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Gold Diggers in Paris

(1938 b 98')

En: 5 Ed: 4

Nightclub owners pretend their chorus girls are ballet dancers to get a paid trip to Paris but are discovered as frauds.

From Paris Pierre LeBrec (Melville Cooper) sends Maurice Giraud (Hugh Herbert) to America for a ballet company. In New York Terry Moore (Rudy Vallee) sings "I Want to Go Back to Bali." Terry and Duke Dennis (Allen Jenkins) learn they are losing money. Giraud arrives and is taken to the nightclub Ballé. Mona (Gloria Dickson) asks Terry for her alimony and threatens him with jail. Giraud tells Terry and Duke that France will pay for their ballet company to dance in Paris. Terry and Duke hire ballet master Luis Leoni (Fritz Feld) to teach their dancers and ballerina Kay Morrow (Rosemary Lane). Mona uses police to make Terry take her on the boat too. Padrinsky (Curt Bois) reads they are using his ballet academy name, plans to expose them, and sends his gangster backer Mike Coogan (Edward Brophy).

On the boat Terry and Kay sing "Daydreaming" and kiss. Giraud gets a radiogram from Padrinsky that this company is a fraud. Terry learns that Kay and Mona are sharing the same room. Terry and Duke have ventriloquist Leticia (Mabel Todd) make Giraud think the dog is saying that Padrinsky is a fake. To his dancers Terry sings "If You're Lonely, You're in Danger If You Happen to be a Stranger in Gay Paris."

At a banquet LeBrec welcomes them, but the band plays swing music. Terry tells Kay they are not a ballet company, but she promises to impress LeBrec. Duke gets drunk and gives the gangster Mike a boilermaker. Mike offers to get a man for Duke, who says he will give a briefcase to the target. Duke gives the briefcase to LeBrec, who hands it to Terry, who passes it on to Luis. LeBrec applauds Kay's dancing. Terry learns that Luis was beat up. Duke tells Terry that he had LeBrec beat up but discovers Luis was attacked. In LeBrec's office Padrinsky tells Mike to get Terry and Duke. They and the chorus girls hide from the police. Kay learns that Mona was married to Terry and gets angry at him for not telling her. Mona faints in order to see LeBrec and urges him not to deport them. Mona puts the names of Padrinsky and Mike on the orders, and they are arrested. Terry plans to give up in order to get deported, and Duke tries to get arrested; but they are taken to the theater. Mike gets police to take him to LeBrec. In the show Kay and Terry sing "Oolala," and the chorus girls dance. LeBrec gives Terry and Kay the grand prize, and the ventriloquism of Giraud causes Letitia and Duke to faint.

This musical comedy implies that swing music offers more popular entertainment than ballet and provides some humorous situations.

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