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Pick a Star

(1937 b 70')

En: 5 Ed: 4

A pretty singer wins a talent contest but doesn't get a screen test until a movie star tries to woo her.

In Waterloo, Kansas Joe Jenkins (Jack Haley) announces that the winner of a talent contest will go to Hollywood; but Stone (Russell Hicks) and Eddie run off with the prize money. Cecelia Moore (Rosina Lawrence) wins, and Joe sells his garage to go to Hollywood and get her a contract; but he works as a busboy at the Colonial Club. Cecelia listens to radio and sings "Without Your Love." Cecelia and her sister Nellie Moore (Patsy Kelly) see a plane land with actor Rinaldo Lopez (Mischa Auer), and they invite several passengers for coffee. McGregor gives Cecelia two tickets to Hollywood. Nellie is scared of flying and makes wry comments to the stewardess.

Joe calls on Cecelia and Nellie at their hotel, and Cecelia gets flowers from Rinaldo, who takes them to the Colonial Club. There Joe joins the singer and dances with him. Joe steals a white coat from a drunk but is fired. Cecelia, Rinaldo, and Nellie leave, but Joe is hit by the car of studio executive Klawheimer (Charles Halton) and is given a job at the studio. Joe is ordered to be a driver. In a costume picture Dagmar (Lyda Roberti) sings "I Got It Bad," but the director Dimitri quarrels with her. A musical extravaganza is filmed. Rinaldo gives Cecelia an Indian relic, and Joe drives them. A saloon brawl stops when Mexican bandits Stan Laurel (himself) and Oliver Hardy (himself) enter. Laurel breaks bottles over a man's head, and he breaks bottles on Hardy's head. After the scene Nellie uses a real bottle to knock out Hardy and Laurel.

At his house Rinaldo puts a wishing ring on Cecelia's finger and kisses her. Joe goes back to get Nellie. Cecelia asks Rinaldo about marriage, but he says he is not the marrying kind. Cecelia cries. Joe and Nellie rush in; Rinaldo knocks down Joe, and Nellie knocks down Rinaldo. Nellie and Cecelia leave, and Rinaldo tells Joe he was swept off his feet. Joe admits that he is in love with Cecelia. Rinaldo and Klawheimer get Dimitri to give Cecelia a screen test, and she is prepared by a cynical make-up artist and hair-dresser. Laurel plays a horn; but Hardy throws it away, breaking a mirror. Hardy and Laurel play a tiny harmonica; but Hardy swallows it, and Laurel plays it in his stomach. In her test Cecelia sings "Pick a Star." Joe encourages her and has her imagine a big orchestra. In the final scene Cecelia kisses Joe, and Rinaldo finds another blonde.

This comedy satirizes Hollywood and how pretty women get their breaks there.

Copyright © 2000 by Sanderson Beck

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