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by Sanderson Beck

Father-Mother God:

May the Light of the Holy Spirit
flow into our sacred hearts,
fill our beingness,
and illuminate our consciousness
for the highest good of all concerned.
In perfect love and understanding
may we share the spiritual blessings
which are our birthright
as living divine souls.
May the Light bring to life
In our awareness
the true spiritual essence
signified by the words written herein.
Through Thy Grace we receive.


There is one consciousness,
the consciousness of God.
There is one being,
the beingness that is absolute.
There is one Light,
the Light of the Holy Spirit.
There is one truth,
the truth that is eternal.
There is one energy,
the energy of life.
There is one action,
the action of evolution.
There is one love,
and that is the divine love.

The soul is
a creative spark of divine fire
and a direct extension of God
in the form of an individual.
The soul is
infinite, eternal, and perfect.
Not one soul will be lost.
The soul has no beginning and no end.
All souls return to the Supreme God.

Pure energy cannot be destroyed
although it may go through
many changes and transformations.
The energy of the life force
which animates human beings
expresses the divine qualities
of intelligence and love.
In humans the soul is incarnate
and may become consciously aware
of itself as the divine Light in all.

The Light is
eternally present,
infinitely beautiful,
supremely good,
divinely loving,
and truth in manifestation.
Who can define it?
It is.

The Light is in all things.
In this Light
we are one
with all creation.
We are the Light.

Talking about the Light
is better than not knowing about it.
Understanding the Light
is better than talking about it.
Using the Light is better still.
Being the Light is best of all.

Human beings experience God
as Light and Sound.
We can ask for the Light,
and work with it for the upliftment of all.
And we can actively participate in the Sound
and return on it into the heart of God.

Light is:

God 's

Sound is:


When we ask for the Light
for the highest good of all concerned,
the result is always good for everyone.
This is asking for the highest God.
So the Holy Spirit assures that
only the best thing for the situation occurs.
The Light of the Holy Spirit
is absolutely free.
It is always present
whether we know it or not,
When we ask for it,
we receive its help instantaneously.
We can use it in any situation whatsoever,
and we can never wear it out,
since it is inexhaustible.
We can send the Light for the highest good
to any person or situation.
Instead of worrying,
place it in the Light of perfect wisdom,
in God's loving hands.
What could be more practical and useful
than all-knowing, all-powerful love?

Observe the beauty in everything.
Contemplate the truth that is present.
Act for the highest good in every situation.
Always use love all ways.
And you are Living In God 's Holy Thoughts.

Use what works for you.
If something is not working for you,
let it go,
and move to what will work for you.

God will only give to us
what we can handle.
No one is ever given anything
that they are not able to handle.

The situation you are in now
is the lesson you have created
for yourself by your own actions.
How you handle it now
determines your future situation.

As God in manifestation
we are responsible for what we create.
The soul attracts to itself
the positive essences
truth, love, joy, peace, and fulfillment.
Negative expressions that disturb creation
are re-cycled by the law of karma,
cause and effect, action and reaction,
until our consciousness is balanced
through acceptance and understanding.
Disturbing action creates karma;
disturbing reaction perpetuates karma.
Change disturbing action to love,
and disturbing reaction
to acceptance and understanding,
and experience love,
joy, peace, and fulfillment.
These divine attributes do not disturb
the harmony of God's creation.

The law of infinity is
that all actions return to their source.

Open to the Spirit by accepting.
See the Spirit by understanding.
Move with the Spirit by cooperating.
Be filled with the Spirit in enthusiasm.
And become perfect in the Spirit
through responsibility.

Accepting all expressions and experiences
unites our consciousness
with the divine source of all existence.
Acceptance does not necessarily mean belief
or agreement with what is occurring,
but recognition that this also is a part of
the manifold expression of Spirit's creation.
By accepting,
we open ourselves to the flow of life.
By not accepting,
we close ourselves off from life.
Whether we accept it or reject it,
life goes on.

The Spirit is always One
and the same essence,
though there are infinite ways
to approach it and express it.

Fish live in the sea.
Animals live on the land.
Birds live in the air.
Man lives in the mind and emotions.
God lives in all things as Light.

The soul is perfect.
Physical, emotional, and mental things
never will be absolutely perfect.
To become perfect,
move your consciousness
into what is perfect.
Only the mind and the emotions
think and feel right and wrong.
The soul has no morality.
It just is,
and it is just.

