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The Florodora Girl

(1930 b 79')

En: 5 Ed: 5

A Gay Nineties chorus girl follows the trend and is romanced by a wealthy man, who loses his money.

At the Casino Florodora Daisy (Marion Davies) is the only chorus girl in the sextette who is not practically engaged to a millionaire; but she is invited to supper by Jack Vibart (Lawrence Gray). George Smith (George Chandler) comes for her on his bicycle for two. She takes her father home from the pub and drinks beer with him. At the beach the swimming costumes don't show the knees. Daisy is saved from drowning by Jack. She sings and dances and then sits on a swing with Jack. At a football game George drinks with the gambler Fontaine (Sam Hardy), and Jack rescues her from his attentions. Daisy says she is trying to learn the game. Jack wants to see her every day; but his mother (Nance O'Neil) tells him that Constance is worried. Jack assures her he will marry the wealthy Constance and does not take Daisy seriously. Jack takes Daisy in a motor car to an inn and sings to her "You're Just My Kind of Girl," giving her a bracelet. He wants to get her an apartment so he can see her alone. Daisy gives the bracelet back and slaps him.

Rumblesham (Claud Allister) invites Daisy to a ball, and Fanny (Vivien Oakland) gets her a gown from the wardrobe; but the back keeps coming undone. She brushes off Jack, who dances with Constance. Rumblesham tells Daisy Jack is engaged to Constance. Daisy walks out, and Jack follows her. In a carriage he says he loves her. Jack bets all his money on a horse; but Fontaine got to the jockey, and Jack loses. The engagement of Daisy and Jack is announced, and she says she is proud to be a Florodora girl. Daisy meets Jack's mother, who tells her of Jack's loss and asks her to give him up so their family won't be ruined. Daisy says it wasn't serious, and Mrs. Vibart asks her not to say anything to Jack. Some say her engagement is off, because Jack lost his money. Daisy goes to a Bowery party with Fontaine and acts wildly when Jack comes in. Jack confronts her, and she tells him she only wanted his money. Daisy's friends Maud (Ilka Chase) and Fanny are engaged and tell Daisy that Jack made money in the horseless carriage business. In two-color scenes the sextette performs, and Jack goes on stage to talk with Daisy, asking her to marry. Jack carries her out to meet his mother in a carriage.

This story of earlier chorus girls prospecting for wealth puts the pleasant and virtuous Daisy through some dramatic changes punctuated by musical and comical entertainment.

Copyright © 1999 by Sanderson Beck

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