she looked like Sandra Dee. He says she looks like her too. She asks if that is his car, and he says they call him Terry the Tiger. She likes the car, and he asks what school she goes to. She says Dewey and asks if it “can lay rubber.” He says he’s got a 327 Chevy in it. She says she likes the upholstery, and he invites her in to feel it. He gets out, and she gets in his side and moves over a little as he gets in. She tells him to “peel out.” He revs up his engine and starts quickly.
      At the dance Steve and Laurie are glaring at each other. The girl on stage announces that they are going to start the snowball and that it will be led by last year’s class president Steve Bolander and this year’s head cheerleader Laurie Henderson. The song is “Smoke Gets in Your Eyes” by the Platters. The spotlight goes on them, and she tells him to smile. They walk holding hands to the floor and start dancing. She says he is conceited. She reminds him that she asked him out first. Then he didn’t call her for two weeks because he was scared. Then when he did ask her, he did not kiss her for three dates. She asked her father, and he said he was bright and would probably get around to it. She says he didn’t, and she had to throw herself at him at the picnic at the lake to get him to kiss her. She starts crying, and he asks what is wrong. She tells him to go to hell.
      In the parking lot Wendy (Deby Celiz) finds Curt and asks if he has been stealing hubcaps. She asks how he is, and he says fine. She tells someone to wait a minute and says she heard he was going away to school. He says maybe. She says when they were going together, he never knew what he was doing. She says she has to go, and he asks where she is going. She says nowhere, and he ask if he can come along; she says okay.
      Steve and Laurie are still dancing close to the faster song “Louie Louie.” A man in a suit tells them to break it up or if they want to do that, they have to go somewhere else. Steve tells Kroot to go kiss a duck. He comes back and tells Bolander that he is suspended, but Steve reminds him that he graduated last semester. Laurie and Steve laugh and hug and walk out to her car where he suggests they go to the canal. She asks what for, and he says he can get tough with her too. She calls him a wise guy, and he kisses her. They get in the car.
      At the drive-in Terry with Debbie orders food and cokes. A guy leans in the other window and asks Deb how his baby is. She says she is not his baby. He apologizes for not calling her back. She says for three weeks and complains that he has no brains. He says look whose talking and asks what wimpy Einstein she is hanging out with now. She says Tiger is intelligent unlike him. She knows what his dirty little mind is thinking. Terry tries to tell the guy that she is not interested in him. The guy asks if he wants a “knuckle sandwich,” and Terry says he ordered something else. He tells Terry to keep his mouth shut, and he says he will call her some night when he is hard up. She says she won’t be home, and he gives her the finger and leaves. She tells him to get out of there. Terry says she seems to know a lot of weird guys. She says the creep is not her friend; he is just horny. She says she likes Terry because he is different. She thinks he is smart enough to get them some brew, and she kisses him. He realizes she means liquor and says this place is too crowded. He starts his car, backs up, and drives off as the waitress brings out their order.
      Curt sees the blonde in the T-bird again and tells the girl driving in the front with Wendy to speed up and then realizes that they lost her again. Wendy asks who she is, and he says he doesn’t know; but he is going to find out. The driver Bobbie says she knows who she is. He asks Bobbie who she is, and she says that she is the wife of the jeweler Mr. Beeman. He says she is young and was cruising; she must be thinking of someone else. Wendy says that her ex is going to become a presidential aide, and it is a secret they should keep. She says that Curt’s greatest ambition is to shake President Kennedy’s hand and asks how he will do that at JC. He says maybe he has grown up or changed his mind. She says maybe he thinks he can’t do it, and he says maybe she should shut up. She says she won’t. He asks her to come into a chamber where they can discuss it in private, and he kisses her shoulder. While the car is stopped, Wendy gets out and gets in the back with Curt, telling him to move over. He asks Bobbie to take them to the opera, and she gives him the finger. He has his arm around Wendy and suggests an orgy with margarine. She laughs, and he kisses her. She says she has been silly, and she is glad he is going to stay. She says they may have a class together. Bobbie notices Kip Pullman and tells them to say something to him as they go by because she wants to meet him. Curt asks Kip what is up, and Kip asks what he has been doing. Curt says nothing, but Bobbie is madly in love with him and trembles at his rippling biceps. Bobbie pulls over and tells Curt to get out of her car, hitting him. He climbs over Wendy and gets out. Wendy moves back to the front seat, and Bobbie drives off. Curt sees the white T-bird again and starts running in that direction. He stops in the intersection and realizes he can’t see it.