Some think that the Light is a tool.
Actually the mental, emotional,
and physical bodies
are tools for the Light of the soul.

The soul uses the intellect to reason.
Emotions use the mind for reasons, too.
What is the difference between
the intellect and the mind,
rationality and rationalization?

All experience
no matter how it as interpreted
by the mind and emotions
is a gain for the soul.
Can we ever lose experience?
We are the growing totality
of our experience.
Whatever a person's experiences
and character traits have been,
the Light will purify them
and make use of them for good.

People say, "Be good."
How can we be good
unless we know God?

Only God knows the good,
but who knows the evil?
Choose therefore one or the other.

God blesses,
and humans love.
Loving is the blessing of God
through our own consciousness.

The loving heart knows all.
Look to the loving heart,
and listen to the inner master
of the soul Light.
Do as the master would do.
The Light of God gives perfect awareness,
and dwells within you
as the true you.

Only as we speak of God
can we speak of truth.

Love is truth in action.
Love truth,
as the source of truth (Light) loves you.
Be true to yourself and others,
and love springs forth from you
as u fountain refreshes the world.

To be true to yourself,
you must know yourself.
To know yourself,
you must be honest with yourself.
To be honest with yourself,
you must examine yourself without illusions.
To examine yourself without illusions,
you must have courage.
It takes great courage
to see the face of God.

There are no problems without solutions.
Actually there are only situations
and your experience with them.
Every situation
is brought into balance ultimately.

Souls always get another opportunity
to balance their creations
and perfect themselves.
People call it "reincarnation."

Mistakes are repeated
until the lesson is learned.
The law of reversibility tests us
to see if we have really learned.
This earth is a school
where we can make mistakes
and correct them.
When we pass all our tests,
then we graduate to a higher level.

Planet Earth is a nice place to visit,
but I wouldn't want to live there forever.
Soul transcendence
is the best way to travel.
You can be anywhere right now
in a perfect consciousness.
The home where we reside eternally
is the soul.

Release yourself from the causality
of materiality, emotionality, and mentality,
and let your heart take wings
and your soul fly free in spirituality.
Then bring the gift of Light into actuality.

Live and die with every breath
and know you are immortal.
Reach up to the infinite
and breathe the air of the gods.
The harmony of all the universes
is within your soul.

Action manifests realities
through experience.
As you act, you become.
Act happily, and you become happy.
Act lovingly, and you become loving.
Act spiritually, and you become spiritual.

What is spiritual?
Living Love
from the center of your being
emanates the Light of the soul.
The soul is a divine river
from the infinite ocean of Love and Mercy.
From the center of God
flows all life.
God loves all of Its creation.

Ask, and you will receive.
Give, and you will be given to.
Do, and your ability to do will grow.

The nature of life is growth.
A seed sown and watered with human love
can grow into the Light of divine sunshine,
blossom in beauty, and yield fulfilling fruit.
Earth is a foundation
for growth toward heaven.
Garbage and waste put aside out of the way
can later be used as excellent fertilizer
in nurturing growth.

The longer people can extend
their lifetime here on this earth,
the more they can gain spiritually.

Death is only a change in form.
In the physical world everything changes.
Whenever something takes physical form,
it begins to solidify, corrupt, decay, and die.
Spirit which is life
continually renews creation,
and acting through natural selection
is the agent of evolution.

The soul is life and gives health.
Even though the mental, emotional,
and physical bodies
may suffer from tremendous negativity,
hurt, and dis-ease,
the soul will continually revive them.
The body is healed by the soul,
when the love of the soul
is awakened in the body.
This love is the perfection
of God in action.
When the body becomes useless,
the soul leaves it to its elements
and returns to the other worlds
to continue its eternal life.

Death and birth are Spirit's way
of regenerating life in creation.

Call nothing your own except your soul.
Everything else is loaned to you to use.

The body is the physical vehicle
for the soul, and its holy temple.
Thinking that you are your body
is like thinking you are a car
when you are driving one;
consciousness placed there
ends up in the junkyard or the graveyard.
Consciousness placed in the Spirit
lives forever and goes with you
when you leave your vehicle.
Pure thoughts, love, and joy
keep the vehicle in good condition,
and purify the temple
for the indwelling Spirit.

