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Mr. & Mrs. Smith

(1941 b 95')

En: 6 Ed: 5

A couple learns their marriage license was not valid, and she plans to marry her husband's law partner.

David Smith (Robert Montgomery) and Ann Smith (Carole Lombard) have been in their room for three days. They agree to tell each other the truth, and David admits he would have preferred to remain single. At David's law office Harry Deever (Charles Halton) tells him his marriage license is not legal and advises him to get married again. Deever stops to see his old friend Ann and tells her too. Ann's mother (Esther Dale) is worried. Ann's old dress is too small and splits. David takes Ann to an old restaurant and suspects the soup. Ann's mother calls and advises her not to sleep with David. He gets ready for bed. Ann gets angry because he didn't tell her, and she throws him out. David goes to his club, where Chuck (Jack Carson) advises him to ignore the incident. At home David is not allowed in. In a cab Ann refuses to marry David, and he says he won't support her. He tries to take her from her job. The store managers ask if she is married and expel both.

David's law partner Jeff (Gene Raymond) asks David to go home while he is there for dinner. Ann tells David that Jeff is her lawyer. Jeff says that Ann can marry someone else, and he asks her out. Chuck gets a double date for David. Ann and Jeff see David, who pretends to be with an attractive blonde. David gives himself a bloody nose so he can leave; but his date Gloria (Patricia Farr) treats him. Ann has Jeff take her to the fair, and they are suspended in the rain. At his apartment Jeff says he never touches alcohol, and Ann gives him two large drinks; but Jeff restrains himself while drunk. David follows Ann to his law office. In Jeff's office David acts surprised to see her. David advises Jeff's parents how to treat Ann based on his experience with her for three years. David says he wants to marry Ann; but she tells David that Jeff is better than he is.

Jeff and Ann go to an inn. David appears and collapses in the snow. Jeff and Ann carry him in. David pretends to be drunk to get her sympathy. Ann shaves David but then gets angry and says she will marry Jeff, who consents. In a sleigh Ann tells Jeff that David still loves her. Ann makes sounds for David to hear as if she is with Jeff until David comes in. Jeff refuses to fight David. Jeff's father forbids him to marry Ann, who stalks out. Ann can't ski and finally gives in to David.

An employment policy of this era would not hire wives, leaving Ann practically with the choice of her husband or a new one. This comedy gives a couple the freedom to break or renew their commitment.

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