      At the drive-in John gives Carol a ten-cent coke with ice and tells her not to take too long drinking it. She hopes her friends are there and sees Didi. Al and a girl look in John’s window, and Al asks John if he could work on his car. He introduces Linda to them. John says he is baby-sitting, and Carol hits him. He says she has been hitting him all night. She calls him a creep and gets out of the car. She walks on the sidewalk, and boys in a car follow her. John sees what is going on and opens his door. Carol gets in.
      Terry is waiting in the parking lot by a liquor store. A man in a suit parks, and Terry asks him what time it is. Another man not dressed as well walks up, and Terry asks him to buy some hard stuff for him and gives him money. Terry goes in and asks about the old man. The man working there says he went out the back. Terry orders batteries, candy, a pen, a comb, and a pint of Old Harper, and beef jerky. The man asks for an I. D. for the liquor. Terry says he forgot it. Terry takes the bag and gives it to Debbie in the car. He asks her if he can borrow money, and she reluctantly gives him some. Another younger man comes along, and Terry asks him to buy him some liquor and gives him money. A moment later the man comes out, tosses the bag to Terry and runs off as the employee comes out and shoots at him. Terry gets in the car.
      John parks and climbs over a fence. He is walking with Carol through a junkyard and talks about the old cars. He talks about a bad accident she might see in her driver’s education class. She says he has never had an accident, and he says he almost rolled it a couple times. She says he is fast, and he says he has never been beat; but there are more guys around now.
      Curt is sitting on a car, and Carlos (Manuel Padilla Jr.) and Ants (Beau Gentry) with matching jackets stand by him and ask the creep what he is doing. The Pharaohs’ leader Joe (Bo Hopkins)  says he is sitting on their friend Gil’s car, and Curt gets off. They keep him from walking away and surround him as Joe shows him the scratch he made on the hood of the car. Joe pushes him, and they discuss the scratch. One guy suggests tying him to the car and dragging him. Curt asks if they know Toby, and they say they dragged him. Joe puts his arm around his shoulder and makes Curt get in their car. They argue about who gets to sit in the front before getting in. Curt is in the back seat and sees the white T-bird again as they pass it.
      Steve is driving and puts his arm around Laurie. John and Carol are cruising and listening to Wolfman Jack. Carol says she likes listening to him. The Pharaohs also like Wolfman. One asks who cut the cheese. They see the bad Chevy. One says he is with a snatch, and another says he is a wimp. Curt says the wimps get all the snatches. The guy in the front says Milner is not going to beat that.
      John tells Carol to move her ass into the corner, and she says don’t worry because she won’t rape him. A girl in a car tells John he has a “bitchin’ car.” He says he knows. She says they are going to give him their special prize. She throws a water balloon, and it breaks on Carol’s face. She says it is very funny as he is laughing. She orders him to catch them at the next light. He calls her boss, and they stop at the next light. They jump out of the car, and the girls lock their doors. He loosens their tires while Carol sprays shaving cream all over the windows. They get back in his car and take off.
      Terry has parked the car at a dark place and prepares the drinks on the trunk hood and takes them back in the car. He and Debbie drink and talk about ponies he had. He says he has a jeep he uses for hunting. He says she is really neat and tries to kiss her. She tells him to wait a second. He says it is the booze, and then she kisses him. They are getting comfortable in the back seat, and someone walks by. He suggests they go somewhere else. She says they won’t come back, and he says he has a blanket. They get out and walk toward a lake.
      The Pharaohs park their car in a lot. Joe says they are out of gas and money. They come in and see pinball machines. Carlos and Ants try to get coins out of the machines. The proprietor comes out and asks what the punks are doing. Curt calls him Mr. Gordon and asks what is up. Gordon knows him and asks what he is doing with these guys. Curt says they are friends. Gordon says he did not leave yet, and Curt says he is leaving in the morning. Gordon invites him to come inside and say goodbye to Hank Anderson, and they leave the three guys by the pinball machines.
      Inside Anderson says the right boy got the Moose scholarship. Joe comes in and says they are all done out there. Anderson says he hopes he will take a little piece of that place, and Curt says he thinks he is. Curt and Anderson leave with the other two, and Joe says he may make a Pharaoh. Inside Anderson says he will be a fine Moose.
      In the dark Terry says the radio is gone, and the car may be gone. They get up and go back. Terry is devastated that the car is gone.
      Laurie tells Steve in her car that it does not make sense to leave home to find a home and to say goodbye to friends to find new ones. She says Curt said that, and he figures she tried to talk him into staying. She says that is not true. She says Curt said he did not know what the big hurry was. He could stay at JC until he figured out what he wanted to do with his life. Steve says that is logical. He says that may be right for Curt but not for him. She turns away. He says what he wants is not in this town. She says she is not going to the airport with him tomorrow. He kisses her and lies on her in the front seat. She says don’t, but he says he won’t see her for three months. He objects that she is not cooperating, and they quarrel about it. She makes him get out of the car, and she drives off.