Taste the purity of clear water.
Smell the sweetness of fresh air.
Feel the softness of the tenderest touch.
See the finest vision in the endless sky.
Hear the subtlest music in stillness.
Go beyond the senses
and become sensitive to infinity.

The first stage of awakening
is to realize you've been asleep.

The kingdom of heaven is within you.
Seek the kingdom of heaven first,
and all other things can be added to you,
if you still want them.
When you discover the infinite,
of what great value then
are the finite things?

Many are called,
but few are chosen,
because few choose to listen to the call.
Divine Grace awakens and shows the way,
but does not inflict, force, or control,
because it is a consciousness of freedom.

Crises and tests are placed before us
to make us strong and capable.
Spirit knows how to prepare those
who would be of service to It.

"Love your neighbor as yourself "
implies that you love yourself.
"Do unto others
as you would have them do unto you"
can be an infliction
of one's values on another.
Treat everyone in a harmony
of how they wish to be treated,
and how you wish to treat them,
remembering that the essence of your action
will be returned equally to you.
The Golden Way is Living Love,
allowing individual freedom,
and yet being one with all.

False sacrifice
takes on burdens for others' sake.
True sacrifice
lifts off burdens for heaven's sake.

When taking something away from someone,
be sure to replace it with something better.

Dishonesty forfeits divine aid,
for how can the Light of truth
work against itself?
You are the Truth,
and when you tell a lie,
you speak against yourself
and the Truth in others;
but when you express freely,
honestly and sincerely,
then others may go beyond the words
to the truth that is.

Language is a symbolic system
we use to refer to
the experiences of consciousness.
The Light of intelligence which we share
enables us to understand
the inner meaning of the communication.
Communication is the action of communion
with others, yourself, and God,
and is the essence of community.

Patience transcends circumstances
by living in the Eternal Now.
Living is always now.
The past is dead,
and the future is unborn.

Consciousness is
directed by attention,
focused by concentration,
and illuminated by the Light.

Realization of the void
is merging with the eternal.
In absolute emptiness
is found the subtlety of the Light.

HELP comes from


S incerity: being true to yourself.
U nderstanding: being open and clear.
C ourage: doing what is right.
C harity: giving love.
E nthusiasm: joyful upliftment.
S tability: strength in the Light.
S atisfaction: completion and fulfillment.

F ear: ignorance and sense of lack
A lienation: separation in consciousness.
I llusion: false substitute for real situation.
L ying: pretense and deception.
U ncertainty: doubt and confusion.
R esistance: stubborn and hopeless fighting.
E mptiness: depression and despair.

Let your failures be your lessons
on the path to your success.
Whoever perseveres continues
until success is achieved.

Orientation is facing the Light.
Negativity is found in the shadows.
Turn toward the Light and find yourself.

If you take counsel of your fears,
you will find yourself betrayed.
Fear is the dark room
where negatives are developed.
Open the door and Light enters in.

Light always overcomes darkness.
Darkness cannot remain
where there is Light.

Show someone the Light,
and they will find their own way.

Light enlightens, and man manifests.
Be aware that Spirit manifests
through you always in the now,
and you are living in divine Light.

is the strongest determining factor
in human happiness.
Consciousness reflects from our self (Light)
and is within our control.
We choose what we become.

Trying brings trials.
Doing gets things done.
And being always is.

Seeing is believing,
but doing is knowing.

If in doubt,
check it out.

Hope for the best.
Prepare for the worst.
And aim down the middle.

Calmness radiates peace.

Weakness is due to lack of use.
Exercise builds strength,
as does overcoming difficulties.
Abilities not used are debilitated.
As we use the abilities we have,
greater abilities are developed.
All things are possible,
but not all things are permitted.
With the Light
the difficult is accomplished right away;
the "impossible" takes more effort,
faith that it can be done,
and the vision of how to do it.

Overcome the body
and achieve contentment.
Overcome the emotions
and achieve happiness.
Overcome the mind
and achieve wisdom.
Let the soul overcome
and realize immortality.

Surrendering to the soul
is eternal victory.

Conquer yourself,
and you triumph everywhere.
Understand yourself,
and you help humanity.
Be true to yourself,
and you are a Light to the world.

Inspiration is breathing in the Holy Spirit,
and the Holy Spirit is everywhere.
Truth belongs to whoever understands it.
Ideas are not the possessions of individuals;
they are part of universal intelligence.

