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Going Places

(1938 b 84')

En: 5 Ed: 4

Based on a play by Victor Mapes and William Collier, a salesman impersonates a jockey and has to ride a wild horse, who is calmed only by a song.

Peter Mason (Dick Powell) sells Harvey Withering (Thurston Hall) safari trophies so his wife will think he went to Africa. Owner Walter Frome (Robert Warwick) sends Peter to impersonate the Australian jockey Peter Randall with Franklin Dexter (Walter Catlett) acting as his valet to sell their riding gear at a steeplechase race.

Losing gamblers Droopy (Allen Jenkins) and Maxie (Harold Huber) try to hitch-hike and see a horse track. Gabriel (Louis Armstrong) plays his trumpet and sings "Jeepers Creepers" to a horse by that name that no one can ride. At a hotel Peter meets Cora Withering (Minna Gombell) and Ellen Parker (Anita Louise). Droopy and Maxie ask Peter to ride Jeepers Creepers, but Peter says he is a composer. They compose "Oh, What a Horse Was Charlie." Cora and Ellen invite Peter to a party, where Harvey brags about his safari, though Cora tells him to stay home. Harvey recognizes Dexter, and they agree to keep each other's secrets. Ellen and Jack Withering (Ronald Reagan) are fans of Peter Randall. Ellen shows Peter her horse and Jeepers Creepers, who chases him. Peter falls from a roof and rides Jeepers Creepers until Gabriel plays his trumpet to calm him. Jack asks Peter to ride Jeepers Creepers, and Harvey persuades him to agree. Ellen asks Peter not to ride Jeepers Creepers but her horse Lady Ellen. Droopy and Maxie demand that Peter ride Jeepers Creepers. Peter says he is riding Lady Ellen; so Droopy and Maxie steal that horse.

Gabriel and others sing the jazzy "Mutiny in the Nursery." A groom (Eddie Anderson) reports that Lady Ellen is gone. Maxie leads them to the horse, whose belly is swollen from eating apples. Jack asks Peter to ride Jeepers Creepers. Frank Kendall (Larry Williams) thinks he will win on Cannonball and bets $25,000. Maxie says he will bet $10,000 on Jeepers Creepers. Peter tells Ellen that he is not Peter Randall. Gabriel warns Peter that a man was killed riding Jeepers Creepers, but Peter asks Gabriel a favor. Frank tells Peter to forget about Ellen. Frome arrives and fires Dexter. Peter starts late, but Gabriel plays trumpet with his band on a moving truck as Jeepers Creepers scatters people across the land. Peter falls and sings, getting back in the race and winning. Droopy tells Maxie that he bet the gangsters' money on Cannonball. Peter is congratulated by Frome and Harvey, and he kisses Ellen.

Swinging music and humor make this rather silly story escape entertainment.

Copyright © 2001 by Sanderson Beck

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