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Nobody's Baby

(1937 b 68')

En: 5 Ed: 4

Two women become nurses, double-date, and take care of a baby while the mother goes to inform the father.

At amateur hour auditions Lena Marchetti (Lyda Roberti) sings while Kitty Reilly (Patsy Kelly) tap dances; but judges stop Kitty and throw her out. Kitty tells her landlady she applied to nursing school. Kitty finds Lena singing in her kitchen, and they get in each other's way. Kitty starts nursing school and gets Lena for her room-mate. Lena practices turning Kitty over in bed and wraps her like a mummy. On a bus Kitty pays Lena's fare and falls asleep while Lena tells her how she came to be a foreigner. They are put off at the end of the line and have to walk. They sit on a car's running board. Scoops Hanford (Robert Armstrong) and detective Lt. Emory Littleworth (Lynne Overman) rush in and take off, giving them a ride into town. Scoops tells Kitty he writes about romance while Lena and Emory cuddle. Scoops puts his arm around Kitty, and she likes it.

Scoops gets a pass to the Tropicano night-club. Kitty says she understands the French waiter. Dancer Tony Cortez (Don Alvarado) tells his partner Yvonne Cortez (Rosina Lawrence) they can't admit they are married, and Yvonne quits. Scoops and Emory follow Yvonne. Kitty and Lena have no money to pay the check and would have been forgiven; but Kitty starts to argue, and they have to wash dishes. Then Lena shows her the pass.

Newspapers report that Yvonne is missing. Kitty gives Yvonne her baby, and Yvonne sings "I Dreamed About This." Yvonne asks Kitty and Lena to keep her secret. Tony throws out Scoops and Emory. Yvonne with her baby calls on Kitty and Lena. Kitty takes the baby while Yvonne goes to Tony. Kitty takes the baby to the hospital and says he belongs to Mrs. Smith. Kitty pretends to be Mrs. Smith, and Emory sees her with the baby. He sends in Scoops, who sees the baby with Lena. Yvonne is welcomed back by Tony; but he won't tell people they are married. Kitty takes the baby to Yvonne; but Lena tries to sell him to Tony. Kitty tells Tony that he is the father, and his attitude changes completely. Tony happily goes to Yvonne, and he presents his family to the audience. Scoops and Emory each bring a judge for a wedding; but they learn that the baby is Yvonne's. Scoops and Emory both decide to marry; but both Kitty and Lena resist the idea, Lena saying that she is too young to die.

In this comedy wise-cracking Kitty tolerates the foolishness of Lena. These two working women are independent enough to decline sudden marriage.

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