The price of freedom
is eternal watchfulness.
allows conscious choice.
Action exercises freedom;
reaction is enslaved by circumstances.

Through practice in freedom
we learn to be responsible
for what we create and cause,
and thus are educated by the effects
of our own actions and experiences.
True freedom
is not only expressing oneself freely,
but allowing others freedom, too.
It does not inflict or interfere with anyone
so as to constrain them,
for such would not be a free expression,
and would return to the person
through the law of karma or justice.

God created natural laws
as a divine pattern to guide humanity
in learning responsible creativity
through the formulation and enactment
of human laws.
As humanity perfects its understanding
of natural and human laws,
we become aware of spiritual laws.

God created man in His own image,
and man attempted to return the favor.
But humans can only create
physically, imaginatively, emotionally,
mentally, and subconsciously.
These transitory aspects of creation
are reflected images of the Light.
Spirit creates perfectly
the Light of the soul
through the Being of Truth (Sat Nam),
giving humans the creative spark of divinity
the true image of God.

Only God has free will,
but humans have free choices
within the limits
of natural and divine laws.
The soul exercises free will before birth
in planning the destiny of a human life.
On earth humans can choose
how they wish to fulfill
the divine patterns that have been created.

Can the finite mind
comprehend what is infinite?
Can a limited consciousness
understand what is without limit?
Visible things are finite and limited.
The infinite and eternal reality is invisible.
Only the soul whose essence is divine
can experience what is akin to itself.
It is the knower who is infinite,
not the knowledge.
It is the creator who is unconditioned,
not the creation.
The reality of the Light
is not experienced as an object,
but rather as the subject of everything.
It is not what you perceive;
it is the real you.
Who expresses and experiences
the body, emotions, and the mind?
No one can objectify or classify
the pure subject, the soul.

The inner is positive,
and the outer is negative,
because the outer reflects
the inner creativity.
Great wealth, happiness,
strength, wisdom, and love
come from within,
and then are manifested out in the world.
Those who seek these in the outward illusions
are searching in the shadows.
All the while the realities of these exist
perpetually in the Light of our own being.

To become virtuous is difficult,
because habits must he changed.
To be virtuous is easy,
because one acts in the best way.
Not to be virtuous is the hardest,
because of the problems that are caused.
Virtue is the human power for good,
the application of positive values.

Always live according to your ideals
in order to live fully.
Compromise with the world,
and you can adjust,
Compromise with yourself;
and you lose contact
with part of the reality that you are.

Self-realization is simple
once we remove the blocks
and illusionary garments
with which we have confined
and clothed the soul.

Self-realization unfolds as a flower.
Self-actualization nourishes as a fruit.

Marvel at the beauty of being
but also do good works
to contribute to life's abundance.

Stumbling blocks can become stepping stones
by watching our step.
Blocks can be stood on
to reach into a higher consciousness.

The quest for perfection
is an undying duty to self.
Purity transforms imperfections
through the manifestation
of an infinite love.

Whoever endures all things
enters into salvation.

Discipline enables us to be free
as we do not allow ourselves
to go into the expressions
which cause us restriction.
Those who achieve self-discipline
become disciples of the Light.

The Light manages to keep life going
throughout the universes.
It is not too difficult
for It to help us also.
In reality when we turn to the Light
and cooperate with it,
not only are we lifted up,
which sometimes requires some shaking loose,
but also we become workers for the Spirit
and can help the Light
bring forth the divine plan.
Let us not just ask what God can do for us,
but what we can do for God,
which on this level is to ask,
what we can do for humanity
and all living creatures.
To do for God
we must be in God
living in God's thoughts.
The higher we move into God,
the greater is the love
we have to give.

Spirit loves
without taking possession,
without taking credit,
and transmutes negativity and lifts
without interfering.

We can always love in silence.
The silence of quietness
is the sound of infinity.

Hu is the Sound of God,
and man is the thinker.
So humans are the God-thinkers.

Humor is more Hu for man.
Laughter is an internal massage
from the joy of the soul.
Or is that an eternal message?

Human beings are living prayers.
Wherever they walk is sacred ground.

Learn from the level above you.
Work the level you are on.
And teach the level below you.

As we move up the ladder of evolvement
we help others to ascend also.