      Debbie and Terry are walking in the dark, and she talks about a violent crime. He hears something and tells her to stay there while he goes for help. They hide and try to see what it is. She walks away, and he calls her name several times. Suddenly Terry comes across Steve, and Debbie asks if it is safe to come out. Steve asks where his “rod” is, and Terry introduces him to Debbie. Terry says he put it in a garage for safekeeping, but Debbie says someone stole their car. Terry asks where Laurie is, and Steve says he guesses they broke up.
      Carol is playing with the gear-shift knob and dares John to hit her. She puts it back and says he is an ogre like her father. She says he won’t let her stay out late or play records. She says once when she went to a party, he called the cops. John asks where she lives. She says on Ramona and then says she will not tell him where she lives. She says the night is young, and she wants a little action. They hear a hot rod and see the black car behind them. He tells her to hang on to something. He slows down, and Bob pulls around and asks where he has been because he has been looking for him. They each insult the paint job of the other car. They stop at a light, and Bob challenges him. Bob makes fun of the young girl and invites her to ride with him in about ten years. The light changes, and they take off. A light changes, and Bo goes through it; but John stops. Carol says he is really fast, but John says he is stupid.
      Curt asks the Pharaohs if they know the blonde in a white T-bird. They say she has a high price, and he asks if she is a prostitute. They say she is thirty bucks. They see Jerry’s cherries and talk about doing something.
      Debbie, Terry, and Steve are walking in town, and Steve says he is going over to Burger City. Terry says Laurie is probably over there. Steve says he doesn’t care where she is, and he asks if they want to come along. Debbie says she does and raises her hand, but Terry says no. Terry says he has to report the car missing.
      The Pharaohs have parked the car, and the leader tells Curt that he likes him and knows what he wants. Curt smiles, and Joe says he can admit it. He says tonight he is going to give him his chance. Joe has a coil of heavy wire and tells Curt to get down. Curt asks him to wait a minute. Joe says he has three choices. He can chicken out, and Ants will drag him from the car. He can fail at Holsteins, or he will be successful and will join the Pharaohs with a blood initiation. Joe leaves him there. Curt with the wire sneaks up on a police car while one of the two policemen gets out and looks around. He sees him get back in the car and crawls behind their car. He connects the wire to a fixed object and crawls on his back under the police car and hooks the wire to the axle under the car.
      Debbie suggests to Terry that they go get his jeep. He just looks down.
      Pharaohs drive by and shout, “Here is five for justice.” The policeman starts his car and pulls out fast, but at the street the wire pulls out the back axle. They have stopped and look back at their rear wheels in the car lot.
      John parks in the dark and tells Carol he does not think he can control himself any longer tonight. She says she was just putting on an act. He says if she tells him where she lives, he could take her home. She says it is not too late and gives him her address. He starts the car.
      Steve is in the drive-in and talks to the waitress Budda who says she is getting off in an hour and invites him to come over. He says he does not know. Laurie stops outside and sees them talking and goes away. Budda says it will be for fun. Steve says he has to get up early in the morning and says it won’t work out.
      The Pharaohs welcome Curt with friendly jabs and leave him there. He walks to his car and gets in. He sees the white T-bird and tries to start his car.
      Laurie is driving and crying. At a signal Bob looks at her, and she points ahead. She parks her car and gets in his black car. She tells him not to say anything.
      John says Carol is quiet for the first time. She asks if he likes her, and he says she is all right. He admits he likes her. She asks for something to remember him by, and he gives her the gear-shift knob and kisses her on the cheek. She says this is like they are going steady, and she can’t wait to tell her friends. She says she will see him around and goes into her house.
      Curt opens the hood of his car, and Steve asks why he should leave his friends. Curt says he heard this already and asks if he was the one who told him for eight weeks that you have to leave the nest. Steve admits it but says he may be wrong. Curt closes the hood and says they will talk about it at the airport. Steve asks where he is going so early in the morning. Curt says to relax and gets in his car.
      Bob starts singing “Some enchanted evening” to Laurie.
      Some people are watching and listening to Terry being sick. He says he feels terrible and sees the car parked there. He and Debbie go over to it. He says they took the keys with them. He says they can steal it back and sends her to get some wire.
      John backs his car out of a garage, and a man at the gas station asks if he took the heads off the plug because he is expecting action. John says some punk is looking for him. The guy says he has been number one for a long time.
