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Road to Zanzibar

(1941 b 95')

En: 6 Ed: 5

Two men from a carnival want to leave Africa but are distracted by two women con artists.

At a carnival in Africa Chuck Reardon (Bing Crosby) barks for Hubert "Fearless" Frazier (Bob Hope), who is shot out of a cannon, starting a fire. They flee the police. Fearless recovers from his injuries. Chuck gets an octopus for Fearless to wrestle, but it spits ink on Chuck. In a nightclub police come for the Americans, and they act French. Charles Kimble (Eric Blore) says he will pay for the carnival and gets them out of jail. He invites Chuck to his yacht, and Chuck tells Fearless he bought a diamond mine for $5,000. Fearless shows Chuck the money he got for selling the mine; but the buyer expects them to guide him to it and paid $7,000. They fight their way out.

Julia Quimby (Una Merkel) asks their help in freeing Donna Latour (Dorothy Lamour). Chuck and Fearless buy Donna in an auction, and the slave dealer gives Julia half. Donna tells Julia that Chuck and Fearless have $7,000, and she will lead them to her dying father. Chuck and Donna are carried in chairs, and Fearless carries Julia's trunk as they go on safari. Chuck sings "On the Road to Zanzibar." Donna sings to Fearless "You're Dangerous" and embraces him. By a fire Donna snuggles with Chuck instead of Fearless, who finds a snake in his bed. Chuck hints that Fearless may have malaria and gives him a sedative so he can go out with Donna. In a canoe Chuck sings to Donna "It's Always You." Julia reminds Donna that she is going to marry Bradley's millions. Donna tells Fearless that she loves Chuck; but Fearless tells Chuck that she loves him, not Chuck. Julia says that Donna is going to marry Bradley.

Donna bathes in a river as leopards tear her clothes. Chuck and Fearless think she is dead and mourn her passing. When she appears, they get angry. Chuck and Fearless play drums and arouse the natives. In a cage a gorilla fights Fearless. Chuck and Fearless are about to be eaten and start a brawl. They escape with gold necklaces. Chuck goes to buy tickets but returns with Donna and Julia. In the final scene Chuck shills that Fearless will saw Julia in half.

This satire of jungle movies entertains with its comedy and songs even though the plot is rather silly. The Africans are portrayed as little more than stage props.

Copyright © 2002 by Sanderson Beck

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