A good teacher works to become the best student
and shares the learning gained.
By communicating the essence and principles,
others can apply them themselves.
The best teacher provides experiences
by which others can learn directly.
Experience is the continuous teacher.

Ultimately the entire experience of our lives
is our opportunity to learn
through various levels of consciousness
from God through our own souls,
who as the Creator
is the real teacher,
while creation is our lesson.

True knowledge comes from experience,
which becomes the basis for certainty.
Belief without knowledge is blind faith.
Seek knowledge
as a foundation for your convictions.
If you find no knowledge,
faith can keep you going until you do.
When you find knowledge,
test it with experience.

Hope and faith are stars
that uplift the heart.
Spiritual knowledge is the sun
that illuminates the soul.

is more valuable than information
as the soul
is greater than its environment.
By knowing yourself
you can handle any situation better.

Those who don't know
and aren't aware that they don't know,
cannot be helped.
Those who don't know
but are aware that they don't know,
can be taught.
Those who know
but aren't aware that they know,
can be awakened.
Those who know,
and are aware that they know,
can be followed.

To know that you know
gives perfect security.
However, to think you know
when you are ignorant
is worse than admitting ignorance
because the false "knowledge"
will lead to errors and mistakes.
Therefore always be open
to receive new knowledge and insight.

Wisdom takes time and experience to mature.
So before you judge
an action right or wrong,
wait until you see the consequences.

Judge, and you are judged by the same measure.
Divine law balances everything perfectly.
Keep your consciousness clear in the Light,
and the Grace of God gives you freedom.

Guilt produces more karma for humans
than anything else,
because it holds on to the negativity.
Forgiveness of self and others
is the cure for guilt,
because it releases the judgments.

Negative feedback lets us know
when we are going off our spiritual path
by drawing attention
to what needs correction.

The ego is a limitation
of individualized consciousness.
In its proper position
it strengthens and protects
one's identity as an individual.
Improperly expressed
the ego separates consciousness
from others through negative comparison,
and unless monitored by the intellect
can lead a person
into various negative expressions
of arrogance, inferiority, envy,
jealousy, fear, anger, greed, lust, etc.
Moving one's consciousness into the Light
that is within everyone,
and seeing from that viewpoint
gives perspective and clarification.
When the ego is under the higher direction,
it supports and stabilizes us,
and helps us accomplish.

Joy comes from the inner realization
that God loves us all
and that our souls are perfect and eternal.
Experiencing the Light of our being is bliss.

Desire gives birth
to suffering and negativity.
By not having what we want,
our consciousness is separated
from its fulfillment.
Attachment limits our consciousness
to the object of attachment.
Detachment frees consciousness
from separation and restriction.
Being detached in a neutral state
is not being indifferent nor unconcerned,
but being in a clear consciousness
to allow spiritual love to flow through.
Spirit fulfills everything.

When we embrace each other lovingly,
our hearts kiss.

The soul makes love in the physical body
through the exchange of sexual energies.
Sex is an expression of creative energy
based on the animal urge to reproduce,
which is part of the divine pattern
for evolution of organisms.
Creativity may express on higher levels
by sublimating and refining the energy
through feeling, intellect, and Spirit.
Creating beautifully
is making love to the whole world.

The most powerful energy in the universe
is generated from within,
is Living Love.
Whatever you put love into
comes alive for you.
All of humanity's great achievements
derive from this burning love
directed to some purpose.

Money is an abstract medium of exchange
or human value of the physical world.
It is most universal and useful,
because it can be converted
into any material object or physical service.
Light is an abstract energy value
of the spiritual world.
It is most universal and useful,
because it can be converted
into any spiritual essence or service.
Human beings have the ability
to receive and use both money and Light.

Light and sound are present in the air;
tune in to your television and radio,
and you'll see and hear them.
The Light and Sound of the Holy Spirit
is present invisibly also;
tune in to your soul,
and you'll know it.

Life is a mirror
that reflects our images back to us.
Whatever we perceive in someone else
must exist within ourselves,
or we would not recognize it.
Psychologists call this projection.
We watch the film that we have made
and projected on to the world
with our Light.
The reflect images
are the illusions of creation.
By following the Light
back into the projector
we discover our creative nature.

Dreams are the movies of our inner world.
We are author, scene designer, actors,
editor, censor, spectator, and critic.
When our conscious mind is at rest,
our total consciousness (unconscious)
finds its inner balance
by resolving its creative patterns.