      Terry is hot-wiring the car, and a big guy pushes him around as he tries to say someone stole his car or he lost it. The two guys throw him back and forth, and he says it can be hard on a guy.
      John is driving when he sees the two guys punching Terry while Debbie is hitting one of them with her purse. John makes a U-turn and parks. He runs to them and slugs one guy and then fights the other. He knocks him down, and he leaves too. He asks Terry what is going on, and Debbie says he is like the lone ranger. Terry says she is the woman he loves. John asks what happened.
      Steve is sitting alone in the drive-in, and two girls come in and sit at his booth. He says hello to Judy and Karen who asks where Laurie is. Karen says they saw her with a really cute guy, and she thought he might know who he is. He says he is sorry. Karen says his name is Bob Falfa. Terry parks the car at the drive-in and orders ice. Steve appears and tells him to get out of the car and shut up. Terry asks what is going on, and Steve says he is going to find out. Steve backs up his car and drives off. Debbie says she can’t believe he let him have his car, and Terry says it is not his car. She asks where his car is and about his jeep. She asks how she is going to get home, and she walks off. The waitress comes out and says she has to hang them on a car. Debbie goes up to a guy and asks for a ride. John asks Terry what happened to his car, and he says Steve took it. Debbie comes back and sits next to Terry and says she had a pretty good time tonight. She reviews what happened and says it was a good time. He says he has a good time just about every night. She asks him to give her a call tomorrow. He says he has a little Vespa, and she says she loves motorcycles. She kisses him and says she has to go.
      Curt parks his car by a radio tower and walks in the front door. Wolfman Jack (himself) tells him to come around the back, and he goes in the studio. Curt asks if he is the Wolfman, and he says no. He plays a tape and says that is the Wolfman. Curt asks where he works, and Wolfman says he is everywhere. Curt gives him a note. Wolfman says he can relay the dedication. Curt says he wants to reach this woman tonight. Wolfman tells him to sit down. He says the Wolfman would tell him to get his ass in gear. He says it is a great big beautiful world out there, but he sucks on popsicles. Curt asks why he doesn’t leave. Wolfman says he will try to get it on the radio tonight, and Curt thanks him and goes. As he is leaving, he sees the Wolfman talking on the radio.
      Bob with Laurie pull in to the drive-in, and Terry talks John into letting him go with him to flag him. John tells Bob to go to Paradise Road. Bob takes off and asks Laurie where it is, and she tells him. She says if he is going to race John Milner, he has to let her out as soon as they get there. He tells her to shut up and calls her weird.
      A guy tells cruising Steve that Bob Falfa is going up against Milner on Paradise Road.
      Curt is in his car and hears the Wolfman say on the radio that a young man Curt is waiting for a blonde young lady in a white Thunderbird at Burger City, and he gives a phone number.
      At dawn cars are driving out of town. Bob stops, and John pulls up next to him. Terry asks Laurie what she is doing in there, and Bob says she is going to ride with him. Terry asks if they are ready. He turns on a flashlight, and they take off. The black car goes off the road and turns over landing upside down. John comes back, and the car is on fire. John and Steve run over and pull Laurie away from Bob. Laurie tells Steve she is going to be sick. The car explodes. Laurie hugs Steve and begs him not to leave her. They kiss. John helps Bob back onto the road and gives him his cowboy hat. Terry tells John that was beautiful, but John says he was losing. Terry says he will always be number one. They get in his car, and Terry says what a night. Steve and Laurie are walking together.
      Curt is waiting in his car by a phone booth which is ringing. He wakes up and answers. She asks who he was expecting. He asks if she knows him and asks how. He says she is the most beautiful, exciting thing in his life, and he does not know anything about her. She says she cruises 3rd Street and may see him tonight. He says he does not think so. He asks her to tell him her name, but she says goodbye and hangs up.
      At the airport Curt says goodbye to his parents and to Steve who is with Laurie. Curt asks Steve if he will see him there next year, and Steve says yes. Laurie hugs Curt, and Terry tells him not to do anything he wouldn’t do and shakes hands. John tells Curt that he probably thinks he is a big shot going off like this, but he says he is still a punk and slaps his face. Curt says so long and runs to the plane. They all wave goodbye. The plane takes off. Steve looks out the window and sees a white T-bird on the road below.
      This comedy portrays young people of different ages with two who have graduated from high school and have planned to go away to college. On their last night they try to experience the fun they have had while wondering what will come next after they leave their homes and friends. The story is set in the early 1960s with the current music and cars and the challenges young people face.

Copyright © 2012 by Sanderson Beck

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