The lower consciousness (basic self)
will often follow
the patterns of imagination
in the physical world
for lack of an alternative.
Thus using the will
to direct the creative imagination
in a positive way
is much more successful
than the brute force
of negative will power.
Instead of fighting negativity,
which only gives it strength,
direct the energy by imagining
and moving into a positive expression.

Everything that manifests
has been imagined first.
Directing your imagination
is taking conscious control
over your own life.

Material things cycle round and round;
the spiritual spirals up.
The law of attraction pulls
material things together by gravity
and spiritual essences together
by Light and love.
Let go in the physical world,
and the body will fall.
Let go in the spiritual world,
and the spirit will lift up.

Movement clears stagnation.
Stillness clears turmoil.
Light clears everything.

The words "work, master, minister, and love"
are best utilized as verbs not nouns.
Work for the highest good.
Minister with the Light.
Master your own self.
And love the Spirit in all.

Order is the establishment of purpose.
A new purpose requires a new order.
A higher purpose requires a higher order.

Responsibility for a given area
grants authority over it,
but the authority must be responsible.

Light differentiates itself into color.
Red energizes.
Orange vitalizes.
Yellow clarifies.
Green balances.
Blue purifies.
Purple transmutes into white Light.

The Holy Spirit is the whole Spirit.
Holy men and women
are people who are whole.

Today's saints are yesterday's sinners.
Today's sinners are tomorrow's saints.

The greatest and most exciting adventure of all
is to search and discover your own true self,
the secret key to mysterious treasure.
You are the spiritual being
you've been searching to find.

The flame of spiritual aspiration
glows, warms us, and rises
as it kindles the heart through devotion
merging with the cosmic fire of the absolute.

Ask in prayer,
and receive in meditation.
Look for the Light
and listen to the Sound.
It is the voice of God to you,
and can answer all your questions.
Father-Mother God
loves, cares for, and disciplines
the brothers and sisters of humanity
that we may mature
into Father-Mother God.

Transcendent of the limits of time and .space
is the Golden Age of Living Love.
Accepting and understanding
that we are all one divine Light
is the fulfillment of all ages.
The evolution of the human race
is awakening to the glory of the soul,
Those who are Living Love here and now
are living in the Golden Age.
This love is not possessive
or limiting in any way,
but expands and lifts
wherever it extends.
It may be experienced
as joy, laughter, peace, devotion, wisdom,
or the action of the Light.
This love accepts all things,
remains in harmony with all situations,
and as Spirit
lives as the essence of all.
It is the heritage of the soul.

Within everyone is the source of all truth.
This Light within
acts as the Inner Master
in guiding our consciousness.
Attuning ourselves to this inner guidance
enlightens awareness.
Following an outer master
leads one into slavery,
but the Inner Master
leads one into true freedom
because it is one's own true self
and teaches us self-mastery.
Everyone has access to the Inner Master
and through practice and experience
a close attunement to this inner guidance
may be developed and utilized.
To listen to the True Self within
one must bypass the illusions
of desires, wishes, fears, and hopes
in order to see things as they really are.
This process of inner awareness
is the essence of spiritual progression.

Once one has become consciously
aware of the Light
and of the divine essence of the soul,
life takes on a whole new perspective
which can never be lost.
When an individual makes a commitment
to move their awareness
into the Light of pure beingness,
the positive energies of upliftment
experienced as divine love,
bliss, and enlightenment
will propel the soul into higher levels
of unfoldment and progression
as long as the person accepts
and flows with the divine energies.
All darkness, negativity, and karma
will be examined and cleared
through turmoil, tears, and terror
if these are necessary to liberate
the consciousness from its creations.
Ultimately total illumination will fill
the beingness of the awakened soul.

To establish yourself in soul consciousness,
you have to overcome the created worlds
of flesh, feelings, and thoughts.
When you triumph over the negative power
and stand in the pure reality
of the soul realm,
the angels will worship
your awakened divine nature.
Until you attain that realization,
they will minister to your soul.

On whatever level of consciousness
you find yourself,
be aware of the Supreme,
and aspire to the highest reality,
and your spiritual growth
will flow like a stream
into the Divine Ocean of Love and Mercy.
In God
there is no end.

Living In God's Holy Thoughts

Copyright © 1976 by Sanderson Beck

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